Corporette is a fashion and lifestyle blog for women lawyers, bankers, MBAs, consultants, and otherwise overachieving chicks who need to look professional but want to look fashionable.  The site was started in May 2008 by Kat Griffin, who was then a litigator at a Wall Street law firm.  She wrote the site anonymously until April 2010, and now focuses on Corporette full time.  We’ve been honored to receive numerous mentions in the press, and are proud of our respectful yet vibrant community of intelligent, professional women.

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How did the site come about?

After a few years of working near Wall Street, Kat noticed that young professional women had a few things in common no matter where they lived or who they worked for:

– they all spent hours surfing the internet, either because long hours had thoroughly blurred the line between personal/home tasks or because there was significant downtime

– they all based their work wardrobes around Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and J.Crew

– their problems were just a little bit different from the women the rest of American magazines were profiling — they had plenty of money but no time; they had to deal with extremely onerous demands at the office, and they were generally expected to be on 24/7.

Kat started the site in May 2008 to start the dialog.

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  1. Jennifer C :

    I only just found this website (through abovethelaw.com of all places) and think its a FABULOUS idea. I’m a law student going into my final year and was just working this summer at a big firm in Boston and I can totally relate to the idea of this webpage and found the article on the art of saying goodbye very useful and timely.

    Thanks for keeping this going. It’s nice to know there are so many of us out there who want to work big jobs and be taken seriously but also not lose our identities and not have to compromise ourselves as women to do so.

  2. Nice blog. Finally – a blog that can understand my hectic lifestyle. I’m a manager at a large (very large) consulting firm; on the road, pretty much all the time.

  3. Thank you for your great work on this blog! I check in a couple of times a week and your suggestions and writeups are great. I’m a manager at a large company, with surprisingly few women peers. Thanks for giving us all a community.

  4. I just mentioned you in todays Wall Street Journal Blog, the juggle


    Keep up the great work. This site is an almost daily not-so-guilty pleasure.

  5. Artemisia :

    Where have you been all my career?


  6. Thank you so much for such a wonderful blog! When I left manufacturing almost three years ago, I had no idea how to dress for work in my new office environment!!! I want to look put together “effortlessly” & be taken seriously at work without losing my identity (or style)… your blog will help do this. Thank you!!!

  7. Y’all just made my day. I’m an attorney in DC working full time, with 2 kids at home, and plenty to do besides shop, which I hate doing, anyway. I would much prefer that slightly funky, beautifully designed and tailored clothes in interesting fabrics would come looking for ME. Since that won’t be happening, this blog is a great resource.

  8. After a career as a writer, PR pro and political advisor, I now manage a sorority house. Corporette is a wonderful, real-time, resource I can share with young women who need to know–from someone besides me–how to dress for the world after college. My mantra has been no flip-flops, sandals, huge earrings, serious cleavage, visable tats and body piercings, too-tight shirts, too-short skirts, etc. The assumption by some young women is that it’s okay if a fashion fad or trend is seen on TV, in the movies, or in magazines, it’s acceptable in a real world professional environment. We all know it’s not. Thanks for the help.

  9. True confession time…I am an entrepreneur with two businesses, and most of what I do is from home (translation, comfy clothes). I was on my way to a meeting the other day, staring at a closet full of suits from my corporate days that I never wear thinking to myself I am so out of the loop about what is “in”. How is it I just stumbled upon this amazing resource that would have been a lifesaver! Thanks for providing great tips and practical solutions. Can’t wait to keep reading.

  10. Would love the BR coupon – have hesitated to try BR as I thought it would be “too young.” I’m now 50 years young…thoughts? Also, there’s the entire prior thread about curvy women and those larger than 0-6! I think it’s what age, gravity, and a “desk and meeting” job will do to a gal!

    Also, this weekend I’ll be donning my “village people cum construction worker garb” again. That means, shorts covered with old stains, crew socks and sneakers or low cut work boots, sports bra, tshirt, bandanna around for a headband/sweatband, ear muffs when needed, and safety glasses and gloves. Sheesh. It’s really a Baaaaad look.

    We’re doing a kitchen remodel OURSELVES. Will spend the time painting the innards of kitchen cabinets as we prep for refacing cabinets with new wood. Then we’ll hang new doors on the oven cabinets we’ve already restored, refaced, stained, finished. We have a mcm 1961 house that the owners just kept redoing, on top of layers and layers. We’re taking it back to the original and this is the LAST room – been a long 4 years.

