Coffee Break: Things

Things app review As I’ve mentioned in the past, I love Remember the Milk for a lot of my to do list requirements, but I still have my complaints — one is that it doesn’t work with Siri; another is that it doesn’t let you do nested to-do lists (so you can break a project into pieces). A friend was just singing the praises of the iOS app Things, and when she mentioned that it addresses both of my main complaints I thought I’d buy it for myself to check it out. Verdict: it’s a very, very, very smart to do app. You can create nested to-do lists and differentiate projects, but if there are items due today they all show up on one list. You can tag items (I tend to tag things by “low energy,” as in “I can do this while watching tv”; other good tags might be “phone calls” so you can bang out many in one sitting, or, say, area of town, so the next time you’re near the train station you can remember what you need.) It’s a very Apple-friendly app — it’s even dockable on your Apple Watch. You can even share your entire to do list in one fell swoop. My one complaint about the app is that there’s no way to check it on your PC (or in the cloud), but I haven’t played with their brand new URL/handoff features at all.  (The Siri functionality is also a bit clunky, but I suspect that if I spent a bit more time playing with it it would be fine.) The app is $9.99 at the App Store.  Things 3 – Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG

Readers, which are your favorite to do apps? 

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  1. I don’t use a to do app. I use a bullet type journal (a very not pretty version)

    I do use an app for meal planning/ recipe collection / grocery shopping and I like it so far. Paprika 3.

    • but if you bullet journal a not-pretty version that is not social-media friendly, how will anybody else be impressed with you?

      joke because i feel like bullet journals are more for social media than for actually getting stuff done? but maybe i’m jealous?

      • I use a bullet journal as do a lot of people I know. None of them are pretty. My guess is you only see the ones that people post on social media – I don’t walk around asking people to look at mine because why would I.

        • Baconpancakes :

          I have an undated planner that I fill out in the bullet journal “system,” with immediate to do lists, long term planning that gets shunted to the daily lists, notes pages, etc. In the blank pages at the back I do have daily tracking of exercise, junk food, hours of tv watched, etc.

          The neatness of the bullet journal system does help me keep track of things, and is visually pleasing, and I do like not having blank pages staring at me when I’m just continuing yesterday’s list or on vacation or at a conference. I write the dates in with nice handwriting and that’s about the extent of my “bujo” style, although I do look up bullet journals on pinterest for nice ways to write in the dates on the top of each page.

      • Rainbow Hair :

        I have a moderately pretty bullet journal, but it makes sense for me because i’m crafty! Like, I’m much more likely to put Xs on my habit tracker if it’s in pretty colors and maybe there’s a sticker on the page. I’m much more likely to do my gratitude thingie if I made a pretty layout and also get to pick a funky sticker for each day. It’s kind of exciting to make my monthly overview page and pick out a color scheme and use my fancy brush-tipped marker to write “March” in cursive. Etc. etc. If it makes being organized a little more fun, no harm, I think!

      • Maybe…. I just gave up on trying to track tasks online because it was just more effort. Jotting down a task (in a not pretty way!) is much, much faster and more efficient for me.

        • I also find I’ll just ignore the reminders or not open the app, so even though this app looks nice, I think it would just go to my productivity app graveyard.

    • I use a bullet journal. My husband uses Wunderlist. I find it easier to “see” all of my to-dos and events on a paper calendar, particularly when I’m trying to figure out how to work backwards and write down incremental steps.

      We both LOVE Paprika!

    • biglawanon :

      Notebook for work, white board for home. High-tech, I know.

  2. small bras :

    Would appreciate some bra advice. After a bra fitting and purchase at Nordstrom’s, I’m told I am 32A. The bra they sold me feels so tight in the band I just want to get it off me and makes me look even flatter. Maybe this is what a correct bra should feel/look like? Well, as a pear shaped woman with little on top, I think I would appreciate something that gives me a little bit of enhancement up top to help balance out.

    Any favorites in bras for 32A? I just want a smooth/T-shirt style nude bra for everyday wear. Maybe a tiny bit of padding/lift or maybe a ?demi is what I need?

    If I was 20, then maybe I would just buy bralettes and not care, but I am in my 40’s and in workwear.

    • Anonymous :

      A good bra should not feel that tight. Most of the support should come from the band, but it shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

      Try a 34AA in the same brand or try different brands in your 32A size.

