Poll of the day! Pantyhose in the summer…

PantyhoseAre bare legs acceptable for the office?  Photo by telethon, courtesy of Flickr.

bare legs acceptable

Thursday’s TPS Report: Twinkle

Twinkle cute blue topLook, a cute blue top by Twinkle for $183.  We like the details: the abstract print, the sheer (but still demure) top portion of the top, the slight flutter to the cap sleeves.  We’d wear this under a suit for day — either a nice wide pantleg or a pencil skirt — and then remove the jacket to go out for drinks afterwards.

Blog round-up from before…

So, in the time before we actually got this website up and running, we were reading TONS of articles we thought our eventual readers might want to read about. Here are some of those articles…

– Glamour looks at Hillary’s make-up on the campaign trail.

Bunnyshop blogs about cute business-card holders.

J.D. Bliss blogs about What Women Lawyers Really Want.

Ms. JD blogs about whether long hair is unprofessional. (We don’t think so here at Corporette, but neatness is KEY — we’ll be discussing!)

– Business Week blogs about why there aren’t more women on boards of companies, as well as about how young people can seem more “grown up” in the business world (like, you know?).

– Inc.com blogs about how self-employed women are more educated.

– Lifehacker blogs about the importance of cleaning your keyboard. (Ewwww.)

– Feministing blogs about Madonna’s impact in the feminist world. (We love her here at Corporette. I get up again, over and over…)

– And Jezebel. God, Jezebel, how we love thee. They lament the death of fast-talking dames in Hollywood. They play dress-up Barbie with potential First Ladies. They bring our attention to great new articles regarding, ahem, strong women.

– WSJ also had a great article about how stay-at-home mothers are filling in for executives on a temp basis. Although the Jezzies think otherwise, we at Corporette think it’s a great option — these women are probably working for 2 months (at intense levels and hours) and bringing home enough to count as a small second salary for their homes. They’re also keeping their skills, expanding their networks, and they still get to be stay at home moms. Providing they’re paid well, we see no downside.

– Finally, Forbes has its quarterly “Executive Women” issue out, available online, now. It’s target audience is the woman a few rungs above us on the corporate ladder, but it still has some interesting features. Including a great fashion spread that teaches you how to mix white and beige.

Wednesday’s TPS Report

Soia Kyo trench coatIt’s been chilly and gray where we live, so it’s been great to watch all the women in their trench coats. We loooove this one by Soia & Kyo. Gunmetal gray, really well fitted, and oh so glamorous. If only we held more meetings outside!

Business Archetypes: Which Type Are You?

businesswomen archetypesThe LA Times has an interview with Hillary Clinton’s former “spiritual” advisor, Jean Houston; she says Hillary failed to embrace her archetype of “classical wise woman or priestess,” which would have quelled fears about the “rising feminine.” Um, yeah. It’s been a while since we were in a discussion about archetypes, but we do see them every day throughout the business world, particularly when women work with men in close proximity. Here’s the five types we’ve observed… and sadly, none can be classified as the “wise woman”:

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Tuesday’s TPS Report: Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture  white jacketBehold: the perfect white jacket from Juicy Couture to combat office air conditioning in the summer. The shape and fabric of this jacket should be enough to keep the look from veering into MD-territory, and the length is perfect to layer a long tank, perhaps in a light blue or pink. We also love the flower-shaped buttons — it’s just enough to be feminine but not enough to be over-the-top girly.