Who Do You Follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium?

Who are your favorite LinkedIn Influencers?Our recent post asking for recommendations for the best podcasts for professionals brought tons of reader comments, so now we’re wondering: Who do you follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium (and other platforms), for professional reasons and otherwise? Whose thoughts, advice, and analysis do you appreciate most? Is there anyone whose writing you’ve added to your daily or weekly reading list specifically because that person’s experiences and/or views are very different from your own? Or (no matter what your political leanings are) do you fear you’ve created a virtual echo chamber where everyone more or less shares your views? (See SNL’s sketch from last year, “The Bubble.”)

(Corporette isn’t super active on any of the platforms, but you can follow us here: Twitter, Medium, and LinkedIn.)

Psst: We’ve also discussed the best TED talks for working women and must-read business books and other resources for how to become a leader

We’d love to hear your recommendations for the viewpoints you enjoy reading — and to start the conversation, here are a few wide-ranging suggestions for people and publications for professionals to follow on Medium:

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Announcing… our new Guide to Business Casual for Women!

Guide to Business Casual for WomenEven though our focus here at Corporette® tends to be on conservative business attire (women’s suits and sheath dresses for the win!), we’ve done a TON of posts over the years offering advice on business casual — so we’re happy to announce our new Guide to Business Casual for Women! We’ve rounded up some of our best posts over the years (and identified a few obvious holes, like reviewing the different “types” of business casual offices women may encounter, from smart casual attire to casual business attire to California professional — stay tuned for that one). Hopefully this will be a great resource for you if you’ve got a business casual conference, an informal interview, or if you transition from a conservative office to a business casual office. We intend this to be a living page that we’ll update regularly, much like our Guide to Comfortable Heels and Wardrobe Essentials for Work.

Some questions for you, ladies, possibly for future posts and additions to our Guide to Business Casual for Women:

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5 Things Every Woman Over 40 Should Have in Her Office

I just saw a ridiculous article on MSN entitled “20 things every man over 40 should have in his office” — and while there are some good suggestions, it seems the author wrote the article based on Gordon Gekko alone. (A bespoke couch? An amazing chess set? Really?) So I thought we could do a fun, equally ridiculous roundup of things we think every stereotypical, cartoony executive woman over 40 should have in HER office. Here are my top 5 things…

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How to Build Good Habits: Tips & Tricks

How to build good habitsReaders, what are your tips on how to build good habits? Which healthy habits have you successfully started? Have you found that one healthy habit had a domino-type effect on other healthy habits (for example, getting to bed earlier)?

A few months ago, I started to get healthier by fitting exercise into my busy daygetting more sleep, and eating healthier. Although I bought a FitBit for points for my health insurance program several months earlier, I only recently started to use its tracking capabilities on a regular basis. I started by setting easy but meaningful goals, including how many days and minutes per week of activity. I made sure to enter all of my activities. To further motivate myself, I got a new bike. I started tracking my miles on two or three apps each day, as well as a legal pad, and set a goal of 100 miles per month. I also set reminders on my calendar. Looking back, I think it was about 4-6 weeks after I started that I realized that I was making exercise a priority and was consistently hitting my goals. I also felt healthier and my clothes fit a little better.

So let’s discuss some of the best tips on how to build good habits…

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Wine-Colored Pumps: A Versatile Shoe for Office Looks

What to wear with wine-colored pumpsSure, we all know what wardrobe essentials for work professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have.

Every year, I argue that wine-colored pumps are some of the most surprisingly versatile pumps you’ll have, particularly for office looks. Wear them with black, gray, navy, beige, and white! Wear them in spring with kelly greens and pastel colors! Wear them in autumn next to emerald tones and other fall hues! If you’re looking for a fun, colorful shoe, a dark red/deep purple shoe is a great workhorse for your work wardrobe. It was interesting to note that this year there was a dearth in general of colorful pumps of any color — red is about as wild as most brands are going. (Embroidered/fabric/velvet shoes are popular — so many embroidered booties! — but I think that’s more of an impulse purchase and, frankly, much harder to incorporate into a work wardrobe.)  So: onward with the wine-colored pump roundup for today — but I’m curious to hear from you guys: do colorful pumps have a place in your working wardrobe? Do you prefer embroidered/fabric/velvet shoes to mix things up at the office — and how do you wear them? (For example, do you play it safe and wear a shoe with a bold print/detail with a neutral or monochromatic outfit? Or do you delight in mixing patterns, colors, and textures?)

Links for the pumps pictured above, going clockwise from top LH corner: one / two / three / four

Curious for some of our older roundups? Here they are from 20162015, 2014, 2012, and 2010.

Here are some of our favorite purple pumps out there right now…

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How to Protect Your Credit After the Equifax Data Breach

How to Protect Your Credit After the Equifax BreachMillions of people (unfortunately, not an exaggeration) are wondering what many Corporette® readers are also wondering: how to protect their credit after the Equifax data breach. On September 7, Equifax revealed that hackers may have exposed Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, birth dates, addresses, driver’s license numbers, website security questions/answers, etc., for up to 143 million people — a “breath-taking amount of highly sensitive data [handed] over to criminals,” as Ars Technica put it. (With all the upsetting news stories recently, someone thought we needed even more things to worry about!) We’ve seen some contradictory information online — and the sheer amount of advice out there is overwhelming — so we thought we’d round up some expert advice in a post. Ladies, what steps have you taken to protect your credit after the breach? Have you used any services or had any success in freezing your credit? If you’ve written to government officials about changing the laws, share your script!

Here are the latest recommendations for how to protect your credit:

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