Commenting Policy

1Thanks for checking out the Corporette Commenting Policy! As a reminder: WordPress will automatically approve most comments, particularly if you’ve posted before, but it may be held for moderation if:

  • your post includes hyperlinks (spammers use ‘em)
  • your post (or any information in it — e-mail address, domain name, etc.) involves bad words (we’ve got a little list of language that we’d rather know about before it goes on the blog — so everyone keep your hate speech and sexually-charged commentary to a minimum, s’alright, ladies?)
  • other comments that WordPress decides for inexplicable reasons to hold for moderation. (Do not taunt happy fun ball.)

In general we approve all comments unless they are a) spam or b) an empty shill for someone else’s product or blog (without any legitimate comment on the post or discussion at hand). If your comment does not appear within 12 hours, please send us an e-mail — it may have been marked as spam, which goes into a different filter that we almost never check except to do a mass delete once a month.

We discourage commenting under different names, particularly in the same thread (usually done in order to create the appearance of consensus/agreement with yourself). Users who do this may find themselves moved to our “manually moderate” list.  Abusive commenters may be blacklisted, and uncivil commenters (either to the editors or to other commenters) may also find themselves in permanent moderation.  People who type every comment in all caps may find themselves in the moderation queue because yo, that’s annoying.

Regarding product links in the comments: We reserve the right to convert any recommended link in the comments into an affiliate link, if one exists (either manually or through software). (Translation: If you recommend product X and store Y, we won’t change X or Y at all, but the actual link to X or Y may change.)

In general, though, please play nicely.  We want this to be a nice place.

(Pictured: silence, originally uploaded to Flickr by CRASH:candy.)