      • Anonymous :

        Honestly, try a 34A. 34AA will be impossible to find (trust me, I’ve tried). I’ve never had much of an issue with having a tad extra space in the cup. I think the “bra that fits” fanfare is much more revolutionary for women working with more on top. I also think that one of the great things about being small on top is that I can get away with wearing cheaper bras. I like the basic nude-for-me bras from Gap.

        • small bras :

          Thanks for this. I was wearing 34A for decades, but admit they weren’t fitting that great and varied wildly from brand to brand.

    • I would go back to Nordstrom, return the bra and get refitted by someone else.

      • This sounds kind of like what I do, except this is hard copy and I do all of my lists via dictation onto my iphone. Each WEEKDAY, I send the file to Lynn, who alpebetises the list by cleint, so I know, by cleint, exactly what needs to be done. She then p’osts my list on the company’s server, where the manageing partner can see it and call me to discuss any adjustments.

        So on Monday, I get a call all the time at 9:30 by the manageing partner, who has read my list on the weekend, and he makes adjustments, including the expected amount of Billeing’s for each listed task. I have to write them down b/c he does NOT use the computer. FOOEY! I wish he did b/c that would save ME time that I could bill to cleint’s! But he is old-school, and never learned computers in school, like I did, and that is why I am the firm’s top biller!

    • I recently tried the reddit thread A Bra That Fits. I used their size guide, measured myself a few times, then ordered 20 bras. I found a few that fit! Maybe try that. It is a lot of work, but like you, I’ve found the Nord fitting ladies to be helpful but not always accurate.

    • I’m a 32B and I’ve transitioned to mostly wearing bralette-type bras, but not the lacy ones. I just find them so much more comfortable, and the fit is much more forgiving.

      These are my current fave (’-Seamless-Bralette-2-pack.product.100340702.html). I generally just buy them from Costco, but I have seen similar items elsewhere.

    • Anonymous :

      They tend to make the band too tight because they say it stretches… but if it’s uncomfortable it’ll never get worn enough to stretch! ABTF was even worse. It was like they wanted the underwire to nest in between my actual ribs.
      You don’t need the support of a super tight band. If you want a bra with padding, honestly try a basic VS bra – you will definitely get a shape. They do it better than anyone else, even if that brand is uncool right now.

    • Anonymous :

      Calvin Klein ones at Nordstrom come in smaller band sizes. 30D and I love them.

    • My actual size is 34 AA but since I can’t find it in regular brands, I go to teen oriented ones like Pink by Victoria Secret or bralettes by Abercrombie (sometimes Hollister), they have removable padding and don’t have weird caging that shows under blouses

    • Anonymous :

      Every bra fitting I’ve ever had, at Nordstrom and bra boutiques, the band is tight enough to leave bruises under my boobs. I think bra fitters are all taught that the tighter the band the better.

      • BeenThatGuy :

        +1 I think they are taught that everyone woman is wearing a band size to big. So they automatically bring you down one size.

        • biglawanon :

          Yeah, this. Nordstrom told me I was a 30D. Fun times finding that. 32C works much better, and much much easier to find.

    • You want the OnGossamer Mesh Bump it Up bra. I was your size for many years. It gives great shape and is extremely comfortable without looking like a cartoonish padded bra you’d see in department stores. I promise you will love it. Get it at Her room dot com. Warning, once you try OnGossamer, you will not go back. It’s the holy grail for the not-very-busty. I never liked any of their non-padded bras, but their Bump it Up is absolutely the best.

      • I’m a small 34A. Bra fitters always try to get me into a 32, because small A cups are hard to find. I can’t stand a too tight bra. On Gossamer! Let me repeat that, On Gossamer! Amazing, but don’t go for padded. Get the thinnest, smoothest one they make. It is awesome, and it looks fabulous on.

    • This might be too late for you to see, but try Aerie. I had been wearing a 34A my whole adult life and thought I had nothing to support. Recently I tried on a 30C at Aerie and, although I’m still small, it looks more than flat. I get the demi pushup ones, but they also have t-shirt style. The push-up is not as obnoxious as some of the Vs ones I wore in college. The band is definitely snug, but not painful. They do carry small sizes and bralettes, plus you can use shoprunner for free shipping and returns.

