How to Wear Belts with Skirts

belts with skirtsWhat are some good guidelines for choosing belts to wear with skirts to work? Reader S wonders…

I’d love it if you could do a round up or a how to wear belts with skirts. I love the look of belts with skirts and I’m not really sure how to pick which width to go with or to coordinate colors.

We’ve talked about wearing belts— as well as the closely-related question of when to tuck — before, but not specifically with skirts. I’ll be honest here: I’m not much of a tucker myself, so I don’t often wear belts with skirts.  Pencil skirt plus fitted pullover plus blazer equals outfit.  Fit and flare skirt plus fitted cardigan equals outfit.  I have a lot more fun, in general, with other accessories. If a skirt doesn’t fit at the waist, I am much more likely to get it tailored than I am to try to hold it up with a  belt.

So I’m curious to hear what other readers say regarding wearing belts with skirts.  I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules — just guidelines to play around with.  Some thoughts: [Read more…]

The Hunt: Simple Black Belts

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato leather beltSure, we all know what basics professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have.

If you’re a fan of belts, we live in good times. Skinny belts in vibrant colors and fun patterns are everywhere; wide, obi-inspired belts are also very popular, and you can spend anywhere from $20 to $2000 for a great belt. Hooray! But sometimes you just want a simple black belt to, you know, hold your pants up. One that isn’t going to be the focal point of your outfit, but isn’t going to be a throw-away piece either. So I thought I’d look for some quality black leather belts around 1″ wide, which I’ve always thought of as the classic size for trouser loops. Readers, how often do you wear belts — and do you prefer simple or wild belts? Have you gotten any great “wardrobe staple” belts lately? [Read more…]

Coffee Break – Patent Leather Trimmed Stretch Belt

Lauren By Ralph Lauren Patent Leather Trimmed Stretch BeltI often talk about belting a cardigan, and this stretch belt on sale at Bloomingdale’s would be just the thing to do it. I like that it’s trimmed in patent leather but is otherwise a stretchy fabric, and I like that it comes in both navy and white. It was $38, now marked to $28.50 at Bloomingdale’s. Lauren By Ralph Lauren Patent Leather Trimmed Stretch Belt


Coffee Break – Calfskin Belt

Audrey Talbott Calfskin Belt – Exotic Print (For Women)Sierra Trading Post is celebrating its Spring Cleaning Sale, offering an extra 20% off select items for today only — and there are some crazy deals to be had (particularly in lucky sizes in comfort shoe brands like Ecco, Beautifeel, Aravan, etc.). For today’s coffee break, I like this exotic print belt from Audrey Talbott — it looks like a high quality, lovely belt (that is, for the moment at least, available in sizes XS-L). It was $150, marked to $47.96 for today. Audrey Talbott Calfskin Belt – Exotic Print (For Women)


Coffee Break: Purple Ombre Belt

Banana Republic Exotic ombre beltLoving this purple ombre belt — at 3/4″ wide it’ll fit in most pant loops, yet is still skinny enough (I think) to look good on top of a cardigan or dress. I particularly like that the belt loop is purple as well. It’s $55 at Banana Republic, but use promo code BR25MARCH and it comes down to $41.25 in your cart. Banana Republic Exotic ombre belt


Coffee Break: Skinny polka-dot silk belt

Miu Miu Skinny polka-dot silk beltThis belt is the current object of my obsession. Love, love love the white polka-dots edged in green, the navy belt, the pink buckle — fabulous. Yes, it’s probably the kind of thing you’ll see knocked off at Forever21 for about $9 (which is a shame, I think), but for the moment, this high-end, glorious belt from Miu Miu deserves its own shoutout. Love. I’d wear it with a navy pants suit and a white blouse, or perhaps over a white or navy sheath dress, or perhaps even just with gray trousers and a white cardigan, belted on top. Gorgeous. It’s $230 at Miu Miu Skinny polka-dot silk belt