Nordstrom Thanksgiving Sale: Workwear Picks

nordstrom thanksgiving sale 2017I’ve been a busy bee going through the early Nordstrom Thanksgiving sale all day! Note that they’ve kind of got two sales going on right now: one is the big designer clearance sale they always have around this time of year, and the second is early markdowns hitting the racks in anticipation of their usual Thanksgiving sale — with TONS of workwear under $100.  On the designer side of things, I’m noticing a lot of sale items for Manolo Blahnik, Chloé, Max MaraAkris punto, Prada and more — and on the regular side of things, lots of good deals on J.Crew, Lafayette 148 New York, Kate Spade New York, Nic + ZoeAGLStuart Weitzman, and Tahari. Note that there are also lots of good deals on beauty, including on Urban Decay (some up to 50% off!), MAC, Philosophy, and Bobbi Brown — and of course some great deals on lingerie including NatoriChantelle, Hanky Panky, Yummie Tummie, and more. I’ll have to save the shoes and accessories in the Nordstrom Thanksgiving sale for another post — stay tuned!

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Thanksgiving / Black Friday Open Thread

what to buy for black friday 2017I see that Nordstrom is already starting to mark down stuff for their big sale that usually starts Thanksgiving night — I’ll try to do a roundup for everyone this afternoon. In the meantime, here’s a fun open thread for everyone, with a few questions…

a) What are you bringing to Thanksgiving dinner (or if you’re not celebrating Thanksgiving, in general what do you bring to large family gatherings?) Share with us your favorite wines, cheeses, hostess gifts, recipes, and more! (This year I’m going to try to force my 6 year old to help me to make these candy corn cookies, but if anyone has recipes for leftover Halloween candy I’ll take those also!)

b) What are you keeping an eye out for on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? I usually buy an embarrassing amount of stuff from Nordstrom (occupational hazard), and have my eye on a few different things for biggish family purchases. I’m also hoping to find a batch of good gift cards on sale (it seems like we have a zillion teachers and therapists to thank this year!), and if I saw another UE Boom for under $100 I’d grab that too. I also found a ton of different blogging tools had great Black Friday deals last year, so I’ll be keeping an eye on those. (What have you gotten great deals on in the past on Black Friday? This was our roundup of Black Friday sales for workwear last year to give you an idea of what to expect from various stores…)

c) If you are doing turkey this Thanksgiving — what are your favorite recipes for leftovers? 

Let’s hear it, readers…

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What Boots to Wear With Tights to Work

A friend and I were texting a while ago about what boots people would be wearing with tights this year — after all, donchaknow, knee-high boots are totally and completely dead. And while manufacturers and fashion magazines would really like you to think that… I’m still seeing a lot of people wearing them, particularly for commuting, in part because it’s so hard to find a flat boot that looks as good with tights (that is also warm and generally weatherproof). So we will include a few knee high boots in this roundup — with the caveat that they’re probably not the trendy pick (and you’re really not advised to spend big money on them this year). So ladies — what boots are you pulling out to wear with tights as we head into winter? What will you wear for commuting, what will you wear around the office, what will you wear on dates?

Pictured at top: tall / flat / mid-calf.

We’ve got a few options for you below…

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Boots To Wear On Your Commute

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11 Life-Changing Style Tips from Pinterest

style tips from pinterest for working womenI was thinking the other day about some of the best style tips from Pinterest, particularly for working women — and because it can be such a pain to find them amidst the hundreds of thousands of things on Pinterest, I thought I’d do a post rounding up some of them, including some of my favorites from our Wear it to Work board. These are the style tips from Pinterest I thought were most useful — what are your favorites?

(Full pins embedded after the jump — credit given wherever possible to the original source. Please contact me if you’re the original creator and would prefer a pin to be taken down/credited differently!)

1. Choosing Necklaces for Necklines from Imogen Lamport’s Inside Out style blog. It’s super helpful to see all of the necklines and necklace ideas in one place! There’s also this necklace guide from Duet Handmade that’s very helpful.

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When Is a Lower Salary Worth It — And What Will You Put Up With For a Higher Salary?

When Is a Lower Salary Worth ItHere’s a fun question for today: when, if ever, would you take a job with a lower salary — when is a lower salary worth it to you, and to what extent? Put another way: what are you willing to put up with for higher pay? If a job paid 20% more but demanded nights and weekends regularly whereas your current job didn’t, would you make the switch? (What if there was room for advancement? What if the commute was better, or you were working with a good friend?) On the flip side — if a job paid 20% less but promised a 9-5 existence (with face time requirements) — would you take it? What if the new job was at a nonprofit or had another component of you doing “good” in the world, whereas your current job felt soulless — how much is the “doing good” component worth it to you?

(Do you believe in the idea that there’s a perfect salary for happiness, either in general or for you specifically? If a job paid $75,000 — the supposedly perfect salary — and it gave you more control over work-life balance than you have right now, would you run to take the job — or hesitate? Why?)

Psst: We’ve talked in the past about the person who took a flexible job even though she was overqualified for the job, how some of the worst career advice we’ve ever heard was along the lines of “follow your passion,” how much your career affects your happiness, and when to quit your career.

Pictured at top: Shutterstock / By Syda Productions.

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5 Brands Offering Stylish Vegan Shoes for the Office

stylish vegan shoes for the office“Stylish” might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of vegan footwear, but in 2017, it’s definitely possible to find stylish vegan shoes for the office — in all sorts of styles, from pumps to boots to flats.

Reader L recently asked:

Are there any non-leather, stylish and well-wearing shoes out there? I’m a vegetarian and don’t buy leather, but all the man-made or vegan shoes I buy either don’t wear well (usually not longer than a season) or look like pilgrim shoes. I know there are great companies like Matt & Nat who make amazing bags, but I haven’t been able to find a well-made, vegan pump!

In our last post rounding up brands for the stylish vegan professional, we featured several vegan shoe brands, including Olsenhaus, Matt & Nat, Nicora, and Beyond Skin (along with a few vegan clothing and handbag brands), but to answer Reader L’s question, we’re expanding on that a bit today by featuring several more brands recommended by readers (and by some vegan/vegetarian friends) that are great bets for stylish vegan dress shoes. (We last did a roundup of vegan, non-leather shoes for the professional woman in 2010!) The shoes we’re featuring today are affordable, too — plenty are under $100. (By the way, for weekend vegan shoes: Birkenstock recently introduced a vegan collection, some of it for sale at Zappos.) Which are your favorite stylish vegan shoes for the office? What are the brands that you’ve found to wear well and really last? 

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Clockwise from top left: Ballerina Flats, $99 / Victoria, $59.99 (sale) / Nira, $79.99 (sale)

In addition to the brands below, also worth a mention is MooShoes, which has a huge selection of cruelty-free shoes, bags, etc., both online and at their stores in NYC (Lower East Side) and LA (Silver Lake); the brands they carry include Olsenhaus, Matt & Nat, Nicora, Novacas, Bhava, Ahimsa, Melissa, and Bourgeois Boheme.

Here are 5 brands offering stylish vegan shoes for the office:

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