Wednesday’s TPS Report: Boyfriend Blazer With “Fluro” Trim

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

ASOS Boyfriend Blazer With Fluro TrimI’m not sure how I feel about the entire suit for this look (although A for effort, ASOS — a fresh take on a suit that also might fly in an office! Hooray!) but I actually quite like the gray blazer with fluorescent yellow trim. Love the flouncy details at the back, and the really classic cut with that pop of bright, bright color. It’s available at ASOS in gray/yellow and navy/orange for $99. ASOS Boyfriend Blazer With Fluro Trim

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How To Wear a Boyfriend Blazer to the Office

Ever wondered how to wear a boyfriend blazer to the office? We got this request a little while ago from one of our readers…

Can you help suggest what to wear with a boyfriend blazer? I just got a slim, one-button wool boyfriend blazer (from Iisli – love it) and am not sure what would look best with it.

This is a great question, and we loooove Iisli.  First, let’s have a brief review of different terminology — all of these types of blazers can be worn at the office, but very different rules apply.

boyfriend blazerBoyfriend blazer – So named because it’s as if you stole your boyfriend’s coat, this typically means a voluminous, boxy fit — see the picture of Mary-Kate Olsen, at left.  This is actually the hardest look to pull off at the office, because you need to balance the boxy-ness of the jacket with every other element.  We’d suggest it a pencil skirt or a tight shift dress — or perhaps even skinny trousers.  Play around with layers, if you can — try a man’s shirt underneath it, with all sleeves rolled up.  (These blazers never really attained “in” status — they’re a bit hard for anyone who isn’t MKO to pull off — which means that if you can do it you’ll be cutting edge.  Work it!) [Read more…]

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