    • Also 32a, I like he bras from Gap. “Lightly lined” so not actual padding but enough to feel like you have shape. There’s a convertible demi cup one (where you can move the straps around) and also a wireless one that is very comfortable.

  3. Sloan Sabbith :

    I’ve been using Asana. It’s pretty intense, but it works for the way my mind works. It’s not perfect, but it’s fine.

  4. I have an appointment with a nordies stylist coming up. She is supposed to be getting in touch today to discuss more – all we’ve done is set a date. She was recommended to me by a friend. I thought I’d take the hive mind and see if there are any tips. I am looking for business casual clothes and weekend clothes. Would be open to shoes, but probably not bags.

    • Just be honest about your budget and what you are looking for, be willing to try things on that you wouldn’t pick out for yourself (that is the point, after all!) and don’t feel pressured to buy things you don’t love.

      I’ve had great experiences doing this at Nordstrom.

    • I’m in m0d for the third time today. So frustrating. Know your budget, try things outside your comfort zone, take your time, have fun!

    • I treated my mom to a nordies shopping trip with a personal stylist a few years ago for mother’s day. The stylist called me beforehand and asked what we were looking for- I described my mom’s lifestyle (for example, she’s retired so no need for work clothes) and her size. I also made it clear that I really didn’t want my mom to see sizes or price tags. When we arrived the stylist had a large dressing room with outfits already assembled (tags hidden) and my mom went from there trying things on and adjusting as necessary- different size, thing she wasn’t wild about, etc. Shoes and purses were included in the outfits which helped with the overall “look” but we didn’t wind up purchasing either. We were there much longer than I anticipated and I spent more than I anticipated, but the experience was worth it- my mom thinks it’s one of the coolest things she’s ever done!

  5. Elegant Giraffe :

    Does anybody have a rec for a similar app that is iOS and Android friendly? Needs to be accessible via phone and computer and can be edited by two people. Right now, my SO and I use Google Keep for grocery lists, etc., but it is so buggy.

    • My husband and I use Keep, especially for sharing to dos and grocery lists but we haven’t had any problems with it. Are you using Android or IOS or both and are the issues just with shared Keep lists?

      • Elegant Giraffe :

        I’m on an iPhone, he’s on an Android. Only problems are with the shared lists. The problems most frequently occur when I add/delete something to/from a list using my iPhone. It (often but not always) won’t sync those updates. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, same thing keeps happening.

        • We both us Android but I did notice a sharing issue with my in-laws phones (also Android but at the time a pretty dated version and one of those Android versions with a pretty heavy OS on top). I haven’t used it with IOS.

    • Anon list maker :

      I use for grocery lists. If you both have the same URL, you can both update the list from any browser on any device. I’ve been using the same list for more than a year, just checking and unchecking items and editing as we shift our shopping habits.

    • the yellow one is the sun :

      Husband and I use Wunderlist and it’s great.

    • Todoist.

  6. Breaking up is hard to do :

    My somewhat small law firm is coming to an end. Several of us, myself included, are going to be moving in house, and the rest of the attorneys will regroup and join another firm. The secretary who has assisted me and the others who are going in house is, at least as of now, out of a job in a few weeks. She’s been with the firm for decades and is a very sweet person.

    I was thinking of getting her a gift of some sort, something to say thank you for helping me for the past five years. But I honestly have no idea what – any suggestions? (Of course, I promised her anything I could do in terms of references, and I know that they’re trying to pull strings to find her a spot elsewhere.) I’m very happy with my situation, but I feel terrible for her.

    • Anonymous :


      • Anonymous :


        Cash and a thoughtful note and offer to be a reference.

      • Breaking up is hard to do :

        I don’t know – I’m not a partner, and, while I know that there are some firms that have a culture of attorneys giving cash gifts to admins, I’ve never heard of that in my firm or in any similar firms in my area. I think it would be considered extremely odd to give her straight up cash. (I do not know her financial situation.)

      • Senior Attorney :

        Odd or not, she’s about to be out of work and I can’t imagine it not being appreciated. If you can’t bring yourself to do that, then do a $200 gift card to a store you know she frequents.

        But really, this is an unusual situation and the normal gift-giving rules don’t necessarily apply. Cash is king.

