What to Wear for Public Speaking

what to wear for public speakingI’ve got a short little speech to give for an alumni mentoring thing in a few weeks, so my attention has turned to the important stuff: what to wear. (I’m being sarcastic here — obviously the content of your speech is the most important part!) But, considering that this is a fashion blog for overachieving chicks, I thought it might make an interesting conversation, particularly for those of you who do this more regularly — what are your tips for what to wear for public speaking engagements, whether it’s giving a CLE, speaking at a class, being interviewed on TV, giving a presentation to the board, or being in front of a jury? What should you consider for different kinds of speaking engagements? What clothes and outfits strike the best balance between comfort/professionalism for a public speaker? 

Some considerations I’ve thought of for what to wear for public speaking engagements:

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How to Manage ADHD in the Workplace

women adhd workplaceIt sometimes feels like half of the people I know have a diagnosis of ADHD, and I think managing ADHD in the workplace can take some finesse — so I asked my friend A to write a guest post for us. Thank you and welcome, A! – Kat

Managing ADHD in the workplace (which encompasses ADD, an older term) can be very difficult, but what makes things even worse for women (and girls) is that they are underdiagnosed. Misdiagnosing women is common, too — for example, they’re often told that their problems are caused by anxiety or depression.

I was diagnosed with ADHD in early 2016, not long after my son’s diagnosis. I had done well in school, but academic success doesn’t necessarily mean that a girl doesn’t have ADHD. If a woman with ADHD manages to graduate from college without finding out she has the condition, getting a promotion at work can be the trigger for an eventual diagnosis, as can becoming a mom. The new pressures and responsibilities that come with these situations may be beyond what her previously-successful coping skills can handle, and she may feel that she has to seek help. A change like this can bring her from barely keeping her head above water to feeling like she’s drowning. When a child receives a diagnosis of ADHD (which frequently runs in families), it also can lead to a mom with undiagnosed ADHD to wonder if she has it too.

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The Hunt: Nude-For-You Pumps

Sure, we all know what wardrobe essentials for work professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have.

Tis the season, ladies — to do a nude-for-you pump roundup! As we’ve noted before, a shoe that is a close match for your natural leg tone is a great way to elongate your leg and make it look like it goes for miles — of course you can always just wear a beige, tan, or brown shoe as a neutral as well (regardless of whether it matches your skin tone).  We’ve rounded up something for everyone, hopefully — affordable nude-for-you pumps, dark brown pumps, light beige pumps, medium brown pumps, and some super light pink pumps for the pasty-legged among us (including me!). Readers, are you in the market for a new nude-for-you pump? Which ones did you wear into the ground last year?

Some Hall of Famers, pictured above (clockwise): one / two / three / four

Psst: looking for nude flats? Check this roundup.

nude-for-you pumps 2018

Hall of Famers, pictured above, top row: one / two / three / four // bottom row: one / two / three / four

For our featured nude-for-you pumps this year, read on after the jump…

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9 Fresh New Labels for Workwear

new labels for workwearOne of our most popular posts a few years ago was our roundup of 30 workwear fashion start-ups and independent brands — so I asked Rebecca Berfanger to update the list with nine fresh new labels for workwear! Here are 9 more office fashion stores every working woman should know about! – Kat

While we all have our go-to stores for workwear, they’re often the same stores your work friends have — particularly if there’s an Ann Taylor or Banana Republic near your office. So it doesn’t hurt to seek out workwear stores off the beaten path to spruce up the daily wardrobe, particularly when it comes to office clothes! Whether you want a more curated wardrobe, a custom-made skirt, a longer lasting and more classic style, or even just a button-down shirt that will actually fit, these 10 fashion start ups with internet-friendly shopping options will inspire you to at least consider your next fashion purchase, even if you might need to wait until payday.

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How to Go Gray… Intentionally

how to go gray intentionallyLadies, have you ever considered going gray intentionally? I’ve known a lot of darker-haired women who went blonde when their grays started to bother them, but recently I noticed one of my Facebook friends consciously deciding to go gray, despite only being around age 40. I totally understand it, don’t get me wrong — gray hairs can be a pain if you want to cover them up. (Right now I’m not doing anything with my gray hair, which I’ve had since I was 26 — I used to pluck them but then I read that this was a Very Bad Idea, and noticed that yes, tiny new growth (wispies) of gray hair ARE a lot more noticeable than long gray hairs, so… now I do nothing. I think they bug me less since I started getting keratin treatments, though.) Back to my friend, though — I’ve been amazed by what a process it’s been over the months to intentionally go gray! First she added gray highlights so her grays looked intentional — then finally it all got dyed a dark gray (with a brief stop in “blue hair” territory) — I’m assuming she’ll end up with a silvery gray.

Stock photo image: Deposit Photos / photography 33

(Just to be totally clear — one of my favorite bosses had beautiful salt and pepper hair that looked fabulous on her — so I’m not saying gray hair is unprofessional or you have to choose to have colored or gray hair — I’m just saying it was an interesting move by my FB friend.)

How about you, ladies — have you considered helping yourself go gray, either by dying your hair gray or blonde? If your gray hairs bug you, when did you start to really get bugged by the hair, and what (if anything) do you do about your gray hairs? If you’ve gone gray intentionally, do you have any tips for women who want to make as smooth a transition as possible — what are your best tips on how to go gray intentionally? Do you think gray hair has more gravitas than other colors of hair?

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Eating Late at the Office

Here’s a question for today: if you have to work late at the office, what do you eat? Do you have a budget from the office or the client that you can order food through an app like Seamless — in which case, what do you order? Do you consciously order enough food for leftovers (for the next day’s lunch, for example) or snacks (for later that evening)? Do you have a few dinners on repeat or do you order something new every night? Is there a culture of shared food at your office (for example, people eat dinner at a common area and then return to their desk)? Is it easy to get reimbursed for food purchases or is it frowned upon as a “it must be necessary” expense?

I’ve seen a ton of different approaches here amongst friends and coworkers, from the person who prefers to pick up a fast food sandwich or soup on their own dime, to the person who orders steak dinners every night and bills the client. (For those of you who are parents who have to leave the office at a set time to do daycare pickup or relieve the nanny, but have to work after the kids are in bed, does it feel like you’ve lost a major benefit or perk?)
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