Wednesday’s TPS Report: Curvy Twill Wide Leg Trousers

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. Many thanks to this week’s TPS guest poster, Road Warriorette!

Curvy Twill Wide Leg TrousersUntil I found Ann Taylor Curvy pants, I thought I was just destined to never be able to tuck anything in. See, I am a high-waisted hourglass, and when I tuck things in I inevitably look like, well, a burrito. No waist definition in sight, just one long unattractive line. Then I discovered the wonder that is Ann Taylor Curvy. Finally! It’s like they were made just for me, and I can finally tuck things in like a normal person. I love these Twill Wide Leg Trousers for a lot of reasons. They are soft, neutral, affordable (Ann Taylor is always on sale somehow), not to mention fully lined. My favorite part? As long as you pull them out of your suitcase the night before, they won’t be wrinkled when you put them on in the morning. You can wear them with virtually anything, but today I’m thinking something jewel-toned would be nice, maybe a silky teal patterned blouse, tucked in of course. Add some bright shoes, maybe a nice red round-toed patent, and you will be super stylish. They are $98 when they’re not on sale, available in sizes 00-18 regular, 00-16 petite. (These Camel Twill trousers are also available in their Signature and Modern fits.) Curvy Twill Wide Leg Trousers

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  1. I love the look of light colored pants, but can never find a pair that works for me. I always feel like they reveal every imperfection, dimple, whathaveyou. And, no, I am not trying on ones that are too tight. Maybe it is all in my mind. Or maybe I just need to get to the gym or something.

    • I just got the Loft scuba pants in camel and they are pretty decent in terms of camouflaging every lump and bump. They still have front pockets, which I do not get. It doesn’t seem to matter how well light pants fit, but they always seem to have very visible pockets.

      • Diana Barry :

        I find it helps not to unsew the pockets when they come sewn down (not sure if AT’s do or not). The linings lie flatter that way and they don’t show the outlines of the pockets as much.

      • I always have the tailor remove mine and sew them shut. It costs like five bucks and has saved more than one pair of my pants from being donated for that exact “visible” reason.

    • I’m with you, AIMS. I’ll buy 20 pairs of black pants that fit perfectly. But those same pants in camel? For whatever reason, I swear they always make me look 15 pounds heavier or lumpier.

    • I have my tailor cut the front pockets out of mine and sew them shut, so there is no extra bulk. I also always wear the spanx that go down to mid-thigh under them. Those hide the bumps. I never feel *great* and thin and beautiful in my light-colored pants, but they are serviceable this way, and I need the extra variety in my wardrobe. ( I also have the tailor remove any belt loops, as I always wear them longer shirts to camouflage my hips/butt a bit.)

      • Bridget, I am glad to hear I’m not the only one who wears spanx under my pants from time to time. With lighter colored ones, it’s the only way for me to not feel bumpy, lumpy and dumpy.

      • Yeah – this is the most common use for my spanxx: under my beige pants.

        Hint: If you buy the next size up in spanxx (or Assetts or what have you) then they’ll be far more comfy, and still work as effectively, without a muffin top.

    • It somewhat depends on the fabric. Certain fabrics do show your lumps and bumps, but in a dark color it isn’t evident. I also find that lined light-colored pants are much more forgiving than unlined ones. I have BR Martin pants, wool-blend and lined, in a sort of taupe color and they’re awesome.

      • Ditto on the lighter colors showing “hail damage” to my thighs and the pocket lining always being visible. But these pockets are described as being off-seam, so I don’t know what they’d look like sewn shut. I just generally avoid pockets on flat-fronted trousers because they always billow out unflatteringly when I sit and never smooth themselves back out when I stand.

        • If they’re the same as the pants I have, they actually come sewn shut and I just left them that way. They lie perfectly flat.

    • AIMS I completely agree! I do not like the color of these pants (on me) or the shape for that matter. I am thin, but hippy and the wide leg drapes off of my widest point, making me look wider than I actually am!

