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A Brief Note on Ads, Affiliates, Sponsorships, and More

Some of you may wonder how this site is monetized. Obviously, we have ads running on the site. We also have “affiliate relationships” with different companies, which is something a lot of blogs do — it means we get a small commission (generally 2-15%) if you buy something we’ve recommended, or from a store we’ve recommended. We don’t always use affiliate links.  In the spirit of full disclosure, though, we’re going to start disclosing in every post how many affiliate links are contained within that post with a brief notation: “L-3” if there are three such links, “L-0” if there are none. Usually it will be extremely obvious because there may only be a few links within a post (for example, a TPS report), but if it’s more complicated (such as in a “Hunt” feature or a sale round-up) then we’ll disclose, on this page, what is and isn’t an affiliate relationship.  For a mostly complete list of affiliate relationships, please check out The Corporette Mall — if you want to help support the blog, please consider buying through those links.

Note that as of late 2010, I’ve started using Skimlinks, a software that converts any non-affiliate links to affiliate links, where available — I have no way of knowing which links will be converted into affiliate links, and in fact they may change from time to time depending on Skimlinks’ relationship with different advertisers.  I do get commissions, but I don’t get a specific report of which links are being clicked by readers.  Note that the software affects the entire blog, so a commenter-posted link may be converted to an affiliate link which will result in commission to Corporette.  Any (L-_) numbers do NOT include Skimlinks.  You may notice that Skimlinks links take a bit longer to load, and the address bar will briefly say something like “http://go2.redirectingat.com/?id=3505X645619&xcust=12782&xs=2&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.neimanmarcus.com%2F&sref=http%3A%2F%2Fcorporette.com%2F” at the top before it goes to site.

If there are any other sort of sponsorship relationships — such as a sponsor-written post or tweet or whatnot — those will be clearly marked as such. Similarly, if we have received any review copies or press samples, we will disclose those as well.

More specific disclosures

– Almost all links on our “Shopping” pages include affiliate links.


-11.10.16 eyewear post – Affiliate links were not available for Fetch Eyewear, Bonlook, Felix & Iris, and Fetch Eyewear.
– 10.20.16 Halloween at work post – Affiliate links were not available for Hot Topic or Simply Soles.
– 8/8/16 roundup of indie/startup shoe and bag brands: Corporette has had paid, sponsored content in the past from Lo & Sons, MGemi, and UKIES, and has received press releases from several of the other brands on the list.  The only affiliate links used were for MGemi shoes, but note  that affiliate links may be added automatically through Skimlinks as well (see above).
– 8/4/16 LinkedIn post: No affiliate links were used, but in the interest of full disclosure, please note that Kat owns stock in LinkedIn.
– 7/25/16 roundup of professional totes – While Lo & Sons has been an advertiser in the past, we do not have an affiliate relationship with them.
– 6/14/16 roundup of workwear brands you haven’t heard of – The post was actually published with zero affiliate links, then four were inserted after the fact (to Of Mercer, the pictured dress, and MM LaFleur and its pictured dress).  In the past, Corporette has run sponsored posts by Of Mercer, MM LaFleur, and Adea.
– 1/28/16 Coffee Break – The Rothy’s link is not an affiliate one.


-11/12/15 Drinking post: The WW, Etsy, and Amazon links are all monetized, but I have no relationship (or personal experience) with any of the drinking moderation programs mentioned.
– 11/3/15 Busty clothes post: As of the writing of the post, the only affiliated links were eShakti and Lands’ End.
– 6/25/15 CB: Affiliate links were used for all shopping links, but the post was not otherwise monetized (in other words, we’re not being paid to recommend the email list).
– 6/22/15 CB: The only affiliate/monetized link is the link to Amazon and the Misfits.
– 6/18/15 TPS: As of June 2015 we have no affiliate relationship with Aritizia; links may be converted after the fact to Skimlinks.
– 6/16/15 Jordana Paige. The company was nice enough to send a bag to Kat, and affiliate links were used, but the post was not otherwise sponsored or monetized. Read more about our review policy here.
– 5/14/15 M.Gemi post: While M.Gemi has sponsored posts in the past, this one just uses affiliate links.
– 5/11/15 Halftees post: The post is sponsored and uses affiliate links; the company has also offered to send product to Kat to try.
– 5/4/15 Sheath dress post: Many of the links to boutiques in our “custom sizes” roundup are not affiliate links (although many of the companies have advertised with us in the past).
– 4/30/15 FTD post: The post is sponsored by FTD, and uses affiliate links as well.
– 4/28/15 Dagne Dover post: The company was nice enough to send a bag to Kat, but the post is not otherwise monetized — the company did not pay for coverage and no affiliate links were used.
– 4/22/15 Apps post: Amazon link to bluetooth keyboard is affiliate.  All other links are not.
– 4/13/15 Hunt: Non-affiliate links: Lo & Sons (but the brand has done sponsored posts with us in the past), Louis Vuitton, and Chanel.
-3/23/15 Jewelry post: Non affiliate links: Tiffany’s, Belladora, Doyle & Doyle, Maria Chavez, and Cartier.
– 2/9/15 TPS: Non affiliate links: Michaela Jedinak.  All other suggestions are affiliate links.
– 1/27/15 midi rings post: At the time of this writing, all links were affiliate links except the one to Etsy.
– 1/12/15 personal services post: At the time of this writing, affiliate links were available for Plated, HelloFresh, Freshology, and all Amazon links (P90x, Insanity, etc).


