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  • WWD reports that Stitch Fix is now offering plus sizes (14W to 24W and 1X to 3X), having previously only offered sizes up to 16 and XXL.
  • The Wardrobe Oxygen blogger writes about venturing beyond your fashion habits and trying out new styles.
  • The Budget Babe shares that the bloggers behind the Instagram account Whoa, Wait. Walmart? have launched their own line at Walmart.com.
  • A HR consultant on LinkedIn explains which things you should take off your resume.
  • The Wall Street Journal reports on a study that asked participants to look at images of male CEOs and non-CEOs (they weren’t labeled as such) and rate how competent they looked. The result: People saw the CEOs as more competent.
  • The New York Times says that women have become much more likely to work into their 60s and 70s, often full time, because they enjoy their jobs. Almost 30% of women 65 to 69 are working.
  • The New York Times’ Women in the World reports that while many Russian women journalists left the field after their colleague Anna Politkovskaya was assassinated in 2006, now more women than men are reporting on post-Soviet conflict zones.
  • In case you haven’t yet seen this viral blog post by Susan J. Fowler that details her “strange, fascinating, and slightly horrifying story” about sexism and discrimination at Uber, here it is. The New York Times reports.
  • Thank you to the One Legal blog for including us in their list of 25 Twitter Accounts All Legal Professionals Should Be Following.
  • The Huffington Post checks out the Oscar nominee swag bags. Will you be watching on Sunday?

By the way, we’ve recently updated two older posts with new links: how to make your office smell nice (without annoying your coworkers) and where to buy bespoke dresses for work.

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  1. My coworker is so nosy. She asked me what my parents do as a profession, if they’re retired, where they live, what city, etc. The other day I accidentally parked near her and as I was walking in, I saw her get out of her car and peep inside mine. Who does that?

    She came to talk to me in my office and I could see that her eye contact was on my personal planner in front of me. If I rearrange even a stapler on my office shelf, I can see her eyes automatically shift there to take in the difference. At times, she is very helpful but this unnecessary curiosity is annoying me. I will have to be extra careful abot what I leave out. Anybody have similar experiences?

    • S in Chicago :

      I’ve been the nosy one–but I swear not like that. At last not intentionally.. I remember once being in the office of a really intimidating SVP. He had a digital photo pointed in my direction. I think because I was so nervous about talking with him and I’m always a bit ADD, too, my eyes wandered there. I was in the middle of thinking, he looks like a nice dad. He can’t be all that bad and scary….When he got up and moved the photo. I seriously wanted to crawl through the floors and die I was so embarrassed. Just thinking about it now all over again makes my palms sweat.

      Interestingly, I recounted the moment a few years later to one of his reports saying how I felt like I could never recover from that. When she shared the same thing had happened to her!

      I swear, I would never car peep though. Unless you’re like a weird hoarder and I happened to notice or something like that.

      Eek! Must. stop. myself.

    • Babyweight :

      I had a college roommate who did that. Thankfully we had separate bedrooms, but every time I came or left the apartment, it was a hundred questions. She looked through everything left on the kitchen table, etc. The delta between her inquisitiveness and my private nature strained our friendship and ultimately lead to its demise.

    • I have a nosy coworker. I live in a relatively small town so everyone knows everyone. He knows my roommate and is always asking me things that he doesn’t need to know. He’s so nosy but I think its just part of his personality.

      If you feel like this person is getting too close, maybe have a talk about boundaries. People don’t often know they have a problem until its acknowledged. Good luck!

  2. Yes – I can relate! I had a co-worker who was a pro at “discovery”. She weaved questions into the conversation under the guise of friendliness, and you were bound to slip up eventually!

  3. Calibrachoa :

    There has been a major password leak – Gizmodo has the news here http://gizmodo.com/cloudbleed-password-memory-leak-cloudflare-1792709635 and it includes sites such as Uber , Yelp and Glassdoor so I recommend changing your passwords

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