How to Wear a Black Dress with a Non-Matching Blazer or Cardigan

how to wear a black dress with a non-matching blazer Dressing professionally — but fashionably — can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you’re just starting out. One of the biggest questions we’ve gotten over the years is this one: if you’re not supposed to wear non-matching suiting pieces together, what ARE you supposed to wear with a black dress? So today we’re rounding up our best tips on how to wear a black dress with a non-matching blazer or cardigan, all for reader A. Here’s her question:

Blazers with black dresses… I have so many black dresses but KNOW I’m not supposed to wear a non-matching black blazer. So, what to wear?

Great question — particularly as spring is in full swing and we head into summer — especially since we just rounded up classic sheath dresses for work that would be the ideal bottom layer here, if you’re on the hunt. Long ago I shared what I wear with black dresses to work, but it’s been a while, so let’s discuss. Here are some great things to pair with a black dress:

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Coffee Break: La Petite Robe Noire Lip & Cheek Tint

I picked this up in Bergdorf’s a few weeks ago while shopping with my friend Auntie M — I was killing time while she was looking at the Guerlain perfumes and was curious because the container looks shockingly bright in person. I put some on my hand and yes, it is SHOCKINGLY bright when you apply — but when you rub it in it just kind of disappears into a very gentle, happy wash of color. (In terms of consistency, it’s slightly thicker than the classic red liquid Benetint.) I tried some on my cheeks and Auntie M looked over and said, “WOW — that just wakes up your whole face. Really lovely.” Ok, sign me up. You can buy it a ton of places (Bergdorf, Nordstrom, Amazon) but as the big Sephora sale is going on I thought we could use this post as a jumping off point to talk about what we’re getting / want to get. (Here’s a recent roundup I did of several beauty products I’ve tried recently, including Good Genes — we also had a great discussion about beauty empties (the beauty products you actually finish and buy again) a while back — we’ve added a bunch of links so you can go directly to the Sephora listing if you want to.) Regarding the sale: Those with Insider status get 10% off with code YAYINSIDER; with VIB status, 15% off (YAYVIB); and with Rouge status, 15% off (YAYROUGE). The sale ends on April 23. Pictured: The lip and cheek tint is $35 full price. La Petite Robe Noire Lip & Cheek Tint

Psst: here are a few recent comment threads where people also talked about what they’re getting at this Sephora sale.

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Deal Alert: Shopbop Sale: 2018 Edition

Shopbop Sale 2018The big Shopbop Sale of 2018 is here! As we’ve noted in the past, this is a great sale to stock up on some of those workwear classics that NEVER go on sale — and the more you spend, the more you save. Some details: use code EVENT18 for 20% off orders of $500+, and 25% off orders of $800+ — it’s valid on full-price and sale items and this year, unlike previous years, they don’t seem to have a big list of exempted brands. This is a great chance to get some pieces from classic accessories brands, including FerragamoLK BennettRebecca MinkoffTory Burch,Claire V, and Hunter. (I particularly love their jewelry collection — it’s always hip and interesting.) Note that because ShopBop is owned by Amazon, Prime shipping is available (they have a general 3-day free shipping policy though); returns are free.  The sale ends April 14. So, for example, the $550 Ferragamo flats pictured at top (LOVED by readers!) come down to $412 with the discount.

Some of my favorite pieces for work and the weekend are below; a few general brands to look for include TheoryDiane von FurstenbergBlack HaloEquipment, and Smythe (so many colors of their super popular blazer, pictured at top!).  For the weekend, great selection of denim — some of the most-loved denim is part of the sale, including jeans from PaigeFrame, AG, and these boyfriend jeans from Citizens of Humanity. On the “underthings” side of things, they carry a lot of great brands like Eberjey, Hanky Panky, Cosabella, Natori, Wolford, Falke, and more.

Some quick favorites below, clockwise: white blazer / black dress / floral blouse / black blazer / black heels / snakeskin pumps / black satchel / beige flats

The big Shopbop Sale 2018 is here!

Here are some more of my picks, after the jump — ladies, what are your favorites at the Shopbop sale this year? 

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14 Great YouTube Tutorials for Updos

great youtube tutorials for updos for work and beyond!Do you have an upcoming job interview or important meeting, or just want to look a little more polished at the office day-to-day? An updo is one way to keep your hair up and out of your face when you’re tired of always pulling it back into a ponytail or messy bun. While there’s no shortage of hair tutorials on YouTube, including hairstyles and updos for the office — low buns, side buns, curly hair, straight hair, long hair, medium hair — we’ve selected some of the easy-to-follow YouTube updo tutorials for a variety of styles and hair types.

If you’re looking for more talk about office hairstyles, we’ve discussed how long do you spend on your hair for work, how to make a blowout last for days, your favorite dry shampoo, easy office updos, how to style long hair for job interviews, and lots more about office hairstyles in general — but we wanted to feature some easy-to-follow YouTube tutorials that make it even easier to get that polished look.

So gather up some bobby pins, a few hair elastics of various sizes, and maybe a hair donut or other hair accessories, and see if any of these will work with your busy routine.

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9 Fresh New Labels for Workwear

new labels for workwearOne of our most popular posts a few years ago was our roundup of 30 workwear fashion start-ups and independent brands — so I asked Rebecca Berfanger to update the list with nine fresh new labels for workwear! Here are 9 more office fashion stores every working woman should know about! – Kat

While we all have our go-to stores for workwear, they’re often the same stores your work friends have — particularly if there’s an Ann Taylor or Banana Republic near your office. So it doesn’t hurt to seek out workwear stores off the beaten path to spruce up the daily wardrobe, particularly when it comes to office clothes! Whether you want a more curated wardrobe, a custom-made skirt, a longer lasting and more classic style, or even just a button-down shirt that will actually fit, these 10 fashion start ups with internet-friendly shopping options will inspire you to at least consider your next fashion purchase, even if you might need to wait until payday.

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How to Go Gray… Intentionally

how to go gray intentionallyLadies, have you ever considered going gray intentionally? I’ve known a lot of darker-haired women who went blonde when their grays started to bother them, but recently I noticed one of my Facebook friends consciously deciding to go gray, despite only being around age 40. I totally understand it, don’t get me wrong — gray hairs can be a pain if you want to cover them up. (Right now I’m not doing anything with my gray hair, which I’ve had since I was 26 — I used to pluck them but then I read that this was a Very Bad Idea, and noticed that yes, tiny new growth (wispies) of gray hair ARE a lot more noticeable than long gray hairs, so… now I do nothing. I think they bug me less since I started getting keratin treatments, though.) Back to my friend, though — I’ve been amazed by what a process it’s been over the months to intentionally go gray! First she added gray highlights so her grays looked intentional — then finally it all got dyed a dark gray (with a brief stop in “blue hair” territory) — I’m assuming she’ll end up with a silvery gray.

Stock photo image: Deposit Photos / photography 33

(Just to be totally clear — one of my favorite bosses had beautiful salt and pepper hair that looked fabulous on her — so I’m not saying gray hair is unprofessional or you have to choose to have colored or gray hair — I’m just saying it was an interesting move by my FB friend.)

How about you, ladies — have you considered helping yourself go gray, either by dying your hair gray or blonde? If your gray hairs bug you, when did you start to really get bugged by the hair, and what (if anything) do you do about your gray hairs? If you’ve gone gray intentionally, do you have any tips for women who want to make as smooth a transition as possible — what are your best tips on how to go gray intentionally? Do you think gray hair has more gravitas than other colors of hair?

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