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The Best Blogs for Women Law Students

We just rounded up all of our best law school resources for women onto one page, and we thought this would be a great mini-topic for today: For the lawyers out there, what do you think the best blogs for women law students are? Some of the ones that I would add for your consideration (in addition to Corporette, of course!) would be these:

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Where to Find Interview Suits if You’re Pregnant

where to find interview suits if you're pregnantThis summer we’ve been updating our Guides to Suits (here are our latest roundups of the best suits for women in 2018, a specific roundup of plus-size suits and stylish petite suits) — so over at CorporetteMoms today we’re updating our roundup of the best maternity suits for professional women. Of course… pickings are slim, as always with maternity career suits. We’ve talked before about what to wear to work when you’re pregnant (in general) and whether you really need to wear a suit to court if you’re a pregnant lawyer — but it’s been a while. So what DO you wear on “big career days” if your normal clothes no longer fit and your maternity clothes aren’t professional enough? (For example, where can you find interview suits if you’re pregnant?) Did you find a mythical maternity suit? Thrift one from an older collection? Buy a too-big maternity suit off the rack and tailor it? Wear two black pieces to “make” a suit? Or did you just shrug and wear whatever, like a dress and blazer? (Another question: do you think it matters how close to your due date you are — i.e., if you have one interview in week 39 it may not be a big deal to wear a blazer and dress, but if you have a 3-month jury trial starting around Month 5, you may want to try to find an official maternity suit?) Do tell…where to find interview suits if you're pregnant

Psst: here’s our last discussion on the fun of taking a new job while pregnant, and our best on-campus interview tips and resources.

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Our Best On-Campus Interview Tips and Resources

on-campus interview tips and tricksWith OCI week coming up at different schools, I thought now might be a great time to round up some of our interviewing resources, as well as to ask the readers — what are your best on-campus interview tips? Do you think on-campus interviews need a different set of skills than regular interviews? What’s the best interview advice you’ve ever gotten? If you’re coming up on OCI week, how are you prepping for it? If you’re on the other side and someone who interviews people for on-campus interviews, what are YOUR best tips? 

For my $.02, I definitely think on-campus interviews are a bit different — the stress level is through the roof because you have a ton of them in a very short period of time, plus many of your friends are going through the same experience you are, which somehow normalizes it and amplifies it all at the same timeon-campus interview tips and tricks - image of a young stylish law student having a great interview during OCI week. That said, I think in the real world, just getting to the interview stage of things is a journey, particularly if you’re more of a generalist and don’t have special skills or clients — so OCI week can be really easy from that perspective. Plus, in OCI week most interviewers and interviewees have a good sense of a shared timeline, whereas in the real world you may interview and hear back that afternoon — or hear nothing for months. (I’m a weirdo in that I still have really good memories of OCI week, but that’s probably just me!)

With that said, here are some of our best on-campus interview tips and tricks…

What to Wear to an On-Campus Interview

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When Your Colleague Offers Your Firstborn to Sweeten the Deal

Reader N wrote in with an interesting problem: her colleague offered to throw in her firstborn to sweeten the deal. HiLARIOUS, right? Here’s her question:

Here’s an interesting dilemma, recently a senior male colleague and a new client were haggling over price when my colleague said jokingly, “to sweeten the deal we will throw in [my name]’s first born” (I am in my 20s and have no kids), they all laughed. It has since become a running joke, to refer to my first born in all pricing discussions with this client. I feel uncomfortable whenever it happens, but don’t want to seem high-maintenance. Should I raise it with my colleague?


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Brain Candy Books and Other Fun Summer Reads

 brain candy books and other fun summer readsWith the holiday coming up tomorrow, I thought it might be a great time to discuss brain candy books — what have you read lately that you can’t wait to recommend to friends? What are you eager to read again? (Let’s try something new — please preface your comment with the category of the book you’re recommending, to make it a bit easier if you’re looking for a Thriller or Sci-Fi or Romance book it’s easy to find new suggestions!)

For my own $.02, I just finished The Power, by Naomi Alderman (affiliate link), recommended by Auntie M — she made me promise to read it and even though dystopian novels aren’t really my thing right now I was surprised how quickly I loved the book and the author.  Here’s the squib from Amazon:

In THE POWER, the world is a recognizable place: there’s a rich Nigerian boy who lounges around the family pool; a foster kid whose religious parents hide their true nature; an ambitious American politician; a tough London girl from a tricky family. But then a vital new force takes root and flourishes, causing their lives to converge with devastating effect. Teenage girls now have immense physical power–they can cause agonizing pain and even death. And, with this small twist of nature, the world drastically resets.

Other brain candy books I’ve read lately that I’d recommend:

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How Self-Aware Are You?

self-awareness career adviceHarvard Business Review had an interesting article a few months ago about how self-awareness can be critical to career success, particularly as a leader, and I thought it might be interesting to discuss here. How self-aware are you, both internally and externally — and if you’re lacking one of those skills, how can you become MORE self-aware? 

The author, Tasha Eurich, an organizational psychologist and executive coach, noted that in a large-scale study that she and her colleagues did, they found key differences between internal self-awareness (who you are, what you value) and external self-awareness (knowing how you are seen), and found that experience and power can hinder self-awareness because, basically, there are more “yes” people than no people at a certain point.

I thought it was really interesting that she suggested asking what questions instead of why questions, such as, “What are the situations that make me feel terrible, and what do they have in common?” (kind of like we discussed in our conversation about how to know whether your job is right for you), as well as “What are the steps I need to take in the future to do a better job?” instead of “why did I get a negative review?”

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