What Are Your Shopping Habits? Moratoriums, Spreadsheets, and Crop Rotation

What Are Your Shopping Habits? Moratoriums, Spreadsheets, and Crop Rotation | CorporetteSilly question, right — how do you shop?  But if I’ve learned one thing while doing this blog, everyone has their own methods — and while we’ve talked about clothing budgets, we haven’t talked about shopping habits.  For example:

  • Some people only shop the sales (generally buying last season’s clothes)
  • Some people only shop to fill holes in their wardrobe with trendy, of-the-moment pieces (generally paying full price for this-season clothes)
  • Some people like to shop for one item at a time (such as blazers) (I remember a reader once likening this to “crop rotation“)
  • Some people only buy outfits (they won’t buy a piece without buying something that definitely matches it)
  • Some people keep shopping spreadsheets (I know Jean at ExtraPetite has definitely talked about this)
  • Some people have a set budget (for a month, for a year) and when the budget is used, they’re done
  • Some people do the “big shopping trip” method (also seen in “What Not to Wear”) where you take you annual clothes budget, go to the closest big city, and spend spend spend (within your budget, of course).
  • Some people set shopping bans to try to control their spending

So I’m curious — how do you guys shop?  For my $.02: [Read more…]

How Much Do You Spend On Bags?

Purses & Pumps :), originally uploaded to Flickr by nikkicookiebaker.How much do you spend on bags? After our discussion on Tuesday regarding whether a reader should spend $2100 on a bag that she was different from what she normally carried, reader E wrote in with this comment:

After reading your post yesterday regarding expensive, professional bags, I wonder who out there can afford such a bag? I am a lawyer at a big firm and live in DC. My firm pays the standard scale — I currently make $185,000 and will soon get a raise to $210,000. While I realize I may be somewhat conservative when it comes to clothes (I tend to buy designer clothes on sale or through Gilt or Ideeli), I am definitely not cheap. I would buy a $350 purse, but that is a far cry from $2100! Like most lawyers I know, I have student loans and a mortgage. However, I don’t save that much money (though I do pay extra on my loans). So my question is, who pays $2100 for a purse? Are these people who have no loans? Who have married money? Or am I just not investing enough in my wardrobe? I am interested in getting your (and other readers) opinion(s).

This is a great question, and we haven’t discussed this since the big discussion on how much people generally spend on clothes a few years ago.*  (Pictured.) I’m curious to hear what readers say here, but for my own $.02, this is how I look at it:

– The vast majority of my bags are in the $300-$600 price range.  Many were purchased for below $200, though, either at sample sales, online sales, or through flash sales (some of where I had “referral points” from recommending different flash sale sites on the blog).  [Read more…]