Open Thread: How are you dealing with the threat of swine flu?

Here’s something we’re curious about, readers — how are you dealing with the threat of swine flu? We know it sounds super-pleasant.  At the office, are you being encouraged to get a flu shot, and being discouraged from bringing in baked goods? While out networking, are you shaking hands with people, or (like Kathie Lee Gifford) butt-bumping? Personally, what extra steps (if any) are you taking to avoid getting sick?

For our $.02: We’ve never gotten a flu shot, and (as far as we know) have never gotten the flu. (A bad cold two Februarys ago might have qualified, but we didn’t miss a day of work.) Still, we’re trying to be extra-vigilant about the things we normally do to avoid getting sick, such as using hand sanitizer after riding public transportation or shaking hands, taking lots of Emergen-C if we start sneezing, and otherwise getting enough sleep.  What are you doing?

Pictured above: Emergen-C 1000 mg Vitamin C Fizzy Drink Mix, Tangerine Flavored, on sale at for $9.99 (formerly $12.99) (free shipping on any order over $25).

Splurge Monday’s TPS Report: Nanette Lepore’s ‘If You Leave’ Jacket

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.
Wow — beautiful jacket from Nanette Lepore.  The bright, happy color (which still strikes us as autumnal) is gorgeous, and the ruffles, poufed shoulders, and tulip hem are slight enough that the jacket doesn’t scream “TRENDY!”.  We’d wear it with grays and navys — trousers, sheath dresses, even A-line skirts.  It is a bit of a splurge, though:  $448 at Nordstrom’s, in sizes 2-12. Nanette Lepore ‘If You Leave’ Jacket

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Weekend Open Thread

mugSomething on your mind? Chat about it here.

Pictured: Baroque Mugs by Zrike, set of four, available at for $40.

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Weekly Roundup

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The Daily Obsession is, well, obsessing over this lovely bag.

From JD Bliss: Working Mother and Flex-Time Lawyers pick the Top 50 law firms for women.

20s Money writes in favor of “Young Professional Networking,” while The Thin Pink Line suggests how to make your introduction count.

Lifehacker proposes you NOT wait for hot water to wash your hands.

The LA Times examines the French mystique.

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Bargain Friday’s TPS Report: Ann Taylor Loft’s Bow Tie Scoopneck Tee

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.
Untitled pictureThere are some great sales going on at Ann Taylor Loft right now. For example, take this slightly embellished tee which is final sale (not everything is, though — be careful as they have not clearly delineated which is which.). This baby was $34, now marked to $12.99, and with the automatic 25% off it comes down to around $9.75. We found another 15% off coupon online (104002172) that brought the final price down to about $8.25. Not bad for a top that we’ll wear with trousers, skirts, and possibly even with a slim turtleneck beneath. It’s available in fuschia, mauve, blue (pictured), gray, black, and white, in regular and petites. Bow Tie Scoopneck Tee

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Another emergency mail: The five year grad school reunion!

What to Wear to Your 5-Year Reunion | CorporetteWhat should you wear to your five-year grad school reunion? Here’s an emergency email from Reader L, who wonders:

I am going to my 5-year law school reunion this weekend (dinner, dancing, etc). First, what should my fella wear–he has a tux, but I think that it’s too much, generally for functions he rocks a professor vibe (corduroy sportcoat and coordinating trousers)–is this appropriate, or should we go out and get him a new suit? Second, in real life I refer to him as my partner when I introduce him, as in “This is my partner, Henry.” Should I just say something like “This is Henry.” when introducing him? I admit that as a 30-something woman who has been in committed relationship for over a decade, the word boyfriend literally gives me hives, but I worry that partner might be a bit risque for this crowd, as it will include all of the reunion classes. The issue is that people just assume that we are married when we are out, and for those that we will never meet again, that assumption is fine, but the legal community is small enough here that I will see a lot of these people again, do I just explain later when people ask about my charming husband–any advice would be appreciated!

Wow. Ok. Lots of questions. First: Are you the kind of person who can get away with saying “This is my fella, Henry.”? If not, just stick with “This is Henry” and bypass the question altogether. Or perhaps: “Do you remember Henry?” if it’s someone who might remember Henry from back in the day.  Depending how strongly you agree with Meg Ryan’s character’s rant in “You’ve Got Mail” about how people should have last names, you may want to include that:  “This is Henry Smith.”  (Why yes, we are huge dorks.  Thanks for asking!)  People will assume that you’re in a committed-enough relationship to bring him to an event, but will know that whatever that relationship is, it’s modern enough that you and he still have different last names.  (On the “partner” point — we don’t see anything risque about it.  But, given that it’s a crowd of lawyers, people might not read a romantic relationship and instead think you’ve brought a colleague from the firm.  So we’d avoid.) [Read more…]

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