      • So glad I am not the only one, ladies! Sadly, I have to say I haven’t experienced lined pants as being more forgiving . I suppose I could wear tights or spanx underneath to smooth everything out but I am unwilling to torture myself that way — it seems like a rather uncomfortable solution & I’d rather just stick to darker colors or wear skirts. For some reason, I have no problems with light colored skirts. Oh, well.

        On the bright side, it’s finally “fall” enough for me to have broken out my new tweed skirt. Such nice heavy material, no amount of dimples could ever show through :)

  2. I’m short-waisted, and I tend to feel really awkward with things tucked in, too. But, looking at these pants, I expect that if I tucked into them, I’d look like Steve Urkel- like I had my pants up to my armpits. I feel like I look like I’m wearing pants really high when I tuck even into very low-rise pants. I guess it might be worth a try, though.

    • I’m with you – it might be worth a try. I’m short-waisted too and tend to not tuck things in or, if I do, I look like a burrito like Road Warriorette describes.

    • MissJackson :

      As a fellow short-waisted hourglass, I seem to have more trouble tucking into pants. I am, however, (reluctantly) on board with tucking in to pencil skirts (on the theory that “high waisted” items are currently in style).

      I’m skeptical that these pants are the magic that I’ve been looking for, but I’m willing to try on and be proven wrong!

    • I’m short-waisted and these pants just fit way too high for me. I do like the Ann Taylor Modern pant though.

  3. I find that wide legged trousers never seem to work for me. Short waisted, hourglassy non tucker speaking.

  4. AnonInfinity :

    I love the camel color of these pants. I’m a very pronounced pear shape, so sometimes curvy pants make my hips look big. Maybe this is my imagination, though?

    • Curvy, wide-legged pants fall straight from your hips. If your hips are your widest point, they’re just going to emphasize that width. A lot of pear-shaped women don’t like to wear pencil skirts or slim-fit pants because they hug the hips, but by emphasizing your narrower parts, those styles actually draw away from your hips. I wouldn’t suggest wide-leg pants for a pear-shaped woman.

      • anon in dc :

        I agree with this. I have fairly wide hips with skinny legs. This leaves me swimming in wide leg curvy trousers and makes me look like I instantly gained 15 pounds. AT actually has a few straight leg curvy pants that fix this problem. Otherwise, I will usually buy pants that fit my hips, then have the legs slimmed.

      • Actually, the slim fit styles emphasize my thighs, which are more my problem than my hips. Not all pear-shaped ladies are created equal. When I wear a wide-legged pair of pants, I typically wear a belt that will emphasize my waist.

  5. Blonde Lawyer :

    Threadjack. I think we already talked about this. If anyone has the link and wants to share instead of commenting that would be equally helpful.

    How much life insurance do you feel you need? I’m married, no kids, significant student loan debt some of which my husband is co-signed on, no other debt except for a mortgage on a house we rent out. We rent the home we live in.

    My husband and I each have about $125,000 more than our respective annual salary in life insurance. That would at least pay off the loans he is cosigned on. Thoughts?

    • I’m married with no kids, and my husband’s financial stability is not dependent on my salary (i.e., he makes plenty to support himself). I took out life insurance sufficient to cover the entire mortgage on our condo, plus a little extra. If I had any debt that could fall back to my husband, like you do, I would increase for that. The idea for me was that I would want my husband to be able to sell our home if he wanted so as to free up his financial situation, take some time off work and vacation, and then continue supporting himself with no financial baggage left over from me.

    • I am single with under 100K of student loans.

      I have a 100k policy through my employer and a 500K policy I purchased myself. My parents are the beneficiaries. I am a significant source of support for my parents, so my thinking was that if something happened to me, I would want them to be able to pay off their mortgage and have a nice slush fund to draw upon in their retirement.

      • Blonde Lawyer :

        Good point. I don’t support my parents now but could see it happening in the future. That means I probably need life insurance AND a will!

        • Usually Lurks :

          and a revokable living trust

          • Anonymous :

            Suze Ormon would be so proud of us. I think she says ‘revokable living trust’ even more than she famously says ‘ girlfriend’!

