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Buy an Hour of Consulting with KatUnlimited150.00 USD
Details: Want to know how your website will fly with my readers? Want my take on your products or services, either in broad strokes or the nitty gritty? Want to brainstorm how to style your models or ponder your marketing campaign? My time starts at $150 an hour (minimum 1 hour purchase). Payment must be made first; if we don't speak within a week you can get a full refund.
Buy an Hour of Personal Online Shopping with KatUnlimited150.00 USD
Details: Shopping for a particular event or occasion (e.g., maternity, trial, travel, new job, big interview or presentation...)? I'd love to help. Tell me a) your size(s), b) what color, if any, your base wardrobe is (black, beige, gray), c) any favorites/hates (love blue, hate the color mustard, don't like floral), and d) any fit issues or areas to feature (love my clavicle, but my waist/hip ratio is a problem) e) any store notes (only buy from these 3 stores, need to find something at X mall, etc) I'll get as far as I can with these facts in one hour of shopping, plus 2 follow up emails, and can give you a quote from there if you need more help.

Purchasing Guidelines

Banner ads should be sized in pixels - Kat is available for consulting (see custom purchases) if you'd like feedback on what your banner ad should look like.

If you'd like fancier options (such as above the fold ad space, rotating images, geotargeting, and more), please note there is a $500 minimum for those purchases and they're generally at a higher CPM ($1-$2 by this page, $3-$9 elsewhere). We're happy to help, though! Please email us through this link if you'd like to inquire.
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