Deal Alert: Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly Sale is On!

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The below content is about the 2012 Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale.

As I mentioned this morning: Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly Sale is on. I’ve picked out a few favorites in a range of prices below… a few other things I noticed (just sort by “sale” if it doesn’t automatically come up):

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale 2012

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  1. I bought the following: (in Spot Graph — although that seems to be sold out now)

    • To avoid moderation, I purchased item numbers: 508485, 510447_1, 393947_1, and 509530 (but in Spot Graph, which appears to be sold out).

    • I have that silk top and get compliments EVERY single time I wear it. Love love love it.

    • I bought nothing. Was so meh at everything I saw on Nordie’s. Disappointing for me; good for my checking account.

      • I was disappointed too. I have a couple things coming but not as much in past years.
        this shirt in blue:

  2. has anyone seen/tried on/owns that Jessica Simpson dress? I’m shocked at how much i love it, but wary that it’s not work appropriate fabric, even though i’m pretty business casual. Also, anyone know what section of nordstrom sells Jessica Simpson clothing? Think i may go hunt for it in Pentagon city tonight, so any suggestions are appreciated!

    • i haven’t tried that particular dress, but i have a few of her other dresses and they are cut perfectly for my pear-shaped self and good quality material.

  3. SF Bay Associate :

    I ordered 527849 Boss Black Diotta dress, 246161 Maggy London crop cardi, 501305 Halogen top, 524208 Nike pants, 340402 Nike top, 353135 Nordie’s leggings to wear under skirts and dresses because they are not pants. The 383597 Tahari flats with contrast stiching are sold out in my size, as are the J&D 373703 flats, alas. Eyeing 504207 Max Mara top, but that seems expensive for cotton. Also eyeing 501225 the Kate Spade heels, but I hit the KS sale at Gilt so I think I’ve reached my quota on silly and fabulous and expensive things. Decided against 522408 Boss Black pencil skirt – don’t need it. I liked 390130 dark lepoard sheath dress and 500156 J&D pink heels as well.

  4. MissJackson :

    This is by far the most damage that I’ve ever done at a half-yearly sale.

    I bought a lot (um, really really a lot) of shoes, so presumably I won’t love them all… right? (kate spade — 399326_2, 396855, 501225_1 ; AGL — 383785_1; paul green — 398748, 509995, 396780; stuart weitzman — 382026, 385382). If I’m wrong and I love them all, then I will have to be on a shopping diet until the next half-yearly sale!

    I also bought 518876 and 516705 (nanette lapore striped knit jacket and cobalt blue pencil skirt) which I’ve been obsessed with for awhile and am super excited about, and this random T Tahari tank that was cheap and cute — 520921.

    • I love that jacket!!!

      • MaggieLizer :

        I’m seriously considering it too! And the skirt is gorgeous.

      • Another S :

        Definitely love the jacket. Anyone have additional styling suggestions for what color bottoms to wear with it?

        • MissJackson :

          Thanks for the validation, ladies!

          As for styling suggestions for the jacket, I was thinking that white would look great if you’re less spill prone than I am! Dark navy would be a safer bet for the more klutzy (like me). I think you have to go pretty neutral because the jacket by itself is already so colorful! Camel or a khaki shade in the right tone would also work, I think.

  5. I love the yellow blazer. Am considering ordering the red skirt but hesitate based on the mediocre reviews. Anyone actually have it?

    Also can I share one big gripe about Nordstrom’s? I hate, hate, hate the fact that they have no option to just search for “suits and/or suit separates.” OK, sorry, rant over.

    • S in Chicago :

      I tried on the cotton skirt a few weekends ago and even though I liked it in theory, I didn’t find it all that flattering. The fabric is nice (not too wrinkly) but it hugged my butt too much. It fits about a size or two smaller than The Skirt and runs an inch or two shorter (it came about an inch or two above my knee and I’m 5’8 if that helps).

      • S in Chicago :

        Whoops! Just realized I was confused. I thought the red one was the cotton one by Halogen. I haven’t tried Galia Moda so can’t speak to it.