    • I think you have enough. It is a good idea get enough to cover the student loan debt. If something happened to you, at least your husband would not be stuck with that. If the rental income is enough to cover the mortgage on that property, and if your husband works and could support himself without your salary, there is no need to get any more insurance. Use the money you would pay on extra insurance to save for your own retirement.

    • I’d say that you need enough to pay off student loans and get the surviving spouse through a potential unpaid leave from work. If your husband died unexpectedly, you’d likely need time off to put his affairs in order, plus personal time to deal with your grief and get your life together. So I’d suggest his student loan debt plus enough to get you through 3-6 months of unpaid leave. Also make sure you have enough to cover his contributions to the mortgage payment or rent for a year, so you don’t have to immediately move somewhere more affordable. Your salary plus $125K sounds like plenty to me.

    • The ballpark I have heard is 10x your annual salary if you have kids. If not, you can decrease depending on your needs. For us, we sat down with a planner and figured out our total picture (no kids). I have more 401k assets than my husband, so my life insurance policy is less (with the 401k making up the difference).

      Our goals were to pay off debt and have money left over to take a significant amount of time off from work in the event of a tragedy. Your goals may be different.

    • I took out enough life insurance to pay off the mortgage and the kids’ college tuitions. If we still had student loans outstanding I’d have increased to pay that off. The idea was no major lifestyle change required if I passed away. But I did all term insurance, no whole life, by the time the kids are out of school that will be done and at that point I’d only have whatever I get through work.

      • Diana Barry :

        I have 1.5M, my husband has 2M (term). I would have gotten more, but had some health issues when we were getting life insurance, so it would have been more expensive. This is enough to pay off the mortgage and put the kids through college. The surviving spouse would still have to keep working, though.

    • AccountingNerd :

      You only need to ask one question: What do you want the financial situation to look like when you or your spouse dies? Each situation is unique.

      My husband and I are 26 and 23, no kids, no debt, no mortgage. We just bought term life insurance last month. If I died, my husband would be able to support himself with his income, but I thought it would be nice if I left him enough to buy a home (a nice home is around 200k where we live). So for just $15 a month we have 240k insurance on me. If my husband dies, I get 400k (we pay $25/month for this). Enough to buy a home and invest a little. However, when I have a kid and quit my job, we will definitely be getting more on my husband.

      I believe term life insurance is the best option, with maybe $250 or less permanent insurance.

      For those of you reading this that don’t have insurance, or only a little insurance, please look into getting some! Term life insurance is sooo cheap. You can get 100k for around $15 a month. Life is fragile, and sometimes very short. No one is guaranteed to live until tomorrow. When a spouse dies, the last thing you want to worry about is “how am I going to pay for a funeral? How am I going to pay off this debt? How am I going to feed my family?” Show your family you love them by getting enough insurance!

      P.S. I’m not an insurance salesman, I just feel strongly about this! :)

      • Always a NYer :

        Just a note on term life insurance. While it is cheaper than whole life insurance, if your health changes when it’s time to renew you could find yourself in a bind as well as higher premiums. My uncle has significantly more than my mother but he has term. My mother has whole and is guaranteed that no matter how much her health changes between now and the inevitable. My uncle on the other hand was diagnosed with Parkinsons and his health insurance premiums are going to be more when he needs to renew it.

        My $.02 is to get whole life insurance, much more stable and less worry IMHO. The higher premiums are worth it to me for more peace of mind.

        • AccountingNerd :

          Good point, but you can get 30 year term, and if you are dilligent about maxing out your Roth IRA (even with a below-average ROI), you should have more than enough to pay the higher premiums after 30 years of investing.

          We will eventually get 100 or 200k whole life on my husband for a little more peace of mind, but I still think term is a better deal.

  6. This is both a threadjack and unlikely to be something people have any suggestions for, BUT I was recently told I have to wear orthotics. The problem? They make it so that I’m stepping out of all of my flats (they aren’t deep enough or something) or they smoosh my feet in all closed shoes. Any suggestions for “deep” flats that are good for orthotics? Anyone have any experience with this?


