Monday’s TPS Report – Vivienne Tam

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. We begin the week in splurge mode, with our most expensive suggestions, and wind our way to Friday, where a less expensive item of clothing might be just what you need to make it to the weekend.

Vivienne Tam white silk dressGood morning campers! This white silk dress by Vivienne Tam is just what we need for a dreary Monday; it’s available at Revolve Clothing. The bold colors and patterns on this flattering dress tell people you’re not afraid to take chances — yet you know exactly what’s appropriate for the office. We’d wear it with a cropped black jacket, maybe with a purple brooch.

Weekly Round-Up

– The ChicagoTrib looks at the prevalence of sleep problems in today’s society. If you’re having trouble sleeping, we recommend working out in the morning, not drinking caffeine after 3 PM, and avoiding thoughts about work/career issues before bedtime.

– Oldie but still relevant: WSJ’s The Juggle has lots of good links to old articles about how neglecting your appearance may negatively affect your career.

Oprah Magazine and Jezebel explore one of the primary dangers of the office bathroom: the Tinkler.

– WowOwow has lots of excerpts from Cokie Roberts’ new book on the First Ladies.

– NYT has an article about how, for a mere $156,000, you can buy a share to an apartment in Paris for one month a year. We don’t think this is such a bad idea, but then again, we also can’t imagine being able to get away from the office for a full month, so we’re thinking of this more as a 1/22nd share in a Paris apartment.

– The secret to succeeding in the law for women lawyers is, apparently, a deep love of practicing law. [Ms. J.D., New York magazine: Women Leaders in the Law. ]

– Drool, drool, drool: The World’s Most Dazzling Royal Jewels. We’ve bought right-hand rings and diamond earrings before, but these are stunning. [Forbes]

– Totally unrelated to business or fashion, but if you are as big of a Buffy fan as we are then enjoy: interview with Joss Whedon about his new project, starring Eliza Dushku. [LA Times]

Bargain Friday: TPS Report

For Friday, a shirt dress from Liz Claiborne. Yes, yes, the brand is slightly stodgy, but Tim Gunn’s in charge now, and for $89 this dress is a nice steal. Fit is key, however: the hem should be tailored to sit just above the knee, and the body of the dress should be fitted. Bare arms aren’t appropriate for the office, of course, so we’d pair this with a structured cardigan (like something from Iisli) or a cropped navy jacket. We also like the way the dress invokes the classic men’s seersucker look without sacrificing an ounce of femininity.

Poll of the day! Pantyhose in the summer…

PantyhoseAre bare legs acceptable for the office?  Photo by telethon, courtesy of Flickr.

bare legs acceptable

Thursday’s TPS Report: Twinkle

Twinkle cute blue topLook, a cute blue top by Twinkle for $183.  We like the details: the abstract print, the sheer (but still demure) top portion of the top, the slight flutter to the cap sleeves.  We’d wear this under a suit for day — either a nice wide pantleg or a pencil skirt — and then remove the jacket to go out for drinks afterwards.

Blog round-up from before…

So, in the time before we actually got this website up and running, we were reading TONS of articles we thought our eventual readers might want to read about. Here are some of those articles…

– Glamour looks at Hillary’s make-up on the campaign trail.

Bunnyshop blogs about cute business-card holders.

J.D. Bliss blogs about What Women Lawyers Really Want.

Ms. JD blogs about whether long hair is unprofessional. (We don’t think so here at Corporette, but neatness is KEY — we’ll be discussing!)

– Business Week blogs about why there aren’t more women on boards of companies, as well as about how young people can seem more “grown up” in the business world (like, you know?).

– blogs about how self-employed women are more educated.

– Lifehacker blogs about the importance of cleaning your keyboard. (Ewwww.)

– Feministing blogs about Madonna’s impact in the feminist world. (We love her here at Corporette. I get up again, over and over…)

– And Jezebel. God, Jezebel, how we love thee. They lament the death of fast-talking dames in Hollywood. They play dress-up Barbie with potential First Ladies. They bring our attention to great new articles regarding, ahem, strong women.

– WSJ also had a great article about how stay-at-home mothers are filling in for executives on a temp basis. Although the Jezzies think otherwise, we at Corporette think it’s a great option — these women are probably working for 2 months (at intense levels and hours) and bringing home enough to count as a small second salary for their homes. They’re also keeping their skills, expanding their networks, and they still get to be stay at home moms. Providing they’re paid well, we see no downside.

– Finally, Forbes has its quarterly “Executive Women” issue out, available online, now. It’s target audience is the woman a few rungs above us on the corporate ladder, but it still has some interesting features. Including a great fashion spread that teaches you how to mix white and beige.