Suit of the Week: Banana Republic

For busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits for women, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

You know, I’m not sure what I would have thought years ago about a jumpsuit and blazer together as a suit, but at the moment it feels kind of modern and interesting, and a nice take on the standard suit — and I like the plaid here, too. The blazer has three exterior pockets, and the jumpsuit has slanted front pockets and rear welt pockets. I’d probably layer a thin black turtleneck beneath the jumpsuit for work since the straps are very thin, but you could also do a low black scoopneck or even a white blouse. The jacket (Classic Fit Shine Plaid Blazer) is $198, the jumpsuit (Shine Plaid Strappy Jumpsuit) is $158, and — if you want a more traditional option — the pants (Ryan Slim Straight-Fit Shine Plaid Pant) are $98. They’re available in regular and petite sizes at Banana Republic, and right now you can get 40% off your purchase of $200 with code BRWINTER.

Here’s a plus-size option at ModCloth.

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  1. Anonymous :

    I recently started using retinol for anti-aging. For those of you who use it, how long did it take your skin to adjust? Mine is super dry and flakey right now.

    • Anonymous :

      Edit: I meant retinoid, the prescription version of the cream.

      • Are you using it every day? You need to ease yourself into it to prevent flaking – and it also could just be too highly concentrated a formula for your skin. Take a break for a few days and see.

        Also make sure you are moisturizing well after, and using sunscreen the next morning.

      • I’ve been using the prescription version of the cream in March. I started slowly- every 3rd night for a week or so, every other night for a week or so and worked my way up to every night. The flakey lasted a week or two after I had gotten to every other night- what was key was a lot of trial and error when it came to cleansing and gentle exfoliating, moisturizer and sunscreen!

    • Did your dermatologist give you guidelines?

      When my PCP prescribed it, she gave me no guidance and my skin was so irritated and peeling and awful and I stopped using it. Only many years later when I started seeing a Dermatologist did I get better advice.

      Which one are you using?

      Make sure you only use it at night, after washing your face and letting it dry completely.

      Use a tiny amount – pea sized drop spread throughout your entire face in a thin layer. Careful and no clumps anywhere or you can get a little burn/irritation there.

      No other acids/aggressive exfoliants when you are gong through the phase in period.

      You need to start using it rarely and increase the frequency slowly as tolerated. I increased slowly over months. Once a week for a couple weeks. Then twice a week for 2-4 weeks. Then 3 times a week for 2-4 weeks. Worked up until nightly. Now, I use it nightly in the summer, every other night in the winter.

      Because I still had irritation, my derm recommended using a good moisturizer right after applying the retinoid. If that is still irritating, next time do your moisturizer first and THEN add the retinoid. That is the advice from my Dermatologist.

      I would contact your doc and ask for some guidelines, since they know your skin (I hope!). Good luck. It’s worth it once you figure it out.

    • Thanks all. I am using Tretinoin .05%. I have been using it for about 2.5 weeks, every other night, and moisturizing right before I put on the Tretinoin. I’ve been very careful about sunscreen since I started using it. I normally have oily skin so this dryness is quite new to me! I’m hoping I’m still in the adjustment phase.

      • Definitely sounds like you’re still in the adjustment phase- don’t worry! It is no fun, but as chic mentioned above, it’s worth it once you figure it out. If it helps, 9 months later, I put the tretinoin on a clean dry face at night, followed by some heavy duty moisture- when I first started using it the Belif Aqua Bomb worked well (now I use the Tatcha water cream), then I let that sink in for a few minutes and use the Neutrogena hydro boost extra dry gel cream. When the flaking was really annoying I’d put Vaseline on top of the Neutrogena on the flaky patches only. I might have been going after a mosquito with an anvil, but it really is all about finding what works for your skin.

      • Yup, sounds like you’re doing everything right then! Highly recommend the Skinfood Royal Honey Good Moisturizing Cream if you want to beef up your moisturizer, it’s available on Prime and is so so good

      • SillyValley :

        You could back off to once every three nights for a while. Hot and Flashy on Youtube has a couple videos about adapting to using Retin-A that are pretty useful.

  2. Anonymous :

    Is it April already?