      • $250 gift card to Target.

  7. blazers without buttons? :

    Vicarious shopping help?

    Looking for numerous blazers without buttons as help to my niece who has autism and has a dislike for anything button/snap/hook/etc. Lower pricing is better but I know that might be tough. She’s looking for them to wear over a dress at work, over jeans on a weekend, etc. She’s hourglass shaped and approx. size 14, I know she’d prefer pockets too but I told her that might be an impossibility!

    • Rainbow Hair :

      I just bought one from Nine West that’s kinda pointy, no closures. It’s a nice grey (and there’s a matching colorblocked dress). I’m curvy and it looks nice on me. No pockets though.

      • Rainbow Hair :

    • Lauren Conrad ponte blazers at Kohl’s. I have one and like it a lot – it’s not an investment piece or anything, but nice style and quality for the price. I think the cropped shape is nice for pairing with dresses & jeans.

    • these are very in right now!

    • I did a ShopStyle search on open front blazer and found a lot in various price points. Some of them have zippers on the pockets just for trim, but might bother her. It looks like Macy’s has a fair number, by searching open-front blazer.

      Here’s one from Nine West as well:

    • The Jcrew Factory Open Front Sweater Blazer is more casual, but has pockets.

      The Topshop Chuck on Blazer is a bit more structured but no pockets

    • pugsnbourbon :

      Kasper open-front blazer at Macy’s – there are a few different styles and materials. Mine doesn’t have pockets but it’s very comfortable.

    • Someone posted this one last week, it looks great and has pockets:

      Unfortunately not covered by the current 40% off sale.

    • Link is in moderation but try the Going Out blazer at J Crew that someone here posted last week. Not cheap, though, and not in the current 40% off sale

    • I am waiting on a bigger sale so I can buy this one

  8. Anonymous :

    Any tips on what to say when giving your notice? And when talking to colleagues about the new job? I was offered a great new position and I’m fairly certain my boss and colleagues will be quite surprised. It’s an environment with very little turnover.

    New job is far closer to home so I can mention that. It’s a job as an in-house lawyer which is pretty exciting to me but I’m struggling to phrase that to my litigator colleagues without seeming as though I’m criticizing litigation.

    • Anonymous :

      Can you say you’ve enjoyed litigation but are ready for a new challenge?

    • Make sure you tell them how appreciative you are for everything you’ve learned from them, but you’re following an opportunity to try something new.

    • Rainbow Hair :

      Is it a company you believe in, or an industry you’re excited to work in, or something like that? That could be a good focus.

    • +1 to all that was said above. Keep it light and positive – I guarantee you they will be wanting to keep in touch now that you are moving to the “client” side.

    • Of Counsel :

      Nobody is going to wonder why you want to leave litigation. Generalities about new opportunities and a chance you could not pass up to see the other side will be enough.

      Half the litigators in the world would jump at the chance to leave billable hours behind and stop counting their work lives in six minute increments.

  9. favorite empowering quote? :

    What is your favorite empowering quote, something that gets you feeling inspired or determined or [email protected]$$?

    • Elegant Giraffe :

      Embrace the struggle. (don’t know if there is a true source on that)

    • Anonymous :

      “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

    • BeenThatGuy :

      “Don’t look back…you’re not going that way”

    • I have a bracelet that says “Wake up. Kick a$$. Repeat.”

    • “B*tches get stuff done”.

    • “Feel the fear and do it anyway”

    • Delta Dawn :

      I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to these! A few favorites:

      “The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” -Ayn Rand

      “I want to do it because I want to do it.” -Amelia Earhart

      “For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.” -Virginia Woolf

      But now I know the things I know
      And do the things I do;
      And if you do not like me so,
      To hell, my love, with you!
      -Dorothy Parker

    • I have three! My all time favorite is more teamwork oriented, but here they are in order.

      3. “I am not afraid. I was born to do this.” -Joan of Arc
      2. “Don’t die like the octopus, die like the hammerhead shark.” -Maori Proverb
      1. “For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” -Rudyard Kipling

    • JuniorMinion :

      There’s this quote across from my favorite squat rack in the gym that reads “Embrace your fear, approach the bar” Could be applied to life.

    • Never too many shoes... :

      Nevertheless, she persisted.

    • “I can do hard things.”

