Seven of the Absolute Best Places to Get Cute Office Decor

Where are the best places to get cute office decor, ladies? Whether you’ve got a small Secret Santa gift to buy for a coworker, you’re on the hunt for stocking stuffers for a loved one, or you’re thinking of sprucing up your own office (perhaps during the quiet office around the holidays), now is a great time to take a look at all the practical but cute office decor out right now — so we rounded some of it up for you!

Psst: We’ve previously discussed when to use cute office supplies, affordable and easy office decor ideas, and how to repurpose office supplies in MacGuyver-like ways.

Here are seven of our favorite places to get cute office decor — which are yours?


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Do You Take Time For Yourself in the Morning — Or Just Get Up and Go To Work?

This may be an odd question, but I thought it’d be a fun question for today: do you take time for yourself in the morning, or do you just get up and go to work? When I was working in BigLaw I decided that I desperately wanted to do certain things and just was not fitting them into my life anywhere else — sometimes it was reading good books; sometimes it was working out; sometimes it was trying to do a challenge like National Novel Writing Month. What I found, time and time again, was that the only time I could find that was reliably my own was first thing in the morning. (In fact, in our last discussion on morning routines for successful people, that was my advice — figure out what’s important to you and do it in the morning!) So I started getting up earlier and earlier, but kept going in to work at my usual time. This system of getting up early to get my “me time” in made me happy and feel like I was getting more accomplished. (There was also a significant rebellious feeling — kind of along the lines of “sure, I may have sold my soul but ha ha they can’t have all of it!”)

A few years later I was talking with an older man who had also been a BigLaw lawyer and somehow we got on the subject of our morning routines — his was to get up, shower, and go to work.  “So you just GET UP AND GO TO WORK?” I asked incredulously. Now, of course, it’s probably worth noting that he was more successful in his law career than I was — and I think he enjoyed it more. (And, of course, as a man, he wasn’t getting a lot of ladies’ magazines telling him to “take time for himself!” or recounting the importance of “me time.”) Still, the conversation has stuck with me — so let’s discuss, ladies:

  • does your morning routine account for “me time” — or do you just get up and go to work?
  • has this changed with different jobs — do you think how happy or unhappy you are with your work situation affects how you spend your personal time?
  • we’ve talked about midday workouts, as well as “homing from work” before (where you spend so much time at work that it may be acceptable to do some personal tasks at the office) — but I’m curious, for those of you who do “just get up and go to work,” where do you find your “me time”?
  • finally — at the end of the year we invariably start to take stock of the past year and how we hope next year will be different — will your resolutions include a change in your morning routine?

Picture via to find me time in your morning routine

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Coffee Break: Cord Taco

Yes, the name of this product — the Cord Taco — might sound a little odd at first, but it’s been recommended by enough readers that I’m seriously considering giving it to a few people for gifts this year. I love that there are a bunch of fun colors, like this turquoise, and it’s something that’s affordable, functional, and a little fun. It has a lot of great reviews, too. You can get 3 for $16 at Amazon. Cord Taco

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Sexual Harassment, Office Culture, Resumes, and “Boys Being Boys”

sexual harassment, office culture, resumes, and boys being boysWe’ve all been hearing and talking about the surge of men getting fired, losing control of their companies, and otherwise being disciplined for sexual harassment and other bad behavior — and we’ve all been heartened by the groundswell of support for the women and men brave enough to come forward. I’m hopeful that we are at the beginning of a tectonic shift in the way sexual harassment is handled at companies, where the default becomes “I believe her” — it’s about time. (Full disclosure, considering the stock photo: this is not a #metoo story, but my heart goes out to the many, many, many women and men who have such stories.) There’s been a lot of discussion and think pieces on this topic in the press — but here are a few questions I haven’t seen discussed that might  be interesting topics here: 1) How do you think these past few weeks will affect the companies, colleagues, and protégés (both male and female) of these men? How will they ever distance themselves enough? 2) For those of you who work at men-dominated firms where, perhaps, a “boys will be boys” attitude has prevailed in the past, has anything changed in the past few weeks? What are the positive changes you’ve seen (whether from HR, company/firm-wide meetings, etc.) that make you optimistic about the future?

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The Best Winter Vacation Strategies

After most of us just enjoyed a four-day weekend (or turned it into an even longer break — lucky you), it’s time to go back to work and … talk about winter vacation strategies! In the wintertime, do you prefer to escape the cold and snow by going somewhere warm with beautiful beaches, or are you into winter sports and like to travel somewhere with wintry weather for skiing, etc.? Maybe you live somewhere that doesn’t even get a real winter and so you seek that out — snow crunching under your feet, a crackling fireplace, a cup of hot chocolate, and so on? (To that, I say … no thank you! OK, except for the hot chocolate.) Another aspect of winter vacation strategies: savings! According to a recent NYT article, the cheapest days to depart are 12/26 or 12/29 — and I have at least one friend who uses those savings to go on major, multi-week vacations around now. (Here’s another article on strategies for saving money on winter vacations from Forbes.)
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Co-Dependent or Budget Savvy: Family Cell Phone Plans, Shared Passwords, Help with the Rent, and Definitions of Adulting

adulting and family cell phone plansWe were talking recently in the Corporette Slack channel about people we knew who were still on the family cell phone plan as an adult — and considering we’ve seen so many news stories about different levels of this kind of co-dependence, from sharing passwords with family members to getting help with your rent, we thought it would be fun to have a bigger discussion about it here at Corporette. Thank you to Rebecca Berfanger for writing this for us — I can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts on this topic! – Kat.

Readers, have you ever thought about whether you are independent–or co-dependent–when it comes to your expenses? Is part of your view of “adulting” to be 100% totally financially independent — or do you think it’s budget savvy to share passwords and family cell phone plans? Where is the line in your mind? If you’ve discussed this intimately with friends or partners, do you think you’re normal or on one end of the continuum? Do your parents or other friends or family members still financially support you in some way (mortgage, bills, transportation, housing) or do you always pay your own way? If you’re in a relationship, do you share a bank account? Are there some things you don’t mind sharing, like a family cell phone plan or passwords for your favorite source of entertainment?

In the first episode of Girls, Lena Dunham’s Hannah Horvath asks her parents for money so she can continue to live in her Brooklyn apartment. Sure, New York is very expensive, but it’s a good place for a writer to live so she can network and land a decent job in her field. Fair enough. Yet even though she seems to have a decent job, it is an unpaid internship with no guarantee of advancement. Depending on your personal situation, that conversation was relatable, cringe-inducing, or possibly both.

Here are few questions to consider:

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