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We’ve talked about a TON of stuff since Corporette® was founded by Kat Griffin in 2008. If you’re new to the blog (or to your career in general), here are some of our best posts over the years on topics ranging from:

  • Work Fashion Issues:
    • How to Build an Awesome Work Wardrobe
    • Women’s Suits: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know (Like, Seriously)
    • Lots of Thoughts on Hair for Work
  • Career Advice
    • Interviewing
    • Advice for Summer Associates and Interns
    • Tips for Law School
    • How to Rock Your First Year at Work
    • Movin’ On Up: How to Be a Great Manager and Leader
  • Lifestyle Advice for Overachieving Chicks
    • Financial: How to Get Out of Debt, Invest Wisely, and More
    • Babytime: Career Advice When You’re Pondering Getting Pregnant
    • Other Lifestyle Advice You Won’t Find Lots of Other Places

How to Dress Professionally for Work

Women’s Suits: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

How to Build an AWESOME Work Wardrobe

Lots of Thoughts on Hair for Work: Styles, Cuts, Updos, and More

Career Advice for Overachieving Chicks

Interviewing Advice for Women

Summer Associates & Other Interns: How to Rock Your Internship

Law School 411: Our Best Tips for Law School

Your First Year at Work: Surviving and Thriving

How to Get a Managerial Position: Movin’ On Up

Lifestyle Advice for Busy Women: Be Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy

Financial Advice for Young Women (Whether You Make a Ton, Are In Serious Debt, or Both!)

Career Advice for Getting Pregnant (or Thinking About It)

Other Lifestyle Advice You Won’t See Many Other Places

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Interview suit collage: Katfry LLC, all rights reserved.
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Updo collage: see original post for individual photo credits.
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