    • SF Bay Associate :

      Check barkingdogshoes dot com. I believe the blogger is a young woman who has to wear orthotics or has some other foot problem, so she scours the world for comfortable shoes that are also cute.

      • The barkingdogs blogger has RA (reumatoid arthritis). Her blog is fun, good reading for women with foot issues. She does seem to review alot of artsy cousin/ weekend appropriate things.

        Sprint did some u-tube business profiles; there’s one on Anyi Lu shoes. They look fabulous for those who want comfort and style but can skip the orthotics (pricey, though). Has anyone tried them?

        • my mom (who has foot issues) has. she says they aren’t super comfortable at first but get better as they are broken in.

    • Munro shoes work perfectly with orthotics since they have removable footbeds. That’s what you need to look for if you want to wear your orthotics. I wear custom orthotics every day and most of my shoes are Munro. Also, the Walking Company has a large selection of shoes with removable footbeds. Sometimes Ecco and Mephisto work as well.

    • Always a NYer :

      These shoes are incredibly comfortable. My mom bought them about three years ago but I couldn’t bring myself to wear them because I didn’t think they were pretty enough. They came out of the closet this summer when I sprained my ankle and I needed to give my heels some time off. The arch support is wonderful and it really does feel like you aren’t wearing any shoes at all. I’ve also checked out other Ara shoes and some of them are actually pretty nice (i.e. they don’t look much like orthotics). I’m a self-confessed shoe snob and won’t wear any shoe I think is ugly. The comfort level of these loafers outweighs the aesthetic level exponentially.

    • You need shoes with a removable footbed that allow you to insert your own orthotic. I second the rec for Barking Dog Shoes – they have lots of reviews of shoes that allow for orthotics. Actually just last week they had a roundup of flats.

    • Great suggestions, thanks everyone! You are my go-to place for stuff like this!

    • Can’t believe this, but I have the same question! I don’t have to wear them, but my friend’s new BF (who makes orthotics) suggest I wear them during pregnancy so my very high arches don’t fall with all the relaxin running through me. I LOVE them, but of my work shoes they only work in my French Sole flats.

    • I should wear orthotics every day, but I don’t for this reason. If you’re not averse to the Katharine Hepburn/menswear-inspired look, lace-up oxfords (I love my Frye Carson oxfords) are a great solution.

  7. Ladies, I have now officially lost 41 pounds and am in single digits for the first time since high school.

    You have no idea how happy this makes me.

    • AnonInfinity :

      Congratulations!!! 41 pounds is quite an accomplishment. Are you at your goal?

    • SAlit-a-gator :

      Congratulations AJ! 41 pounds is no small feat – hope you enjoy the healthier new you!

    • Congratulations!! 41 pounds is a huge accomplishment!

    • Very inspirational! Congratulations! Please tell us all about the new styles of clothes you are buying that you never felt comfortable wearing before. I think that’s such an interesting thing to think about as I work on my own weight loss.

      • Good for you!

      • Oh, wow.

        Well, pencil skirts, for one. I was never comfortable in them – my suit, which now needs to either be massively altered or replaced, is a black a-line – and now I have two versions of The Skirt, plus a few neutrals. And skinny jeans. I loved the look, but my weight was largely in my hips and thighs. I can tuck them into boots, a look I also loved but didn’t do me any favors 40 pounds ago.

        One of the biggies, though, is that I can now tuck in shirts without resembling a burrito, as RoadWarriorette said.

      • Has to be said :

        I wish, just once, someone would tell us about the new clothes they’re comfortable wearing because they stopped hating their body and learned to love themselves as they are.

        • Dude, I’ll do this. I’m plus sized, long-waisted, and large of hip and bum, but I’ve always loved the belted cardigan look, a la Michelle Obama. I never thought I could pull it off. But last year, I gave it a shot, and decided that I loved the look and that even though it didn’t make my bum look any smaller, it made me feel pretty and pulled together. It’s hard to find great belts in my size, but I make an effort to find them and when I do, I wear the heck out of them. Sure, I’d love to lose some weight, but right now, I’m also enjoying wearing clothes that make me feel pretty just as I am.

