Where to Shop in NYC, Part III

where to shop in nyc 2Ok, we’re sure that readers who have no interest in Gotham City are starting to get seriously annoyed (particularly because, alas, we don’t have the personal knowledge to do this for any other city — if you’re a reader and would like to take us through another city, either in the US or abroad, please e-mail!).  In any event, this will be our last for the NYC-shopping series. Photo credit:  NYC – Century 21, originally uploaded to Flickr by wallyg.

To recap:  a reader wrote in wondering where to shop in New York City for work-appropriate clothing in a Banana Republic price-range.  We suggested Lower Fifth Avenue in Part I, and Soho in Part II — both because they have a ton of acceptable clothing stores in that price range, but also because they were efficient shopping stretches.  But we felt it would be an incomplete answer if we didn’t point out a few out-of-the-way stops that are also worth a visit. [Read more…]

Reader Mail — Where to Shop in NYC, Part II

where to shop in nycA reader wrote in, requesting where to go in New York for “Banana Republic-priced” clothes she couldn’t find in the Midwest.  We started our round-up of shopping stretches in NYC on Thursday, covering what we call “Lower Fifth Avenue” shopping. We’ll continue today with our suggestions on how to make the most of SoHo, which can be a very efficient shopping stretch if done right.  Photo credit:  nyc soho lofts, originally uploaded to Flickr by DropFocus.  (Check out part III in the series, here.) [Read more…]

Reader Mail: Where to Shop in NYC – Part 1

where to shop in nyc 3Today’s reader mail is a question for where to shop in New York City…

I am about to spend a week in New York City (June 19-26th, in fact) and I’d like to do a little shopping for work clothes while I’m there. Normally I stock up on casual clothes at H&M, but their work attire is too cheaply made for my office. Do you have a recommendation or two for stores in the Gap/Banana Republic/Limited/Express price range, that I couldn’t shop at in any city in the US?

Ah, a leisurely day of shopping in NYC — what fun!  Given your price range and your goals, we’d recommend a few different stretches, depending on your time and energy.  First up, we’ll talk about the area we’ll call Lower Fifth AvenuePhoto:  Flatiron Building, originally uploaded to Flickr by sunsurfr. (The Flatiron Building is at 23d and 5th.  It’s beautiful, but not really noteworthy as a shopping destination in and of itself.)  (Read parts II (where to shop in SoHo) and III (other shopping in NYC), also!) [Read more…]

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