Drawer Drugstore: Toiletries to Keep In The Office

junk drawer #1, my middle desk drawer, originally uploaded to Flickr by zeelicious.What toiletries do you keep in your desk drawer?  We’ve talked about the clothes you keep in the office, the food you nibble on during the workday, and the tech stuff you have to have for the office — but what about toiletries?  I have such an established list that, when my brother started his new job, I gave him a little bag filled with these items — they’re helpful for everyone!  (Pictured: junk drawer #1, my middle desk drawer, originally uploaded to Flickr by zeelicious.)

1. New-Skin. Yes, it’s an electronic world, but there are still far more papers to deal with than you’d think — which means papercuts abound — which means every open wound increases your chances of getting sick. My preferred method for dealing with papercuts is to apply a liquid bandage like New-Skin. It dries quickly, stays on all day (even after you’ve washed your hands), and it doesn’t leave that gummy residue on your nails and fingers. [Read more…]

Tool of the Trade: New-Skin for Papercuts

In this new feature, we’ll explore one tool that makes the busy woman’s life easier in some small way.

newskin for papercuts

I always feel like the more paper-cuts you have, the more vulnerable you are to infections, colds, and so forth — so whenever I get a paper-cut I do my best to keep it sealed.   When I started my corporate job, I was fine using Band-Aids for the occasional scrape.  But, after a few years and a few thousand paper-cuts — including those nasty cuts from redweld folders — I realized regular Band-Aids weren’t doing the job.  I now swear by by New-Skin Antiseptic Liquid Bandage for patching up my skin.

I like it because one bottle lasts forever, and is easy to apply as soon as the cut happens.  It doesn’t come off when washing your hands, and it doesn’t leave a sticky mess on your fingernails.