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Coffee Break: Multi Blender Massager Brush

We were just discussing e.l.f. products on CorporetteMoms last week — the affordable brand is lots of places, from Target to Amazon. The brand’s own site has a nice “best sellers” list so you can see what people are liking the best — this multi blender massager is on the list. It looks great for blending bronzer, blush, and all of those new illuminating powders (I’ve gotten like three different samples in the past few weeks) — and for $12 it’s certainly affordable. You don’t get free shipping until you buy $25 worth of product — readers, what are YOUR favorite e.l.f. products? Anything you absolutely adore? e.l.f. Beautifully Precise Multi Blender Massager

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What to Snap Up at the Zappos Clearance Sale

I noticed there was a Zappos sale going on last week (it ends Aug. 5th I believe), but MAN do they have a lot of great classic pumps on sale. Wide selection of sizes and styles from brands like Cole Haan, Salvatore FerragamoL.K. Bennett, Stuart Weitzman, Aquatalia, Clarks, Rockport and more. Someone talk me out of these, please.

Pictured at top: these classic pumps are down to $415 from $595. Lots of colors and sizes on sale!

A few quick picks for work below:

Row 1: strappy (now $42) / beige ($47) / black ($59) / beige ($119)

Row 2: suede bow ($237) / beige block heel ($244) / beige strappy ($332) / hot pink flats ($367)

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Workwear Inspiration Series: How to Get Diana Trout’s Style from Younger

How to Get Diana Trout's Style in Younger - Workwear Inspiration Series!Welcome to another installment in our series on getting workwear inspiration from television shows — while Selina Meyer in Veep and Claire Underwood from House of Cards were obvious choices, I asked the readers for further suggestions. I was thrilled when a number of people mentioned Diana Trout’s style from Younger because I love that show, and taking a look at a creative professional is always fun.

For those of you not familiar with the 30-minute comedy on TVLand, at the start of the show, main character Liza (played by Sutton Foster) finds herself in a pickle: about to turn 40, getting divorced, and suddenly needing a job after being a stay-at-home mom for 18 years. She finds herself unable to get even an entry level job in her old career in the publishing world, so a friend comes up with a plan: She can simply rewind her resume to when she was 26 and pretend, in general, to be Younger. She is hired at the small publishing house Empirical, working as an assistant to the esteemed and rising editor Diana Trout, who’s played with grace and gravitas by actress Miriam Shor. In early episodes Diana is more of a villainous Devil Wears Prada type of boss; in later seasons she becomes more of a friend — and because she is (unbeknownst to her) the same age as Liza, she represents in many ways the path that Liza didn’t take. (Hilary Duff plays a young and rising editor at the same publishing house, Nico Tortorella plays the very cute 30-year-old tattoo artist Liza starts to date, and Peter Hermann plays Charles, the recently divorced publisher of Empirical who really, really wishes Liza weren’t a 26-year-old junior staffer. I am on Team Charles, FWIW.) It’s cheesy fun and I highly recommend the show!

OK — without further ado, let’s take a look at how to get Diana Trout’s style from Younger

Step 1: Get a Huge Collection of Statement Necklaces

How to get Diana Trout's style from Younger: Statement Necklaces

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Splurge Monday’s Workwear Report: Wool-Blend Tweed Blazer

Our daily workwear reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

The big boyfriend blazer look is coming to your office, ladies, so be warned! I keep coming back to this one from Topshop Unique because I love the double-layered look of the lapels as well as the concealed button and the almost snowfall vibe to the pattern. It seems conservative but fun at the same time — and it’s $475 at Net-a-Porter in UK sizes 6–14. Wool-Blend Tweed Blazer

Two lower-priced options are here and here, and here’s a plus-size option.

Psst: Just a note that I’m on vacation this week and the beach house has spotty WiFi — so if you get stuck in the moderation queue, please be patient! 

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Weekend Open Thread

Something on your mind? Chat about it here.

This style of denim (these are from Paige) is one of the highest rated, most loved styles in general — and it’s great to see that it’s in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so that you can save big. (Here’s our post on the most-loved denim at Nordstrom, with updated links to other jeans included in the NAS.) The cropped, skinny gray jean is a great look for fall, and this pair is $131 but will be $199 after the sale ends — the remaining sizes are 24–32 (00–12). Verdugo Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans

Two plus-size options are here (they’re part of the sale too) and here.

Psst: Here are our picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale — and make sure to check out the crazy discounts in Reiss’ sale as well!

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Weekly News Update

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  • The Cut shares Adele’s makeup artist’s under-eye concealer tip: eye primer, like Marc Jacobs’s Coconut Eye Primer, shown here.
  • Forbes shares how women can improve their “executive presence” with communication, gravitas, and perceived identity.
  • Racked shares a look back at Amelia Earhart’s clothing line, “which aimed to combine her love of fashion with her love of aviation.”
  • Boston Magazine reports about the hurdles, barriers, and empty gestures women face in the workplace in America’s most progressive state. (Thanks to a reader for sharing.)
  • Above the Law shares some of the best Biglaw firms for women who want to make partner, according to Law360‘s Glass Ceiling Report.
  • Huffington Post reports that the new White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci commented on Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ hair and makeup on national TV, but later claimed he was talking about himself.
  • The New York Times asked women who were almost CEOs, “why don’t more women get that No. 1 job?”
  • The New York Times also reports that more women are suffering from rhabdomyolysis, “a rare but life-threatening condition often caused by extreme exercise,” particularly from spinning classes.
  • The New York Post reports on what foods are fraudulent, according to the new book, “Real Food Fake Food,” by Larry Olmsted.
  • Inc. explains how to participate in a class action lawsuit if you purchased a laptop, phone, or tablet between January 1, 2000 and May 31, 2011.
  • Advice from a 20-Something offers five ways to say no like you mean it.
  • Laugh of the Week: Elle shares advice from Samantha Irby: “Eat the whole damn doughnut.” Irby offers other insights in her book of essays, We Are Never Meeting in Real Life.

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