Weekly Roundup

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  • Jeri rounds up some seriously cute post-it notes. [Jeri’s Organizing & Decluttering News] (Our $.02: We wouldn’t recommend handing your boss a Post-It note with, say, a squirrel on it. But if you’re just writing notes for yourself, knock yourself out. Otherwise, you may want to limit yourself to private fun, like the Post-It dispenser at right.)
  • Have you found yourself being derailed by other women in the office? [WSJ: The Juggle]
  • 10 Financial Commandments for your 30s. [Kiplinger] (Click here if you’re still in your twenties!)
  • A new Blackberry is designed to be easier on your thumbs. [WSJ]
  • A lot is written about women’s workplace fashion gaffes — it seems rarer to hear about men’s. Accordingly, it’s very interesting to see MSM weigh in on our new president’s fashion sense at the office. [Racked] The NYT article at the heart of the Racked piece is well worth a read — very interest to compare and contrast Bush and Obama’s work styles. [NYT]
  • Finally: we’re officially members of the Sarah Haskins fan club with her latest “Target: Women” piece, on Ann Curry. [Current.com] (Actually — IS there an official fan club yet? We must check Facebook.)
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