        • Anonymous13 :

          You got it! I started belly dancing about seven years ago and went from hating my pear-shaped body to loving it. I used to work to conceal my big hips/derriere, but now I LOVE them. I would never have worn leggings or skinny jeans for fear of looking like an ice cream cone. Now, bring on the pencil skirts, belted dresses and skinny jeans, please!

        • To counteract the weight loss anecdotes (which I like, personally), I recommend assuming that any/every poster who comments on clothing they own and like *without* mentioning weight, is relatively happy with her body type.

          And it’s entirely possible to love yourself very much, and still want to lose weight for whatever reason.

        • I like this idea. I used to absolutely hate my legs, because they are short and muscular rather than long and slender. I dreaded skirts and shorts, and often sweated through the summer rather than show my legs. Then I realized that there was an opposite approach: show a lot of leg! It makes me look taller and, more importantly, sets me free of the crazy notion that I have something to be ashamed of. Now, off-hours of course, I rock many short shorts and skirts/dresses. Turns out, as a bonus, that my boyfriend has specifically mentioned how much he likes my legs.

        • I used to wear pants exclusively because I felt my athletic thighs and calves were too large to look OK in a skirt.
          I am not even sure I have lost that much weight (maybe 2 or 3 pounds) but I had a mindshift and these are the things that I rock and would have never done it before:
          – Dresses
          – Skirts
          – White bottoms (jeans and skirt)
          – Biking shorts at gym (or any shorts for that matter)
          I found out that people had more important things to do than pay attention to my “flaws” so why should I?

        • Word.

          I love the way my size 12-14 booty looks in a pencil skirt or tight pants. Wouldn’t trade it for all the weight loss in the world. And whoever said fat chicks shouldn’t wear bright colors – you’re wrong. I look great in them.

        • I’m working on a weight loss too, but I don’t hate my body. It’s preventative healthcare. I want my body to be healthy when I’m 90.

          • Has to be said :

            But we’re talking about being comfortable in clothes, not about health – different things. (Though personally I believe people can be healthy at any weight.)

            Thanks everyone for these stories, great to hear!

          • Are you a doctor?

          • Has to be said :

            Are you?

            (That said to the extent my comment was unclear, that shouldn’t be taken as a “You personally can be healthy at any weight,” but as a “Any given individual may have a healthy weight that’s different than any other individual and could be any particular thing.” I couldn’t care less if people want to lose weight; I just don’t think we should assume someone else should lose weight so if someone who’s plus size is talking about being happy with her body as is, we should respect and not critique that.)

        • Thank you for this mini-thread, ladies. It’s so hard to have a positive body image, even for brief, fleeting moments. I have to tell you that I just stepped out of the shower and accidentally glanced in the mirror, which I guess I don’t usually do, and thought I looked pretty great – I actually said out loud “hiya, hot stuff!” I credit this mini-thread for that moment of allowing myself to feel gorgeous, even while dripping wet, imperfections laid bare, and leftover mascara smudged on my face. Thanks!!

    • Congratulations! (And on an “I clearly need more coffee today” note, I actually stared at that single digits sentence for way too long trying to figure it out. My thought process was something like “single digits.. like.. WEIGHING NINE POUNDS? I don’t understaaand…”. But now it all makes sense. Hurray!)

      • I totally did that too, but I was think like 98 pounds (which makes even less sense? I was thinking less than 100) and I was like wait that doesn’t make sense

        • I did the same thing.

        • Haha, that’s where I started, but then my math skills kicked in and I realized that was double digits. So then I was just triply confused and ended up at nine pounds.

        • Me too! I was thinking “she must weigh under 100 lbs, wow,” and it took a little too long for me to snap to it and realize that’s still 2 digits. :)

        • I thought the same thing – had to read it twice to understand it. CONGRATULATIONS AJ – that is quite an accomplishment!!

