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  • The L.A. Times shares fall’s fashion trends for denim.
  • Ask a Manager says it is OK to wear the same workwear staple more than once a week, despite what a supervisor told her employee.
  • Racked shares how your hair care routine could help in the event of nuclear blast. Tip: skip the conditioner.
  • Fast Company profiles Anne Wojcicki, CEO of genetic testing company, 23andMe.
  • Fortune reports that, according to a Rand Corporation Survey that was conducted in 2015, 1 in 5 Americans work in a hostile or threatening office environment.
  • FindLaw explains why so many government attorneys are retiring.
  • The Cut reports that the White House is close to ending the rule that employers must offer health-insurance plans that include birth control.
  • The Cut also discusses the role of women in white supremacy movements, starting with the KKK in the 1920s.
  • Vulture offers some of Taylor Swift’s best responses from her sexual assault trial against a former radio host, which she won earlier this week.
  • The Atlantic provides a few pro-tips on how to photograph your surroundings during the solar eclipse on Monday.
  • Laugh of the Week: The New Yorker’s Borowitz report states that “a substantial number of Americans would leave their jobs, their homes, and even their families” to work for FBI special counsel Robert Mueller, “if that would help speed things up.”

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  1. Sloan Sabbith :

    To the AAM question: uh, what? I think a lot of us here would be in trouble if we couldn’t wear staples more than once a week. If you have a “uniform” or wear essentially the same combo every day, that’s not some huge faux pas. I’m wearing the same pair of pants I wore on Wednesday. I guarantee no one will notice or care.

    • I know. Generally speaking, AAM’s submissions have gotten more and more “really?!” in recent months… and the comment section is so bananas that I often skip them altogether.

      • OMG the comments have gotten insufferable there. I don’t know if they’ve actually changed or it’s my tolerance that has. And I agree that the questions have become more extreme and less applicable to most people’s everyday work environments.

    • Senior Attorney :

      Good Lord. That seems insane.

      However — what are you supposed to do when your manager gives you a hard time about it? Is the poor letter writer going to have to buy some more pants to pacify her?

    • Multiple times a week is one thing, but the letter also mentioned two days in a row. I think that’s pushing it pretty hard, at least if the item is distinctive enough that someone could tell (which I guess it was).

      ITA with Anon about the comments – I kick myself for it every time I click on them.

    • I agree with Sloane Sabbath. I have enough clotheing so that I can wear 1 outfit per month, and not repeat, but I DO like some clotheing more then others, so I do repeat more than 1X per week. I am sorry if this is NOT good, but face it, we like what we wear, and I am NOT goeing to wear something I do NOT like just to wear different clotheing! FOOEY on that!

      On another score, I read the article featured above from the Cut, talkeing about women and White Supremecy. FOOEY! We as women should know better! Mostley, it is men that are the dopey ones, and we as WOMEN must guide our men away from dumb ideas like that. But I supose we can NOT guarantee that our men can be normal, even with our guidance. So we must just continue to try and get our men to see the light, and go away from racism, KKK, Alt-Light, Nazis, Alt-Right, Alt-Left and all the other Ideas goeing on these days. FOOEY on all of them. Trump must either say this or just quote me, b/c I am saying it for him! YAY!!!!!

    • I wear the same pants many days in a row cuz they’re gray and I own like ten pairs of pants. Nobody is noticing or caring.

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