Weekend Prep for Monday: Do You Do It?

weekend prep for mondayOne of the things that came up in the comments on our diets for busy women post was the idea of prepping meals and snacks on Sunday for the week ahead — and I’ve read a ton of advice saying that you should steal an hour during the weekend to review the major tasks you need to accomplish in the week ahead. So I thought it might be an interesting open thread today:  Do YOU do weekend prep for Monday or the week ahead? When do you do it, and what do you do?

Pictured: veggie meal prep from @squirrel_kitchen, featured in this DailyBurn article about 21 inspiring instagram accounts for meal prep. 

For my $.02, when I was working in BigLaw I liked resting/playing on Saturday and coming into the office on Sunday for a few hours if I needed to do some work. Because I was well rested and there was no one else in the office (or, at least, vastly fewer people, and everyone was there to work), my focus was so much better — I used to call them “Super Mondays” because I was so productive. These days, I often try to get at least half of the short morning and afternoon posts written for the week on Sunday afternoons, putting in a few hours of work while my youngest son naps. If at all possible I also try to write a to-do list of my tasks for the week ahead, and put papers to review on my desk so I can get some focused work done before turning on the computer — easier said than done when your business is online! This probably isn’t even that noteworthy, but another thing I try to do is look at the NYT and WSJ and other news outlets on Sunday, because I’ve found that I waste far too much time looking at articles on Monday, particularly the longer magazine articles.

So ladies, let’s hear it — what routines and practices have you put in place for your weekends that lay the groundwork for a great week ahead? For those of you who do meal prep or have other healthy habits on the weekend, I’d love to hear what you do!  

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Open Thread: Tell Us About the Most Stylish Professional Woman You Know

I thought it might be interesting to have an open thread about some of the most stylish professional women we know personally. I would suggest we avoid names and, instead, focus on painting a picture of the women who inspire us. I also suggest that we limit this to women we know personally, not famous people — unless you see the person every day it doesn’t count.

Personally, I’m lucky to have almost too many women to inspire me! It’s funny to me that some of the most stylish professional women I know are also some of the most senior and successful women I know. Some of the stylish women I remember the most…

  • When I was an assistant editor at Family Circle magazine in my early 20s, the editor in chief of the magazine was stunningly put together every day. Beautiful suits that never looked wrinkled… shoulder-length blonde hair that was somehow perfectly coiffed — it had volume and bounce and curl. She had 2 or 3 children under the age of 15, also, if memory serves — no idea how she did it.  She was an extremely intelligent woman who had interviewed for an assistant editor’s position and, when asked what her ideal job was, had said “editor in chief of this magazine” during the interview — and 15 years later, there she was. [Read more…]

Weekly Roundup

Liking these posts? Follow Corporette on Twitter — this is the edited version of what we’re reading! (We also Tweet if we hear about a good sale.)

– The Glass Hammer profiles the top women venture capitalists — and they seem to love the healthcare industry! (Photo of top female venture capitalist, Annette Campbell-White, from Forbes’s article of the top 100…)

– The Cool Girl’s Guide to Surviving Business Travel [Marie Claire]

– Still Wondering: Where are the Women MBAs? [WSJ] (And: how can we get them to come play on the site?)

– Why can’t we have Sara Blakely’s closet? (And her uber-successful company, Spanx?) [WSJ]

– Fashionista had two great debates this week: First: Do you still covet classy items even if celebu-idiots wear them? Second: Would you wear a knock-off? [Our answers: 1) Yes — some classics just can’t be sullied, and 2) Not knowingly (nor would we feature one on this site)]

– Finally: You can now send a tree instead of flowers. So cool! [NY Mag]

Weekly Roundup

Liking these posts? Follow Corporette on Twitter — this is the edited version of what we’re reading! (We also Tweet if we hear about a good sale.)

– Women aren’t necessarily leaving the work force for different reasons than men. [The Women’s DISH] But they are fleeing legal careers faster than men! [Vancouver Sun via Ms. JD]

– Ooh, a profile on Carly Fiorina… and her support of McCain. [WSJ]

– What you eat affects your mood (we knew that) as well as your cognitive abilities (didn’t know that). Salmon and beets, anyone? [iVillage]

– If you’re thinking of getting a dog, you may want to consider a mutt rather than a designer dog like a puggle, which can have massive (and expensive) health problems. [ChiTrib]

– Investing idea: buy a foreclosed home. [WSJ]

– Amusing: an article from Law.com on the evolution of lunch from summer camp through to partnership. [Law.com]

– Randomly: A cool website we just found: a Yale-educated former lawyer is blogging (and writing a book) about a year spent making all efforts to be happy. [The Happiness Project]

Weekend Roundup

– The NYT studies Michelle Obama’s style. We were kind of transfixed when she recently looked fabulous while apparently wearing two cardigans. [NYT]

– Ooh, potted, tinted lipgloss that is 85% organic and has no chemical preservatives.  [Beauty Snob]

– Feeling tired? Use acupuncture to pick yourself up, caffeine-free. [Real Age]

– Also, if you haven’t heard, there’s a nationwide alert for tomatoes. Yes, tomatoes. [Emergency E-mail]

“Women at the Top” Special Now Online

If you missed it, you’re in luck: it’s now online. They interview the a range of women, including the ones we always hear about (Oprah, Madonna), the ones we may not hear about but certainly know about (Essie, of Essie nail polish), and the “firsts” — the first woman to sit on the New York Stock Exchange, etc. Links to the video are below.

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