      I also like the show Scandal and so I think of Olivia Pope saying “It’s handled” or “We are gladiators in suits.”

    • Senior Attorney :

      The only way out is through.

      • the yellow one is the sun :

        This one gets a lot of love in the comments (with credit to you!), and I want to chime in and say it’s on a post-it on my monitor! Simple and so effective for me.

    • Anonymous :

      “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” — Abraham Lincoln

    • The harder I work, the luckier I get.

    • brokentoe :

      Be comfortable with the fact that growth and comfort don’t co-exist.

    • I dream it/I work hard/I grind til I own it.

    • You can do anything you set your mind to.

    • Anonymous :

      On the other side of fear is everything you ever wanted

    • “It’s not bragging if you can back it up” – Muhammad Ali

    • Anonymous :

      “Mistakes are just useful information.”


      If your Nerve, deny you–
      Go above your Nerve–

  10. I just use the notes app on my phone for to-do lists. I can name them, so there are separate grocery lists, work task lists, clothes I’m on the lookout for lists, etc. If I set them up with check bullets, I can check things off. If I don’t, then I delete as they get done. And I can share via text or email. It’s the flexibility I need and works however I want it to. Getting an app always feels like buying into someone else’s system, if that makes any sense.

  11. biker jacket help :

    I am trying to find a biker jacket for casual wear, something that adds a tough element to wear over something lace or the like. Size 16, 38C, is it possible to find something that isn’t hugely bulky or make me look like a high schooler wearing her boyfriend’s jacket? Any recommendations via links would also be helpful, thank you!

    • Rainbow Hair :

      This is my favorite thing ever!

      Yes. you want something that’s cropped, I think that’s key for us busty curvy gals looking for a moto jacket. I’ll respond with ones I own and can recommend.

      • Rainbow Hair :

        Well, apparently all the ones I own are no longer sold, but I basically have faux versions of this…

        I find the asymmetrical zipper thing helps me not look … I’m not sure exactly the way to describe it, but the “too much of one plane from b00b to neck” thing that also happens with turtlenecks. The straight zippers are less good on me, in terms of creating the shape I want. Anything that’s closer to hip length doesn’t give me the look I want, either. I stay away from the belts because I don’t know what to do with them, but some women rock ’em.

        One of my favorite moto jackets is black waxed denim — I’ve had it for a million years and it’s surprisingly versatile — something to consider!

        • Check out Wilsons Leather.

          They actually have a good selection of jackets.

  12. I will be participating in my first 5k run in 2 weeks in a midwestern city (weather remains unknown). I am not a runner and am in okay shape but I agreed to this for a friend so I cannot back out. What things should I know in order to make this as painless as possible? (I fully realize I’ll likely walk much of it but do want to try to jog some and maybe try to run the last half or quarter mile.)

    • Anonymous :

      do You run at all now? Are you training?

    • Green Hat :

      I would at least try to run a mile or so a few times before the event. It’s very easy to get caught up in the spirit of a race and try to push too hard, and you could easily hurt yourself. You also want to make sure you have appropriate shoes and socks, which you should test out before the event too – nothing worse than realizing your shoe is rubbing against you in a weird way on mile 1 and have to deal with the pain for the rest of the run!

      • Anonymous :

        +1. Don’t wear new clothing/socks/shoes for the first time at a race. Watch your pace – whether walking or running. Especially don’t go out too fast (less of a problem walking…). And if you are walking, start towards the back of the pack so you don’t get in a more serious runner’s way or get run over by the crowd.

    • givemyregards :

      I would practice over the next 10 days doing intervals to see what you’re comfortable with – maybe jog 2 minutes, walk 3 (or jog 3, walk 7, whatever combination you want), repeat? If you’ve never been a runner, I’d try to do 3 miles at least once so you can make sure you’re happy with that interval setup. On race day you can do your intervals until you see the mile three marker and then run the last section. There are several apps you can use on your phone that will chime or tell you when to switch if you’re comfortable running with headphones or have an apple watch.

    • givemyregards :

      Ugh, response stuck in mod, but long story short: intervals. Longer reply should be coming up at some point!

    • Anonymous :

      My very best advice is to be careful about your food choices starting 36 hours or so before your race. That is to say, stick foods that aren’t substantially higher in fat or fiber than you’re used to. The runners’ trots are real! If coffee has ever given you trouble, you might think about swapping out tea or skipping it all together until after the race.

