A Money Roadmap: Where to Go Next In Your Personal Finance Journey

money roadmap2017 Update: We still stand by this money roadmap and general personal finance advice for working women! 

We’ve talked about a ton of different money issues here, but it occurred to me that it might be helpful to do a simple “roadmap” post — a listing of what to do, in what order, with links to the appropriate posts.  So here’s my list of what to do with your money — if I were advising a friend, this is what I’d say.  Readers, what would your roadmap look like? Would it be any different? (Update: the pictured Halogen wallet is sold out, but Nordstrom still has a bunch of Halogen wallets for very affordable prices.)

1. Figure out what your money situation is.  Do you know how much you have in each account, where it is, and how much interest it’s earning?  Do you know what your debts are, and how much interest you’re paying?  I like Mint.com to keep track of multiple accounts (and I particularly like that it will email multiple email addresses with weekly updates — great if you’re married or otherwise in a joint banking relationship). [Read more…]

Weekly Roundup

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11– Our new Solicitor General, former Harvard Law dean Elena Kagan,  is fine with being called “General” but is still pondering what to wear for her first argument.  [Law.com] Of course, she might not be SG for very long, what with Souter retiring — but then again, some people think that Kagan or other potential nominees wouldn’t be good fits because they’re overweight.  Yes, seriously.  [Jezebel]

– The WSJ advises mothers on how to get their daughters to dress appropriately for their first jobs.  Duh, send them to Corporette! [WSJ]

– If you travel a lot, a variety of networks exist to help you both network but also to enjoy the sights during your travels.  [NYT]

– Interesting article on the difference between MBAs and entrepreneurs.  [Business Week]

– Everything you need to know about personal finance on one page. [The Simple Dollar]

– Greatarticle on how to eat well without thinking.  Our favorite tip: eat dessert.  [Women’s Health]

– How to recycle your shoes, electronics, and more.  [Wise Bread]

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