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August 2018

– Someone in my office sent an email full of insane things attributed to me that I would never say, including purportedly direct quotes and conclusions that are complete nonsense.

– How do you do your hair for work?

– I am a C-level executive at a small company. I’m not married and have no children. I feel I’m being judged for somehow not being as mature, successful, or professional.

– Any suggestions for how to deal with admins that don’t want to be admins? I work in a legal office of a government agency, and our new division director is not a good manager.

– Help please! My company’s having an org shift. I’m getting traded for another employee — exchanging groups.

– I’m getting married and moving to a new city. I was just about to tell my boss when he notified me that someone else quit and that the next month is going to be really stressful.

– Could you share type of workplace and parental leave policy? I’m trying to decide if what I’m pushing for at my company is reasonable.

– Help me look more sophisticated? I’m 33 and I have a baby face and I think I’m dressing too young.

– In a job interview, do you think it’s a decent strategy to admit when you aren’t an expert in something? I was just asked whether I had a “lot of experience” in a particular task.

– How do you reset your sleep cycle? I can get to sleep … at like 4 a.m.

– I realize how naive this sounds, but do you ever get surprised when you see people, esp. work people, in their regular lives?

– For the attorneys: What are your feelings about legal aid? Many of our local attorneys don’t have goodwill feelings toward our organization.

– I started in house and switched two years ago to a regional law firm as an associate. I like my job but don’t love my practice area.

– I know I should be looking for jobs/networking and working on applications, but I just feel like lying on the couch and watching TV all day.

– I’m currently 11.2 weeks pregnant and deciding when to tell my BigLaw job. My instinct is to wait as long as possible.

– Any advice on how to pivot after being let go from my job? I’m thinking this may be a blessing in disguise, as I wasn’t happy doing what I was doing.

– I’m a lawyer looking for tips/advice on how to be better at picking out small yet important errors in my work.

– I’m replacing a more senior person. My start date is not immediately after his departure, which means there’s an interim period when I will have half of his responsibilities with no change to my part-time hours or pay.

– I’m a senior associate considering a lateral move, and I’m going back to a firm that gave me an offer, for a second look. What do I wear for my return visit?

– Please share your stories of doing multiple big life changes at once! Not only am I beginning a new job in three weeks, but we’re closing on our first home two weeks after that.

– Those of you who work in a traditionally “desk job” industry, what are career options in your field that are less tied to being at your desk and in the office?

– I’m having trouble being productive at work without the sense of urgency of my last job (Biglaw litigation). Any advice?

– Over a year ago, I was promoted at work. Tomorrow, I need to interview as part of a competition to make my promotion permanent.

– When I find out another friend got engaged or I go to another two-year-old’s birthday party, I turn into a mess.

– I’m taking my first section of the CPA exam tomorrow and I’m so nervous! Any tips for how to feel better going into the exam?

– Need a pep talk/kick in the pants. I’ve been unhappy at my job since we moved to mostly open office space 6 weeks ago.

– Any tips on rebuilding a friend group (or individuals) once you’re past college age?

– Any advice on looking for remote jobs?

– I’m looking to update my weekend style and I need inspiration. Do you have any blogs that you like?

– CPA ladies: What do you do, how much do you make, and how do you like it?

July 2018

– I’m an attorney who just moved to a new city. I’ve accepted a position (Job A) that I’m excited about, but a few days after accepting, I got an offer to interview for Job B at a federal government agency.

– How do you deal with the loss of a pet at work? I’ve been coming to work, and kept it to myself. I just feel like I can’t do this today.

– Did you take time off between leaving your current company and starting at a new company?

– We have a coworker who is notorious for stiffing the person picking up a group gift, etc., after promising to pitch in the $20 or whatever.

– I am having FOMO because it is so lonely working in an office (BigLaw). I am also having vicarious FOMO for my children.

– I am an office manager and as such I often have to send around those “Hi Staff, Please don’t do X Stupid thing. Thank you, Management” type emails.

– I’m a disorganized person who I force into being slightly organized by treating myself like a preschooler.

– I need a script for a pushy mom who thinks that our good fortune should automatically extend to her.

– Does anyone have a favorite “to do” list app?

– I have to watch surgical videos this week with the client while they explain what’s going on and I’m REALLY stressed about it.

– What do you wear to work when it’s hot outside? Especially if you walk or take public transportation to work so you are out in the heat.

– I’ve been hearing lots of people discuss access to birth control as a risk now that Kennedy has retired.

– What do you do at work when you are bored / have time to kill / things are just very slow?

– Any suggestions for dealing with anxiety in the workplace?

– I feel like an idiot because I don’t know when my boss wants my opinion and when he wants me to do things.

– I’m agonizing about a job choice -– I have two offers.

– I’ve been hearing lots of people discuss access to birth control as a risk now that Kennedy has retired.

– In law school I had a mentor who would tell all woman law students she encountered to consider having children in law school, because it really is the best time.

– My BigLaw office is doing a casual week this week since the holiday falls awkwardly and many people are out. What do you wear for casual days in a usually business-attire office?

– Does anyone have tips for taking impromptu headshots that don’t look terrible? I’m supposed to take a picture of a new employee.

June 2018

– Does anyone have advice for dealing with insecurity in a new relationship?

– Inexpensive work dress suggestions? My favorite work dress of all time came from Loft a few years back.

– Does anyone have suggestions for fun, lighthearted things I could do when I need a 10-minute distraction to get out of a downward anxiety spiral?

– What is the best advice you could give a first-year law student (and not “don’t go to law school”)?

– Looking for suggestions on how you make paper calendars work in your life when the office runs solely on Outlook.

– DH is working remotely now and has turned into a schlub.

– Any other big law ladies freaking out about when/if other firms will match the salary raises?

– What shoes do people wear for work (with a walk/subway commute) in warm weather rain?

– How to fix feelings of resentment with a partner that doesn’t bring nearly as much as you do to the table?

– Has anyone ever moved to Europe for the medium-to-long term? My husband and I are considering this because we feel more aligned politically and socially with western Europe than we do in the U.S.

– How do you stay motivated in the day-to-day grind? For a host of reasons, I need to stay in a job that is fine and safe and stable but not remotely challenging?

– As the boss, how do you verify that an employee is working a full 8 hours if they want to start their day later than you?

– I need the lowdown on working for a solo practioner. Pros, cons, things to consider etc.

– I would love a new and more challenging job, but it’s just not the right time. This flexibility will be amazing once baby comes.

– I’m moving in-house from Biglaw and I have a 3-month notice period. My new company asked if I’m open to request for this notice period to be shortened?

May 2018

– What is the maximum pay cut you’re willing to take in order to pursue your “dream job” in another industry?

– How do I keep walking to work without showing up like a sweaty mess?

– I’m looking at making a career change in the next 2.5 years or so from law (not a lawyer) to CPA.

– Does anyone regularly nap at work? Is there a way to do it and not become that weird person who naps?

– Does anyone have solutions to a work environment where poor performance is rewarded and pro-active problem solvers are not?

– I returned to work this week after having my second kid and it is so so so hard leaving my kids at home.

– If you are participating in a 5K, half marathon, triathlon, etc., do you expect your SO to come support you at the event?

– I’m being bullied my the partner I work for, back-to-back 100-hour weeks while the rest of the group doesn’t seem as busy, haven’t had a weekend off since January.

– I received an extremely unexpected and very generous raise. Script for a thank you note?

– Any tips for keeping work from occupying all of your mental energy?

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