      Other advice is pretty obvious: wearing layers if the weather is iffy, sunscreen, comfortable/supportive shoes & bra. Don’t be afraid to walk: almost all 5ks are full of walkers who’re having a blast.

    • At least every other day until the race, go out for a mile run, or a three mile walk, or a run/walk. Test out your sneakers, get in slightly better shape, and get used to the distance.

      Don’t drink alcohol the night before. Get all of your gear set up before you go to sleep.

      During the race, try to alternate running and walking such that you’re doing each for about a half mile or so at a time.

      If you plan on walking, please start towards the back. It frustrates runners to dodge and weave around walkers.

    • Anonymous :

      I would find one of those couch to 5k plans, figure out about how long you can comfortably do running intervals right now (2 minutes before walking, 5 minutes, etc.), start wherever you feel comfortable on that plan, and just do the plan for 2 weeks to get your body warmed up for the race. And day of, definitely start towards the back of the pack and don’t kill yourself. Eat something the morning of that won’t upset your stomach. And have fun! Good luck!

    • Nudibranch :

      Be careful what you eat and drink beforehand. Don’t wear new clothes or shoes–you want tried and true. Use some type of friction block if you need it in areas you are likely to chafe. Be sure your sports bra is good for the long haul, if you need one.

  13. Getting Things Done meets Evernote is my new system, and it’s been working very well. Every to do item is a note, tagged by project and when it needs to be done by (today, tomorrow, this month). As they’re completed they get moved to the “Completed” file, but are still searchable by their tags, so I can see everything I’ve done for a project in one place.

  14. Apologies for the repost. Edited to provide additional info. Thank you to those who have replied earlier.

    I’ve scheduled a meeting with grand boss to discuss my interest in an opening within my current group which is the next level up for me. I’ve been in my current role for over 3 years and my immediate manager has been promising a promotion but has never actually done anything to vouch for me. Now there is an actual posting and they are interviewing external candidates. The job description is literally everything I’ve been doing. The practice has been that internal candidates are just promoted without having to officially apply. Obviously, I will clarify what needs to be done. But can the hive offer general tips on how I can frame the conversion with grand boss? I’m also 5 months pregnant. My immediate manager is aware but I’m not sure if grand boss is since he’s on a different floor and I haven’t seen him. Should I mention this in the beginning of the conversation? I’m already showing a bit so don’t want to look like I’m hiding it.

    • Anonymous :

      For starters, don’t refer to her as your “grand boss.”

      • /eyeroll.

        To be fair to the OP, this term has been used on this site many times and easily communicates the hierarchy. I’m sure OP isn’t actually calling her boss’ boss that.

    • If you told your boss you’re pregnant, I don’t think you’re hiding it. I think saying something would be odd.

      Have you talked to your boss about the current posting? Will failing to do so be looked down upon? In some companies, you need your boss’s approval to be considered – if this is the case at your company, you risk upsetting your current boss by going around him/her.

      That aside, my suggestion is to just explain your interest to your boss’s boss and ask what you need to do to get there. Leave your current boss’s non-vouching out of it.

      Good luck!

    • Anonymous :

      Be direct about what and don’t dance around it or overthink it. Let them know you saw the job and are applying. Discuss the responsibilities and ask intelligent questions. Don’t mention your pregnancy.

    • I lead a large team as a VP and this has happened within the team before. Typically, I’ve put together a job with, say, a manager level title. The person interested currently reports to a manager. The job would make them peers (or peer-ish). The people that do it well:
      – have had some kind of conversation with their direct manager, so moving forward won’t be a shock. This can be as simple as “Supervisior and I have been talking about growth opportunities for a while and I wanted to learn more about this to see if it would make sense.” It would strike me as a bit odd if you didn’t at least as your manager “hey saw a posting for XYZ- do you know much about that role?” Even if s/he does nothing other than say “not sure,” then you’ve mentioned it.
      -set up some time to talk, but come prepared. Ideally if Your manager isn’t backing you, you have others in the org backing you/who will back you. My direct reports are AVP/Director level, and of those that were internal promotions, all were either pushed up by their manager, picked by me, or a peer of mine suggested I consider them. I have a team of 30 people in a wide variety of roles, so there are some people that work more closely with the VP of another department than with me (eg. I have sales engineers/demo people under me- the VPs of sales know their skill sets better than I do, since they report to my director of product).

