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Looking to stock your closet with basics? Check out our guides to the best of the working woman’s closet, in a range of prices…

Guide to Comfortable Heels

Guide to Women’s Suits

Guide to The Best Tops For Under Suits

– Guide to Stylish Cardigans for the Office

Guide to Slow Fashion for Workwear

– more to come!

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  1. Christine :

    Cute low (or no) heel shoes that are work appropriate!

  2. anonymous :

    Trying to prepare for the winter — what types of shoes are best for trudging through the slush from the office to the courthouse and back a few times a day?

  3. The perfect office pants (my definition of perfect in order of priority: machine washable, under $100, high quality, not super low rise)

  4. Any suggestions on where to find work appropriate clothes that are specifically non-dry cleaning?

  5. Boots, please!

    • Duo boots kind of expensive but lots of styles to choose from great service amazingly comfortable and best of all CUSTOM FIT! Trust me I have 3 pairs and I wear them with skirts and dresses and over jeans almost every day unless it’s summer.

  6. Desperately interested in some suggestions for professional shoes with a wide box, arch support, and no elevation (some height is fine, but must be consistent through the shoe). My feet are really jacked up from being in the Army, and the various and sundry issues severely limit my foot apparel; I can’t even wear flats. The best shoes for me are Mary Janes (bunions + narrow heel = shoe shopping nightmare; the strap on the Mary Janes keep the shoe on my feet) or a thick-heeled rubber sole boot with about a 3/4 inch heel. I work for a defense contractor and because we are in manufacturing, heels are not de rigeur. However, I am in management, and need to look polished. Currently I alternate between a pair of Naturalizer Mary Janes and boots from–get this–Payless Shoe Source (because they always have wide widths). Shoes in the summer are a nightmare. Seriously, y’all–I need your suggestions!

  7. Professional-looking shoes for women with small feet (women’s 5 and smaller)!

  8. Also, where to find a button-down shirt if you’re short and large-chested. The usual suspects (BR, AT) don’t work for me.

  9. Work pants (same as commenter above – ideally under $100, though I am willing to dry clean)! And low-heeled shoes.

  10. Yes— low heeled shoes formal enough for work attire. Also, shoes appropriate to wear with dress socks (but that don’t look like they are men’s shoes(!) or that aren’t boots).

  11. So glad I found this collection of articles. I plan to read them more thoroughly after my son is in bed.

    I have a question that I am hoping you can answer. I am going back into the workforce after being a stay at home mom for about 3 1/2 years. During this time I have gotten my Associates degree, and the community I will be working in is not “business formal” so I’m not too worried about finding appropriate work attire. However, I do want to have a good suit for interviews. I found one at Ross for a super deal (which is great for my budget) which will have to be altered as the sleeves are much too long.

    The pant suit in question is an Isabella. Item# 5144D found at the link on the bottom of my post is a different color, but the same style as the one I have. Mine is black with a white contrast on the double collar. My initial thought for a blouse underneath was a scoop neck, solid color, no button blouse. I wasn’t too sure how I would feel with buttons on both my blouse AND my suit. I’m unsure what color to choose though. Earth tones? (such as the reddish-brown found in the arizona rocks, or blues). Pastels? Brights? I want to be more conservative/neutral for my interviews, so I’m leaning away from bright colors. Any thoughts/suggestions?

    Oh, for jewelry I don’t really wear any, so at the most I would have a single strand pearl necklace with matching pearl stud earrings, or a gold chain with small hoops. Provided I wear any earrings at all as I don’t own any (although my ears are pierced).

    Here is the link:

  12. How to buy casual clothes when your closet is full of suits and you just went back to school.

  13. What does everyone think of 3/4 sleeves on a dark forest green skirt suit? The sleeves fall just below the elbow and the suit is nicely tailored. Is this appropriate for a female attorney in her early 30s to wear in a courtroom during the summer? I wish this article covered sleeve lengths…

  14. I’d love a guide for beginners. My office’s dress code is business casual. What are the basic pieces that should be in my business wardrobe (from head to toe)?

    • I think a good blazer and a good pair of pants are the staples to start with. You can mix these two pieces with just about anything else in your closet. You can mix the blazer with a t-shirt and jeans/slim pants or a fun printed dress. You can wear a good pair of slim black pants with just about anything: a shell in the summer, all kinds of sweaters in warmer weather and button downs for a more polished look. You can wear colorful blazers, jackets and cardigans with black pants so they go such a long way in terms of basic essentials.
      Check out for some great pants options!

  15. Clarifications on what is appropriate to wear to the interview….are 3/4 length jackets acceptable? Also, does your jacket have to be buttoned? I am short, large chested girl, and buttoning up the suit jacket isn’t always flattering for my shape and definitely is not comfortable. Thanks!

  16. Perfect leather work bag/totes that are name brand appropriate but also big enough to carry work home?

  17. Anonymous :

    I would like to find a good crossbody travel bag that will hold laptop, tablet, phone, cosmetics, wallet… in short, an organized, sturdy bag so that I don’t need a briefcase *and* a purse on long flights. Any other travel essentials would be appreciated, as well.

  18. Anonymous :

    Work-appropriate JEANS for casual fridays.

  19. I’m looking for recommendations on where I can find a good blazer? I’m petite so most places like Macy’s and such are either too big in the chest area or too tight in the shoulders. Thanks!

  20. Maternity suits that are appropriate for interviews, please!

  21. Where are good places to find inexpensive professional clothes for broke college students?

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