Where to Find Stylish Plus-Size Suits for Work

where to find stylish plus-size suits for workHere’s a topic we haven’t addressed in a while that seems apt since we just did our big roundup of the best women’s suits in 2018: where to find stylish plus-size suits for work? Plus-size readers, please chime in — which are your favorite stores to buy plus-size workwear, from dresses to blazers to suits? (We’re actually working on a story on plus-size splurges and investment shopping — please share any favorites if you have them!) We haven’t talked about this since we did our last roundup of plus-size suits and more (including business maternity suits, petite suits, and suits for tall women) or the best workwear for plus sizes.

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Wondering where to find stylish plus-size suits for work? These are some of the top spots we know of, in alphabetical order — your best bets for conservative interview suits are in bold…

Pictured at top: navy skirt suit / gray skirt suit / navy pants suit

No Suits, but Stylish Plus-Size Workwear of Note:

You may also want to check out our latest roundup of designer plus-size clothing for professional women!

  • Gwynnie Bee – Members can borrow a lot of workwear (but not, as of right now, suits)
  • MM.LaFleur – their newly-launched suiting line only goes up to 16 at the moment, but they have a number of their dresses and other pieces in “additional sizes” up to 22W
  • Of Mercer – They offer extended sizes up to 20W
  • Universal Standard – they don’t really have traditional suits with matching pieces, but their Executive Workwear Kit is worth checking out (sizes up to 28W) – note that with their new Fit Liberty line you can exchange pieces if you change sizes

* limited options for traditional suiting

Wondering where to find stylish plus-size suits for work? We rounded up a TON of shops and brands (including some foreign ones) that make interview suits and other traditional, conservative suiting options in plus sizes for women lawyers and more!


  1. Hoping some commenters will share where they get their professional size 30/32 clothes.

  2. This is great. I’ve never heard of some of these places before, so I’m looking forward to checking them out!

  3. WriterKate :

    Kat, this is the BEST round up you have ever done for plus sizes. I haven’t heard of many of these and am so excited by the options I’m seeing. As a size 16-18 who is 5/2″ I haven’t had this many options in YEARS! And an aside for readers – MML now offers one of the new suiting jackets in additional sizes.

  4. If you’re up to about a size 20 and in the mood to splurge, 11 Honoré has some nice work-appropriate pieces. https://11honore.com/

  5. White House/Black Market began offering plus sizes about 6 months ago!

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