  15. Anonymous :

    HALP: I’m size 16 and hate my belly/tummy/bum. Looking for workout tops to go with leggings. What do other apples/self-belly-haters wear? All of the models are happily wearing tight tank tops that barely hit their hips. Plus size bloggers all seem to be doing the crop look, which, for me, no.

    • Anonymous :

      Athleta Chi tank – flowy and long-ish. Often on sale.

    • Old Navy. This one seems to be this season’s version of the one I have: Ultra-Light Racerback Performance Tank. You can tell it floats away from the body.

    • wildkitten :

      I layer, a t shirt over a fitted racerback tank.

    • Anonymous :

      Wearing a print helps de-emphasize my lumps.

    • Aunt Jamesina :

      To approach this issue from the other end (heh), I LOOOOVEE my high-waisted leggings. I feel nice and contained and covered. Mine are from Aritzia and no longer available, but I’ve also had good luck with Zella’s leggings.

      • Rainbow Hair :

        I was thinking the same thing. High waisted leggings are the only thing that make sense for me to work out in, usually! And then the shirt is basically a throw away because I’m more or less covered from ankles to ribs, then obvs a sports [email protected]… so any ol’ shirt fits the bill.

    • pugsnbourbon :

      A blouson-style tank might work – loose in the middle but a band on the bottom so it stays in place.

    • Eddie Bauer has a bunch of tunic-y t-shirts. Or check old navy, I know they have some long-ish, loose fitting tanks.

  16. Anonymous :

    Let’s say I have relatively long/dark hair that is gray at the temples and part, and with lots of individual white hairs throughout – but overall, my hair is probably 10% gray. It’s wavy with a tendency toward some frizz. I tend toward the lazy.

    If I don’t have to dye it, I don’t want to. What do you all think is the minimum amount of styling I need to do to be professional enough for a smart business casual environment where I’m a high-level employee?

    Is a bun sufficient? Do I need to use enough product to smooth it all down? Is it a daily blowout?

    What do you all think?

    • Rainbow Hair :

      You literally never have to dye your hair.

      I think that the mixed textures of grey and not-grey can read messy on some people — I wonder if you can hit dry hair with something (flat iron? product?) just to convince them all to sing from the same songbook.

      • Rainbow Hair :

        My solution for my grey hairs is “lalalal what grey hairs?” so I don’t know whereof I speak, really. But I did learn recently that I can do my hair regularly with minimal effort by letting it air dry and then hitting it with a thing, be it a product or a hot tool. Because I, too, tend toward the lazy.

        • +1. I wash my hair at night, let it air-dry, and then in the morning go through it with a blow dryer and round brush. Takes less than 5 minutes and it makes my hair look smooth, if not perfectly straight.

    • Zero styling if you don’t want to do it. But get a good cut that works with your curl pattern, it makes a big difference in making wavy/curly hair look good without a blowout.

  17. Paging Senior Attorney: Someone on another thread suggested a LA meet up–is our old gmail address for LA Corporette folks still working? Any interest in getting together sometime soon?

    • Senior Attorney :

      Let’s do it! I’m totally in!

      You can email me at SeniorAttorney1 at gmail and I coordinate if you like! (That goes for all of you in LA!)

    • Senior Attorney, I would like to meet you too! I would like to see if the manageing partner is giveing a lecture at the ABA meeting in California this year. If he is, I would LOVE to join this LA meetup. A few year’s ago, I was NOT a partner, and I could NOT go to California b/c I was still thinkeing that Sheketovits might propose to me. Now that he is OUT of my life, tho, I am considering going to California to meet guys — the NY guys are just to focused on haveing s-x and NOT committing to marrage to me. I understand LA men are alot more laid back, and may want me for more than 1 night at a time. If this is true, please advice, and I will make a reservation! YAY!!!!!

  18. I’ve got some t-shirts that are made out of a technical fabric. I think they’re Champion but you can find them at Target and the like. I size up so they’re not clingy. I’ve had good luck with the Old Navy ones too.

  19. RTM does work with Siri.

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