Suit of the Week: Ann Taylor Karlee Suit

What a gorgeous black navy skirt suit. When we refer to wearing a dress with a cropped jacket, this is almost exactly what we have in mind. We love the cut of the suit, the texture of the fabric, and especially the pockets — “raw edge pleated trim” is apparently code for “cool”. The jacket is $219, and the matching skirt is $109. (We will admit, we wish the skirt were a smidge longer.)

UPDATE:  As one reader informs us, the color is actually navy — not black.  Alas!  It is still a gorgeous suit, though.
skirt suit

Poll! What kind of hair accessories are appropriate for the office?

Are Some Hair Accessories Unprofessional? | CorporetteOne of the article ideas that people often offer us is to do an article about which hair accessories are appropriate for the office.  Yet we’ve always hesitated … well, primarily because we don’t know if anything is appropriate for the office beyond low-ponytail type hairbands.   Headbands always seem too prissy / 1980s / wear-in-your-early-20s kind of things.  Barrettes seem so middle school.  Fanciful bobbypins seem too… Drew-Barrymore-in-the-early-90s.  Anything to assist with a bun seems too… ballerina-like.  But maybe we’re off base here — what are your thoughts?  Any favorite brands or haunts where you find great hair accessories?

Picture above:  Feathered Flower Headband, by Bebe, now $49.


As a side note, did anyone see Bride Wars over the weekend?  What were your thoughts on Kate Hudson’s hair at the first big client meeting?

Weekly Round-up

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suze ormans 2009 action plan– If you’re interested in reading Suze Orman’s “2009 Action Plan,” you have until 1/15 to download it for free from the Oprah site.  [Oprah via Lifehacker]

– A new book analyzes the crises that corporate women face.  [Above the Law]
– Congrats to everyone who sent cards to the troops via the “Holiday Mail for Heros” program — they apparently received more than one million cards! []

– Six lessons for investors.  (Just the six?)  [WSJ]

– Not to profit from other people’s misfortune, but… now might be a great time to get some deals on estate jewelry, as a lot of wealthy families are selling Grandma’s diamonds. [The New Yorker]

Reader Mail – Personalizing an Office

How to Personalize Your Office | CorporetteWhat is the best way to personalize your office?  We love reader mail, and we’re using our lack of ideas for polls to catch up answering some… (Update: check out some of our more recent posts on office decor!)

I’m a new associate in BigLaw. My very experienced assistant tells me I need to put some personal things in my office. Right now there is a single framed print and that’s it. My diplomas and bar admission are getting framed, so they’ll go up soon. Books are all firm-issued. But there’s a large (5 foot wide?) space between my desk and the door. What goes there?? A small sofa or cushy chair?? Coat rack? Something else? Nothing? It would be nice to have something to nap on for an all nighter but the guys don’t have those…

What about photos? Plants? Other?

There aren’t a lot of women at my firm (surprise!), so I can’t really copy what they did.  Help is appreciated!

This can be a tricky subject for anyone — we all know that guy who has far too many toys in his office.  We’re going to go out on a limb and say that as long as you keep it professional, it doesn’t really matter how personal it is.  You can personalize your office, obviously, in a variety of ways.  Our thoughts, after the jump:

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Suit of the Week: Bebe Italian Topstitched Twill

Wow — there are some mighty colorful suits out there right now.  (For all the women who enjoy wearing suits on their resort vacation, perhaps?)  Anyway:  there seems to be a lack of fun, interesting suits, but this is one we haven’t seen before:  Italian topstitched twill suit, from Bebe.  We like the piping and fringe around the collar, and the ruffled pleating at the back of the jacket.  The jacket is $179, the wide-legged pants are $129, skirt is $109, and the bustier vest is $119.  (We’d suggest wearing a shirt beneath it unless you happen to work in a nightclub.)   Should you need them, matching short-shorts are also available for $89.

bustier suit

Reader Mail – Pearl Necklaces and Younger Women

Can Younger Women Wear Pearls | CorporetteA while ago, we got this intriguing e-mail from a reader:

As a late graduation present, I was considering asking my folks for a classic strand of pearls.  This turned out to be more complicated than I had thought.  Is it (still) true that younger women shouldn’t aspire to larger pearls?  I don’t want to buy a strand that will look silly when I’m in my 30s and 40s — what’s the largest I can get away with in my 20s?

The article she linked to explained that larger pearls were for older women — the largest sizes being for women “45 and up,” with the smallest sizes being intended for “older teens, 16 to 24.”

For our $.02: We love our 7.5 MM x 8 MM pearls and wear them all the time — several times a week.   They stodge up a questionable outfit and make us feel like we belong when we’re at an event with much bigger wigs than us.  As for the size, we would say that if you’re wearing suits you’re old enough to get this size of pearls (which, according to the website, is the last size of pearls acceptable for women under 35).  Go to the store and try on different pairs — you’ll eventually find one that feels and looks at home on your neck — and THAT’S the size and length you should get.  (We went with 18″ and would never look back, but if you wear button-down shirts or crewnecks frequently you may prefer to go with the tighter 16″ length.) [Read more…]