Coffee Break: Legal-Size Padfolio

legal-size padfolioI always think a leather padfolio is a great thing to add to your office — you look more professional running around with one from meeting to meeting, you always have a spot to stick things like tape flags, post-it notes, pens, as well as loose documents you may pick up at the meeting. New-to-me store Leatherology has a TON of padfolios, including (pictured) a legal-size padfolio, which feels pretty rare. They also have colorful padfolios, zippered padfolios, iPad/notebook combos, and padfolios for lefties. Nice. The pictured one comes in four neutral shades for $120. Legal-Size Padfolio

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Better Ergonomics at the Office: What Products Have You Tried and Loved?

better ergonomics at the officeWe’ve talked before about ergonomics at work — as well as ergonomics for petites — but it’s been a while, so let’s discuss today, ladies! Have you tried to have better ergonomics at the office? What have you bought; what products did you like/not get annoyed by, and what actually made you feel better/good? (Plus, do tell: what did you get reimbursed?) What resources were the most helpful for you in your hunt? 

For my $.02: I feel like I am forever buying, trying, and discarding various things to try to make my office better ergonomically. I’m typing this very post on a new split keyboard (recommended by Wirecutter as one of their top choices), and trying to relearn how to type because the numbers along the top are split (1-5 are on one keyboard, 6-0 on another), and other keyboard features that I use frequently are in a different place than my old keyboard. Over the years, I’ve bought a huge number of those lower back pillows designed to improve your posture — and about every ten years I seem to need to try a kneeling desk chair one more time. (I bought one last year and think I’m set for this decade… nope, still don’t like them.) Ergonomic products I have bought and liked:

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What Are Your Favorite Office Supplies?

favorite office suppliesWe haven’t talked about this in ages, so I thought we’d have a fun little poll today about your favorite office supplies! Which pen do you swear by? What notebook do you buy again and again? What planner are you prepping for 2018? And, on the techy side, what calendar app do you let run your life? What to do list app are you using? Is there any other office “thing” you just can’t do without? Here’s a handy template for your responses…

  • pen –
  • notebook/notepad –
  • planner –
  • calendar app/program –
  • to do list app/program –
  • other office “thing” you can’t do without –

We’ve talked about favorite pens, the best notebooks, and how to find the best planner for you before, but it’s been a while. For my own $.02, here are my answers:

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Seven of the Absolute Best Places to Get Cute Office Decor

Where are the best places to get cute office decor, ladies? Whether you’ve got a small Secret Santa gift to buy for a coworker, you’re on the hunt for stocking stuffers for a loved one, or you’re thinking of sprucing up your own office (perhaps during the quiet office around the holidays), now is a great time to take a look at all the practical but cute office decor out right now — so we rounded some of it up for you!

Psst: We’ve previously discussed when to use cute office supplies, affordable and easy office decor ideas, and how to repurpose office supplies in MacGuyver-like ways.

Here are seven of our favorite places to get cute office decor — which are yours?


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5 Things Every Woman Over 40 Should Have in Her Office

I just saw a ridiculous article on MSN entitled “20 things every man over 40 should have in his office” — and while there are some good suggestions, it seems the author wrote the article based on Gordon Gekko alone. (A bespoke couch? An amazing chess set? Really?) So I thought we could do a fun, equally ridiculous roundup of things we think every stereotypical, cartoony executive woman over 40 should have in HER office. Here are my top 5 things…

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Coffee Break: Hanging Wall Organizer

cute-hanging-organizer-for-sunglasses-hats-and-moreWall organizers with pockets are great for storing sunglasses, earbuds, gloves, winter hats — anything that you want to have handy to grab when you’re on your way out of the house. You can use a hanging shoe organizer to do the same thing, but I thought this one looked a little bit nicer. It’s perfect to use in a front-hall closet or even to hang behind your office door if you need more storage space. Home-Cube Hanging Wall Organizer