    Allows one to use the “other side of the brain” of sorts. And to avoid having to take a gym membership.

    Actually, I adore getting up in the morning and going to work. Looking sharp, fashionable, corporette, and feminine! Also, going to a clean, orderly environment at the office. Thanks for all the continued tips and new sites…always something great.

    Just got two new sheath dresses from Black/White and a little bold houndstooth jacket there (sadly it’s 3/4 sleeves but does have a matching skirt … too much for me). They are all in their fall offerings. Seems like you could cover up with a jacket and then do day to dinner events. Ponte knit for the dresses. AT had an Adrienne Papell grey sheath dress on sale fyi. Got the only one in the store. Nice for the same reasons/uses. Their fall offerings has a lovely mixed media cardi in a set of colors (their fall plums are to die for). It has rather large rhinestone buttons though. The cardi is soft and the front of it is tiered large pleats of a sheer material…wouldn’t belt it but lovely. I might have to go back and look at their others…many different styles from boyfriend to cropped. Long and 3/4 sleeves vary by style.

    If you pick me and want to print my comments about my weekend, please don’t link to my email or location … just the dr will do (seems like initials, yeah, my intention)!

  11. Here’s a good question for you. I usually prefer to wear softer blouses (silk or rayon) instead of button-downs since I’m not a big fan of ironing and they keep me more comfortable under jackets because the sleeves aren’t as binding. Plus, you can get away with looser cuts that are kinder to the belly and don’t show the chest, something you can’t do with button-downs or even knit shells. The problem is this: how to find blouses that aren’t inappropriate if you take off the jacket or sweater. I have a hard time finding any that cover the shoulders, first of all, to say nothing of the plethora of deep v-necks, low backs or thin straps. Second, how shiny is too shiny? I keep hearing that matte fabrics are too casual, but it seems to me that anything too sheer (even with a camisole) or satiny belongs at a party or in a bedroom. Where’s the right balance?

  12. oh, ps, thanks for suggesting a slip in the TPS! Try doing more on appropriate or necessary undergarments – from what I’ve seen in the offices I’ve worked at, those suggestions are sorely needed!

  13. Your blog reminds me of everything I’ve been doing my entire career. (I’m 61 years old now.) For me, it’s always been about the clothes, I’m afraid to say — not about the career!! (After my first child was born, I went right back to work so I could wear my bright red wool crepe suit.) I think you’re brilliant and, if you’re really an attorney, what a waste!!

  14. Just found this site through a friend – and although I’m an accountant, not a lawyer, this is fantastic!

    What do I wear with a “corporate casual” dress, when no jacket is made to match by the manufacturer? A cardigan? A slightly different suit jacket? I’m always at a loss, and sometimes wind up going without either, although I’ve been told it’s not appropriate to go sleeveless either.

  15. I love Corporette. So many blog comment streams are full of spam and external links, but this seems to be full of genuine women in the same position as me. It’s helpful information with a bunch of helpful community members.

  16. redheadesq :

    How about Coporette baby doll t-shirts??!!!

  17. As a french lady your blog could also be a really interesting source for corporate clothing despite the many differences in corporate clothing.
    Main is we do not have so much corporate clothing rules or code but clothing work appropriate and neatly is international!!
    Thus I am still very surprised to see women waring what they do wear while working…sometimes.
    I am no lawyer,does that count? Just an exec assistant working with high level managers in bank,am I allowed to give my word?
    Still your advices can be very useful to us but for the use of more vivid colours. Many thanks for your blog.

  18. Today I was searching for blog about working style tips when I came to this site. This blog is fantastic. Keep up the good work. Love Corporette! Dresses tips especcialy.
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  19. Jean Johnson :

    I found your site this week through Privilege, and I’m hooked! I really enjoy the writing, and I’m afraid, the shopping.
    I’m not in the law industry, but am a professional woman, and will keep reading!

  20. I was just commenting to a friend that the “wear to work clothes” in In Style would never fly at my office and that there wasn’t a magazine that really catered to people like… well… *us*. Then, I stumbled across your blog whilst online shoe shopping.
    Keep up the great work!

  21. My wife’s professional career is just starting and she will love this fashion site. Thanks