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Jezebel rounds up all the fun stuff we could buy if not for that pesky wage gap.  Meanwhile, Savvy Sugar suggests you start a money club instead of a book club.
Inc. Magazine tells you which 5 business etiquette rules matter now.
– In random news:  NPR has a few reasons why you might want to reconsider that spicy tuna roll.  Meanwhile, Rodale has a new-to-me roundup of some of the healthiest food pairings on the planet (or, why you should always eat broccoli with salmon).
– Huge thanks to the women of Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt for bringing me out for my whirlwind Seattle trip — I had a great time. Also, thanks to this month’s People StyleWatch for quoting me as a workwear expert!

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  1. CA women lawyers luncheon :

    Anyone headed over there later today?

  2. I wanted to thank Kat for coming out to our event at Schwabe in Seattle last night. She was terrific and we had a great crowd for a very fun event. You know how when you get to know someone online first, like a coworker in another office, and then when you meet them they are very different than what you thought? Kat was *exactly* who I thought she would be, but more. She was well-spoken, polished, gave a great talk, and above all, she was authentic. She also dressed in her classic sheath dress underneath a blazer, with pearls. :) Definitely bring her in for a speaking event if you can! Thanks again, Kat!

  3. Speaking of news … is anyone else getting completely depressed about the working moms vs. stay-at-home moms debate coming up AGAIN after the whole Hilary Rosin/Ann Romney debacle? I’m so discouraged by how nasty and unproductive these conversations get. As a working mom, I end up feeling like s**t every time something ignites this debate. Not going to lie; part of me would love to be a SAHM but that isn’t likely to happen, for a number of reasons. Every day, I do my best to be an awesome mom and a productive employee. Most of the time, I feel pretty good about how I’m handling things but this debate always makes me feel like I’m failing at both.

    • There was a thread about this a few days ago, and the general consensus was….yes. We are all pretty depressed its coming up again.

    • The always-fantastic Katha Pollitt on the (de)valuing of women’s work:


  4. Aside: I’ve been lurkign for so long I feel like I know you all, even though I’ve just finally started commenting. So please don’t be offended by my familiar tone! :P

    Why, oh, why can’t I get anything done unless I have deadlines hanging over my head? I make lists, know what has to be done for 2 weeks or a month down the road, and then I just can’t make myself do it until it’s urgent. So I sit here hitting refresh and hoping for interesting conversations to read. Needless to say, this occasionally creates major panic when I actually have to get down to work..but even at almost-36, with several degrees under my belt where I had this exact same problem all the damn time, I still can’t fix it :(

    Self-rant over.

    • Are you a lawyer? Because I feel like every single lawyer I know (myself included) has this problem. Must be a personality thing.

      • Yep. But it seems like all the people in the offices around me are working! But maybe I look that way too…

    • A very long time ago I read a column in the New York Law Journal by an experienced practitioner who said that it made sense to wait until close to the deadline to work on projects because so many things can change. Of course, you need to know you can make the deadline.

      Why do people procrastinate? Because much of commercial law is dull, the urgency is often manufactured, and the victories aren’t always satisfying, or they benefit someone else.

    • Love your handle!

      I was exactly like this; hope I’m a bit better now. Perhaps there’s just too much going on? That’s what it was with me, anyway. I had to pare things down a bit and then things started going a lot more smoothly.

      Hope you are happier with yourself soon!

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  6. I think the Inc. writer is wrong about the need for thank you notes. A brief email expressing appreciation and perhaps advancing the process by elaborating on something raised in the interview is usually fine.

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