      • LadyEnginerd :

        E- That’s ok… me too. And I already had my coffee :)
        Congrats AJ! That’s wonderful!

        • Well, I have had two cups of coffee and was still doing the mental math issues. . . .I first thought under 100 pounds, but then realized that was still two digits. Argh.

          I too have had a great weight loss day. As of this morning, I have lost 99.5 pounds. I was hoping to be able to say an even 100 today, but I’ll take it. My cholesterol is down to 135 !!

          I have gone from a size 22-24 to a 12 or 14.

          I would like to lose 20 more to be exactly where I want to be, and I will continue to work on it, but for now, I am pretty darn happy.

          • that is awesome, congratulations on getting your health in order with that cholesterol number especially!

          • Georgiana Starlington :

            That’s amazing! Congratulations!

      • Me too. I was so confused. Maybe we should go to Starbucks together?

      • Blonde Lawyer :

        I was still totally lost until I read someone talking about clothing sizes below.

        My mind was going to other ways of calculating weight – stones for example? Or, maybe she meant under 200 as in a single 1. I totally didn’t get it.

        • I didn’t get it until just now. Thanks for giving me a hint, BL!

        • Ah, clothing sizes! I was confused too and I thought it meant “under 2oo lbs” because 1 is a single digit … ?

          Hmmm. Can I join ya’ll on that Starbucks trip?

          In any case, great accomplishment for the OP!

    • SoCal Gator :

      Congrats! That’s a significant weight loss. I also just lost a bunch — 53 pounds and went from a size 16 to a size 6. The number one thing I am wearing now with my new figure is that I have added skirts and dresses. Before I would never ever wear anything but pants. I agree with AJ’s comment that pencil skirts are now in my repertoire. I also changed where I shop — going for younger more form fitting cuts than the drapey hide your body look I wore before. I can now wear most of the clothes recommended on this site. That was just not true before.

    • Wow! Congratulations!

  8. Is this shirt awesome, or ugly? I can’t decide.

    • AnonInfinity :

      I like it a lot, but I love bold patterns and colors. I’d wear it with an otherwise plain brown suit or brown pants and a cardigan that pulls one color out of the shirt.

      Or skinny jeans and riding boots (my favorite outfit right now).

    • At first I didn’t like it, but then I realized it’s just that I don’t think it would work on petite, round-faced me. I feel like the large pattern + floral would be better on someone with a more willowy frame and perhaps sharper features–i.e. to look sophisticated rather than cutiepie.

    • Awesome! I love the colors of the pattern!

    • I find it….ok. There’s either too much blank space in the pattern or too many things cluttering the pattern, I can’t decide. But the colors are lovely.

    • Awesome. I LOVE it!

    • I think that it could work if styled really well (I liked AnonInfinity’s suggestions), but, on the whole, my first impression is that it looks like one of those things that a frumpy middle-aged elementary school teacher would wear- you know, those cutsie big patterns that are meant to appeal to the kids. Plus, I’m bothered by the fact that it doesn’t really have a shape- so even a woman with a nice body is going to look kind of wide and all one shape in it. But that’s just my opinion.

    • Both. I’d wear it. I like it.

    • I gotta go “ugly”

    • Diana Barry :

      I think awesome, but I am into prints right now. Definitely for someone taller – that is a lot of print! :)

    • Awesome! I love the fall colors and the pattern – it is in Modcloth/Anthropologie territory without being too twee or artistic. I second the rec to pair it with brown pants and shoes, with a teal or hunter green cardigan over it belted with a brown belt.

    • Awesome! I really love it. Of course, I own another MJ top that a friend of mine has deemed “The Ugliest Shirt In The World”, which I really love, too …

    • Awesome. I’d wear this out on the weekends with skinny jeans and camel boots. I wish I could shop right now!

    • I love prints but not this one. Maybe it’s the cut of the shirt. It makes me think of something that would have been made in home ec in the 70s.

    • Crazy, but I’d rock it in a sec with my chocolate slacks.