    • I love NORDSTROM’s also! There is one in WEST CHESTER that I went to in March and got a beautiful pair of BROWN lether pumps. My mom drove me there and I went to eat with her at MORTON’s Steakhousse nearby for my BIRTHDAY. Very Yummy steak and baked potatoe !!!!! But alot of calories! UGH! The waiter was very very nice to me, but I think he was stareing at me a little to much. Fooey!

  6. Anonymous NYer :

    Anyone know what ‘special purchase’ means when it comes to shoes at the Nordstrom sale? The price of sandals I’ve been eyeing says full price, but ‘special purchase.’ No clue what that means.

    • it may be that is an item that they are only carrying for the sale? a few years ago there was a pair of jeans like that, they have some items that they only order enough of for the sales, or they only put them out for sale then…the jeans i bought were citizens that i hadn’t seen elsewhere before (im kind of obessed with jeans, so i probably would’ve recognized them) and i asked the salesclerk and she basically told me they were a special for the half year sale. sooo, maybe that’s what the special purchase means?

  7. I’m LOVING that pink side-tie sheath dress pictured- but can you ladies share your thoughts on it? I think it’s appropriate for my relatively casual office in Philadelphia, but I’m hesitant on the color for when I’m traveling for work. If a mid-20’s blonde woman wore that dress to meet with you- would your first impression be Elle Woods?

    • Honestly? Probably, a little bit yes. But if you really love it and can wear it to your office, go for it. Just save it for days where you’re not traveling & making first impressions.

    • Yes. Add a black blazer and a dark green skinny belt. Serious it up.

    • i love it as well, but i’m worried it will be too short – i usually like 29, and this is 27.

  8. MaggieLizer :

    I had 16 items in my bag. I tried to trim the fat. I now have 13. I am in so, so much trouble. In my defense, 3 are Clarins products that I use anyway, I’m just taking advantage of double points. 4 are bras and panties, which I try to stock up on at the sales. The others I’m considering are 514341 (yellow sandals to replace a pair that just broke), 502217 (Halogen blouse), 384867 (running skirt I’ve decided to try based on rec’s here), 521458 (colorful jeans that may go back but we’ll see), 501305 (Halogen top in coral), 246161 (cropped cardi).

    • I have that Halogen blouse in two colors and I love it. I would suggest that you size down. Also, in order to make it more appropriate for work (or make it so I would not have to readjust my clothing a ton of time per day) I had a small amount of fabric removed from the top seam of the blous from the shoulders all the way down the sleeves. This raised the neckline a smidge and made a big difference.

  9. I have the teal blazer above and the same blazer in pink and tan. I work in a business casual office and wear them on days that don’t call for suits. I got them all for less than $60 each and have been having fun mixing them into spring outfits. FYI- I had to have the sleeves shortened and tapered narrower.

    The red skirt I bought in another color in two different sizes and neither of them worked. I waived the white flag on that one.

    The blue dress I bought in another color, and I did not like it. You can’t tell from the picture, but the sleeves are long and I did not like the look. The fit was bad too, due to my large bu so ms.

    I also bought and returns the patterned mesh top next to the teal blazer above. For some reason I thought that maybe just maybe the lovely (in the picture) top was not just like all the other itchy, cheap feeling, flimbsy, totally unflattering (at least on me) other Classiques Entier silk mesh tops I tried. I was wrong.

    • For the sale today, I bought The Skirt in black, because I wanted another work basic, 508133 in cream, and 504386.

      For non-work wear I bought a swimsuit and coverup as well as 398667 in celery, 516755 and 517070. I’m really crossing my fingers that the swimsuit fits.

      • I also bought The Skirt in black. Never can have enough basic black pieces. For $39.90 and free shipping it’s a great deal.

  10. Wedding Dilemma redux :

    hello hive!

    I posted last week about a dress to wear for a formal wedding where I am doing a reading in the church.

    The black Teri Jon dress wins; I can’t find anything better.