– 7/16/14 tinted lip balm post: I bought all of the lip balms with my own money. All links are affiliate links except for the links to Etsy (MadisonStreetBeauty).
– 4/2/14 Hukkster: Nordstrom link is an affiliate one; Hukkster links are “refer a friend” links.
– 3/20/14 bra care discussion: The links to the four NYC-based bra shops are not affiliate links; most others are affiliate links.
– 2/27/14 wool allergy sweaters: The Nordstrom link and Brooks Brothers links are affiliate ones, but I have no connections or monetized links to any of the other companies mentioned.
– 2/18/14 drying rack: The Quirky links are referral links (I think? If you buy through that I’ll get a $5 referral credit? Not sure) and the Amazon links are standard affiliate links.
– 2/18/14 Scandal 360 review: The Amazon link to Ghost is an affiliate one. Otherwise, nothing.  (No secret compensation from ABC, promise.)
– 1/15/14 suit of the week: All BB links are affiliate links, but the LV link is not.
– 1/21/14 padfolio: Levenger links are not affiliate links.


-7/29/13 eyeglass post — Some affiliate links were used in the post (e.g., Warby Parker, Coastal, EyeBuyDirect), and Rivet & Sway’s publicist sent me 3 free frames to try on at home a few months before the post was written. I personally bought all of the eyeglasses myself though.
– 7/24/13 TPS – All BonTon links are not affiliate links.
– 7/11/13 Coffee Break – All Apple Store links are non-affiliate.  Everything else is an affiliate link.
– 4/15/13 Hunt: Non-affiliate links: Louis Vuitton.
– 3/25/13 Hunt: Non-affiliate links: The Shirt by Rochelle Behrens, Anne Fontaine.

– 12/19/12 Tales from the Wallet: The wallet pictured is an affiliate link, but I have no business/affiliate/etc relationship with either Vanguard or Schwab.
– 11/27/12 post on tote bags: picture is a Shopstyle link, written mention in paragraph3 is an affiliate link. Link to the Longchamp bag in leather (3d to last graf) is an affiliate link. All others are to blog links or are straight-up regular website links.
– 11/21/2012 Coffee Break – the link to the designer’s website is not an affiliate one; the referrer link is my “refer a friend” link, not an affiliate link.
– 11/13/2012 Coffee Break – The Levenger link is not an affiliate one.
– 8/14/2012 Meesh & Mia post: All links in the post (at least as of 8/14) are “refer a friend” links, not affiliate links.
– 8/9/2012 TPS on Tegan: the Bloomingdale’s links are affiliate links; the direct link to the Tegan website is not an affiliate (or otherwise monetized) link.
– 7/30/2012 The Hunt post on heels under 2″:  All links are affiliate links, except for the 3 links to Aerosoles at the top of the post.
– 6/18/2012 Coffee Break post on Bauble Bar.  The final link (which goes directly to the necklace) is an affiliate link; all of the other Bauble Bar links are just regular “invitation” links which means I’ll get Bauble Bar points if you sign up through me and eventually buy something.
– 6/4/2012 Hunt post – All links are affiliate links except the Aerosoles links.
– 2/9 post on magazines: All Amazon links are affiliate links.
– 1/5 post on day planners: I have two affiliate links in there (to Vistaprint and Snapfish), but all products that I mention were purchased by me without any encouragement from the company.  Tiny Prints is an occasional advertiser, but again I’m mentioning the product without any encouragement from the company. Oh: And there’s an Amazon affiliate link to GTD.


– 8/3 notebook post: All links to Amazon are affiliate links.
– 7/13 Pen post: All links are affiliate but the ones to Plasticka.
– 7/1 Weekend Update thread:  All links but the following are affiliate links: Kate Spade, Talbots…
– 3/14 post on sheath dresses: All links but a few are monetized, including the links to Pendleton, the AK Anne Klein dress at Macy’s, and the Brooks Brothers linen dress.
– 3/6 post on plus-sized workwear: All links but Macy’s, Talbots, Land’s End, and Travel Smith are affiliate links. (They may turn into affiliate links through the Skimlinks software.)


– 10/12 post on office decor — Most links, strictly speaking, aren’t affiliate links except for the Amazon ones near the top — but I do get some compensation for any ShopStyle link (I think they pay based on clicks), as well as the same referral credit everyone gets through One King’s Lane if you purchase after being invited by me.
– 8/18 netbook post — While I do have an affiliate relationship with BestBuy and was able to throw those links in, I purchased the computer with my own money, and was not influenced by anyone in that choice aside from those factors described in my review.
– 7/22 vegan shoe post — All links to Endless and Zappos are affiliate links; all other links are not.
– 6/28 watch post — All links to the following retailers are affiliate links: Amazon, eBay, Zappos
– 6/21/2010 cardigan post — All links to the following retailers are affiliate links: Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomingdale’s, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Anne Klein, ShopBop, Brooks Brothers, and Smart Bargains.
– 5/5/10 AK Anne Klein post — it was a sponsored post, paid for as part of a package deal, but there are no affiliate links contained in the post itself.
– 1/7/10 shoe post – Everything except:  Tsubo site link, and links for Manolo, Sacco, Aerosoles, Rockport


– 12/17/09 Deal Alert: Not an affiliate link: the Barney’s link.
– 12/16/09 Suits: Not affiliate links: the Piazza Sempione suit.
– 12/15/09 reader mail: All links but J.Crew, Chelsea Premium
– 12/8/09 TPS: Affiliate links: Nordstrom, Zappos.  Non-affiliate: Tiffany’s.