  9. As a fellow burrito, I loooooooooooove the Ann Taylor Curvy Pants. They are AMAZING. I have them in the wool-blend fabric, which I think is more expensive (around $140) but is worth every penny. Great recommendation.

    • Me too. If it wasn’t for Ann Taylor Curvy Pants I’d hate suit shopping. It is shocking how hard it is to find pants that curve in at the waist but allow room for your rear.

  10. Anyone have a recommendation for a good, professional quality steamer? Not sure about the more expensive ones at Bed, Bath and Beyond (Haan or Sienna). I have heard that Jiffy is good quality – worth the money?

    Thanks in advance!

    • My tailor recently recommended that I buy one from a dry cleaning supply store instead of a retailer. She said the Bed Bath and Beyond ones break within a year.

    • In-House Mouse :

      I LOVE having my Jiffy steamer. Seriously, it has changed the way I treat my clothes, in that I don’t dry clean skirts and pants nearly as often and I can machine-wash (on gentle cycle) my silk blouses. The steamer does take a few minutes to warm up, so I usually steam once a week.

      I wouldn’t recommend steaming blazers or suit jackets though, unless they are full canvassed. I noticed that the fusing on some of my (fortunately older) Ann Taylor jackets was coming un-fused and creating a bubbly texture due to the high heat of the steamer.

  11. I did no research and bought this one:
    . If the link doesn’t work, it’s the Conair. It is relatively inexpensive off of Amazon, and I love it. It’s a really easy way to refresh clothes that are looking a little tired, but aren’t quite ready for dry cleaning. I’ve had it for several years and it works just fine.

    • Anonymous13 :

      Ever have mold/calcification issues with your steamer? I have one that works great, but mold and something that looks like mineral deposits has built up inside it and it grosses me out now.

      • MeliaraofTlanth :

        flush it with white vinegar. It should kill the mold and gets rid of mineral deposits. At least, this works with irons. i haven’t tried it with my steamer, but I strongly suspect it would work.

        Of course, I use white vinegar for literally any cleaning problem you can think of. That, or baking soda and lemon juice. That combo got the encrusted grease stains off the stovetop that about 6 different commercial cleaners hadn’t made a dent in.

        • Agreed, white vinegar rocks for cleaning. I find its the cheapest (and easiest) way to clean my granite countertops, plus it works great in the dishwasher to get rid of spotting problems which are also usually caused by the minerals in hard water.

        • Yay for acetic acid!

      • Yes on the white vinegar, and try not to let water sit in it. I remove the water canister and let the steamer run until all the water in it is gone. Just don’t forget to turn it off before you leave the house.

      • karenpadi :

        I also flush my humidifier out with vinegar to remove mineral deposits.

        BTW, if you have a “cold” office and the space heater isn’t working, try a humidifier. Plus, it works wonders for your skin!

      • You can prevent/decrease the mineral deposits by using DI (deionized) water for your steamer/iron. I buy gallon jugs of DI water and keep it only for this purpose.

  12. Whoever started donating like-new Boden tops to my favorite thrift shop: thank you! Cute stuff for $4 just makes my day.

  13. Marie Curie :

    Threadjack, but I would like to thank the corporette who posted about her tortoiseshell shoes some time last week (I can’t remember, sorry!). Thanks to her I searched ebay and scored a lovely pair of Stuart Weitzmann tortoiseshell flats (worn once) for the grand total of $20.50. In a wide fit even, which my feet will love.
    I can’t wait till they arrive and I can’t wait to wear them and feel all classy :)

    • a passion for fashion :

      youre welcome. I saw those and thought they were adorable! and for 20 bucks, you cant miss.

  14. I have recently discovered the sweater dress + leggings + boots outfit.

    Damn, this is comfortable. I want to wear this every day.

    I’m traveling tomorrow for work. I may just wear it again tomorrow.

    (Why did it take me so long?)

  15. I don’t find the pants in the photo especially flattering.

  16. I mostly love Ann Taylor but the pants are missing something..

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