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The Type A Guide to Moving

moving-tipsI’ve moved far too many times, particularly in my early 20s when I was interning a lot. (My record is 8 different addresses between April 1997 and April 1999, not even counting 2-week “pitstops” at my parents’ house to unpack everything I needed while interning and repack everything I needed for college.) Things have settled down a lot in the past decade or so, fortunately, but I still have some tips that might be helpful if anyone is moving in the next few weeks.  So, here are my top 10 tips for the Type A Guide to Moving:

Some Notes on Packing Prep:

1) Go to an office supply store and buy printable address label sheets. Print sheets of them with the following information: Your name (as well as the names of any roommates or your significant other), the new address, and one cell phone / email address. Affix one to every box you pack, as well as to the back of every picture/mirror/unpackable item. (I learned this lesson the hard way — one of my favorite prints, a framed Miro, went missing after my last move, and we had not affixed a label to the back of it.)

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