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Some of the best improvements to this site have come from readers — so if you see something you’d like to change, add, or tweak (or if you see a neat feature elsewhere on the web and think we should try it here), let us know.  You can also contact Kat privately, but I thought I’d start a page to collect public suggestions.  Thank you in advance!


  1. Hi corporette team, Hi Kat

    It would be great to get an article about single females freelancers after 40. Some tips and ideas.
    Thank you
    Kind regards


  2. Elizabeth :


    Enjoy your site very much. I would love to see suggestions (with links) for office-appropriate vegan/cruelty-free clothing and accessories. Perhaps have a regular section devoted to vegan professional clothing? Or possibly note with a “V” symbol when an item is vegan? Thanks in advance for considering!


  3. Good Afternoon, Corporette :)

    I’d be excited about the articles having a twitter share button :)

    Best Regards

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