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Pictured: kate spade “Belleville Pond” Mug, available at Macys.com for $19.


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The WSJ advises on how to survive holiday parties:  hint, it involves researching your Facebook’d colleagues.  Meanwhile, Forbes advises what not to wear to one.

SheFinds lays out the fashion math:  those Louboutin pumps are cheap! 

Daily Candy suggests a new product to help runs in your stocking.

Dockers has a new campaign, focusing on what a better world we all lived in when men wore the pants.  Yes, seriously.

Reader Mail: What color shoes, other than black, can I wear?

Joan & David - Joey (Medium Green/Medium Blue Leather) - FootwearToday’s reader is tired of her black shoes…

I wear black shoes far too often, including with grey slacks. Do you have any guidance on shoe colors and recommendations on what should go with grey?

miaWell, our love of purple shoes is well documented — really, they’re great with navy, gray, beige, and even a dark green color.  Otherwise, we’re getting into your risk tolerance with shoe choice.  Red shoe:  bold, but can be a great neutral to wear with things.  Patent leather red:  probably too bold for work.  Lately, we’ve been lusting after green shoes, having seen a number of women wearing them.  The trouble with green is that, between the shade of green and the shade of your skin tone, you may not be able to wear them with skirts without your legs looking slightly sickly — but if you’re just looking to wear them with gray pants, go for it.  We would also recommend playing around with ideas of what you can and can’t wear together — for example, some would say that gray and brown should never go together, but if you wear gray slacks, brown heels, and a cream colored sweater, it can be a lovely outfit.

Pictured above left: Joan & David – Joey (Medium Green/Medium Blue Leather) – Footwear, available at Zappos for $163 (was $204).  Pictured above right:  Mia Women’s Mabel T-Strap Pump, available at Endless for $33 (was $60).

Check out some of the purple heels below…