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Readers have a zillion great conversations on the blog. You can always search the site (comments are searchable), but some of the ones we’ve featured in our sidebar include:

June 2018

– DH is working remotely now and has turned into a schlub.

– Any other big law ladies freaking out about when/if other firms will match the salary raises?

– What shoes do people wear for work (with a walk/subway commute) in warm weather rain?

– How to fix feelings of resentment with a partner that doesn’t bring nearly as much as you do to the table?

– Has anyone ever moved to Europe for the medium-to-long term? My husband and I are considering this because we feel more aligned politically and socially with western Europe than we do in the U.S.

– How do you stay motivated in the day-to-day grind? For a host of reasons, I need to stay in a job that is fine and safe and stable but not remotely challenging?

– As the boss, how do you verify that an employee is working a full 8 hours if they want to start their day later than you?

– I need the lowdown on working for a solo practioner. Pros, cons, things to consider etc.

– I would love a new and more challenging job, but it’s just not the right time. This flexibility will be amazing once baby comes.

– I’m moving in-house from Biglaw and I have a 3-month notice period. My new company asked if I’m open to request for this notice period to be shortened?

May 2018

– What is the maximum pay cut you’re willing to take in order to pursue your “dream job” in another industry?

– How do I keep walking to work without showing up like a sweaty mess?

– I’m looking at making a career change in the next 2.5 years or so from law (not a lawyer) to CPA.

– Does anyone regularly nap at work? Is there a way to do it and not become that weird person who naps?

– Does anyone have solutions to a work environment where poor performance is rewarded and pro-active problem solvers are not?

– I returned to work this week after having my second kid and it is so so so hard leaving my kids at home.

– If you are participating in a 5K, half marathon, triathlon, etc., do you expect your SO to come support you at the event?

– I’m being bullied my the partner I work for, back-to-back 100-hour weeks while the rest of the group doesn’t seem as busy, haven’t had a weekend off since January.

– I received an extremely unexpected and very generous raise. Script for a thank you note?

– Any tips for keeping work from occupying all of your mental energy?

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