    The floral halter by Tadashi Shoji (was on sale at Lord and Tailor) is a flop. Literally. The swath of material across the waits/hips is loose and limp. Not at all pleated and tight like his typical styles are. It cannot be removed as it is sewn into the waist’s seam as well as the ruching point on the hips. What a shame. Couldn’t perceive that on the internet photo (please give us zoom capabilities, I am looking at you Lord and Tailor). As much as I love the fabric … it goes back. I am usually a 10 in his gowns and this one was huge and needed someone much taller than my 5’4″ … I see it is no longer on their site, so I hope if any ‘rettes ordered it last week it works out better for you. If you were hoping for a 10, mine is being returned soon.

  11. I’m going to go all Monty Python & the Holy Grail and say, “I’m averting my eyes, o Lord!!”

    While the shopping ban is in effect, I must rely on silliness, not shopping, to get me through the day. I just know these items at Nordstrom’s will be gorgeous and affordable, so I can’t let myself look…

    • Honeycrisp :

      “Well, don’t. It’s just like those miserable psalms, always so depressing. Now knock it off!”

      I’m with you on trying to stay strong during a shopping ban. I’m also glad that I’m not the only fan of Monty Python and the Holy Grail here.

  12. It's a snap! :

    Just a story to say … check all your blouses for snaps in the seams (to hold/restrain bra straps).

    Especially if you’re having a spine xray! It looked like I had huge bone spurs, or a piece of metal, as the tech said, right in my throat on the full-on film and then on my scapula on the lateral view. Worse, I thought that the spots we were following on my lungs had metastisized in the year since the last “outpatient follow up” scan. This film was taken for another purpose, but really … it did cross my mind in the “what if” tone.

    It took me lots of time, well probably about 5 minutes, and panic about something terribly “not good” on the film before my fingers finally found the snap there. I’ve worn the top for over a year now and never saw/felt the snaps buried in the shoulder seams.

    Seems funny now, wasn’t at all this morning!

  13. Romans et al :

    Does anyone know of a tote like that blue Ch one above WITH A ZIPPERED TOP?

    Looking to replace a worn out briefcase … so has to carry letter size files about 1-3 inches deep of papers.

    Hate my old, too blingy, too brighton store-esque one! “Feet” would be nice … but the zipper is most important.

    • i haven’t done it myself, but i believe a tailor/shoe repair place can add a zipper to a purse. something to consider!

  14. THE skirt – how does the cotton one hold up? does it get so wrinkly during the day that you really shouldn’t wear it to work? I am in desperate need of a khaki colored skirt and found the No. 2 from Jcrew to get way too many wrinkles for my liking. Also, how does the skirt run? FWIW, I am a size 2 in Jcrew but have long legs. Will the skirt be long enough for me? TIA!

    • Merona makes a khaki pencil skirt that I think is wonderful- however it’s definitely khaki in both color and material. If you’re looking for something in more of a suiting wool blend, the merona wont work, but it’s a nice stiff cotton/poly blend that doesnt wrinkle much.

  15. Oh, that yellow blazer. I love you, I love you, I love you. Such a good price and yet, such a not good price.

  16. My first Nordstrom purchase! I bought a dress for a summer wedding: 517770 in dove, a silvery gray. Only left in one size! Also got a T Tahari top that will either be cute or a complete disaster on me: 520941 in teal. I just noticed that the shirt has a high-low hem (which I normally hate), but it isn’t apparent in the pictures so maybe it will be okay.

  17. I’ve been working too hard. I came one click away from buying jeans I already bought last week on a different website. Oy.

  18. OK. A leopard print jersey t-shirt that you have to dry clean, and the sale price is $234? I mean come on!

  19. I got sneakers (totally practical, super cheap) and a Milly wallet that I had been eyeing and need but feel like it’s a slight splurge. My current wallet is functional, sure, but it’s 4 years old, the leather is worn and blah looking and it’s so freaking heavy! This one is snazzy and nylon so it should be lighter.. It is item #399930. I got the black/white/blue. So cute.. how amd I going to return to save $$??

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