Weekly Roundup

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– Two chief executives at Capital Institutional Services, Kelly Abernathy and Kristi Wetherington (pictured at left), discuss how feminine is too feminine to be considered professional.  [WSJ]

– Some thoughts on why it stinks that women must consider how their outfits affect the business situation, when men don’t have to.  [Women Lawyers — Back On Track]

– The Glass Hammer examines the myth of the “opt-out revolution.”

– Jezebel theorizes about how your perceived attractiveness in middle school affects your future life and confidence.

– The Thin Pink Line lays out the different personality types of women investors.

– Lawyers may suffer from “preparing to live” syndrome — where everything you do is geared to opening doors but you never actually enjoy life.  Hmmn: sounds familiar.  [Texas Lawyer via WSJ LawBlog]

– Finally: congrats to everyone who took the bar exam this past week, or celebrates their anniversary of taking the bar exam.  The worst is behind you!

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