    • My thought exactly. Not sure why but it sort of looks like business formal overalls to me.

    • Right? The description says “with subtle metallic threads for a sophisticated sparkle.” Because that’s a thing.

      When you look at the jumpsuit by itself, it so looks like something Rachel would have worn on Friends in the ’90s. (Spaghetti straps! Spaghetti straps in a suiting fabric!)

      • +1 to your last sentence… but that’s probably the reason I kindof love it. It wouldn’t work for me at all–I don’t think it would work for my body type, and I work in a small, suburban, conservative law firm in a southern state. But the part of me that dreamed of being Rachel Green when I was 13 loves this.

    • This inspired me to check out some other jumpsuits at BR and boy did they deliver!

      All denim? Check. Giant ruffle? Check. Unflattering bottom half? Check.,12413545,brproduct1_rr_2&clink=12413545

      Spaghetti straps? Check. Giant ruffle (again)? Check. Wide leg + Crop? Check.

    • Anonymous :

      The thing is, it’s probably not the craziest thing on the website right now.

      • Right? I thought Kat just picked the most outrageous thing BR had to offer, but now I’m on their site and that’s clearly not the case. Olivia Palermo can suck my ruffles.

  3. Anonymous :

    Plaid overalls!

  4. Embarrassing Moment :

    Needed an MRI. Was told by the nurse on the phone to wear leggings or yoga pants because then I wouldn’t have any metal on for the test (like no jean buttons). Great. Show up. Turns out my yoga pants have a metal piece in the tag. Technician is like – no problem. Just take them off and we will do the test with you in your underwear. But I wasn’t wearing any underwear, so I had to explain this to the tech and ask for a robe. Lesson: always wear underwear.

    Share with me some recent embarrassing moments to help me shake off this awkwardness.

    • Anonymous :

      Awww. But, do you often not wear undies? I literally have never left the house without them.

      • Anonymous :

        Not the OP, but have totally not worn them with certain dress (VPL) and occasionally not with leggings when I’m going for a massage and am going to undress anyway.

      • I never ever wear underwear to exercise

      • Rainbow Hair :

        I am an Always Underwear person and I remember how surprised I was to learn that lots of people aren’t!

        • Anonymous :

          Yeah, my mind is kind of blown. Do you not get. . . kind of moist? Doesn’t this show on your clothes?

      • Anonymous :

        I’ve also literally never left the house without underwear on. I don’t wash my pants every time I wear them and I would definitely have to if I didn’t wear underwear on. It would translate to a lot of laundry and having to replace my pants much more frequently. And I suspect people would smell it.

        • Jeans, dress pants etc = underwear because yes I am going to wear those multiple times

          Leggings? Exercise pants that I don’t want VPL and that I am going to wash anyways because its exercise gear = no underwear

          Do you smell other people? Have you ever once smelled someone and been like…that woman is not wearing underwear so I can smell her!

          • Anonymous :

            I’ve seen suspicious stains on seat cushions and chairs before.

          • Anonymous :

            I mean.. yes? I feel like pretty often I have smelled a woman as she walks by in the gym context and known that. I don’t think it’s a huge deal because it’s in the gym context but I mean yeah

          • Anonymous :

            I don’t know that I’ve smelled others, but I have a fairly regular “flow” down there even when it’s not that time of the month and would definitely be self-conscious about other people smelling me if I went without underwear. I know underwear isn’t odor-blocking, but I feel like that extra layer of fabric helps hide it.

    • Anonymous :


    • Anonymous :

      Hmm – been to too many drs who I think will just examine thru clothes and then say – go ahead and put on a gown – that I feel like I’m always prepared for the possibility of having to undress in a medical setting.

    • I don’t recall that level of embarrassment in a long time, HOWEVER medical staff has seen every unusual behavior so I don’t know if this would surprise them.

    • Anonymous :

      In leggings and yoga pants I either go commando or wear a th*ng, so I know your pain! In college a guy I dated thought it would be funny to pants me at a public ice skating rink. I was wearing a very s*xy black lace th*ng under my leggings in anticipation of post-date activities. Needless to say those activities did not happen and neither did any subsequent dates.

    • S in Chicago :

      Once had a medical emergency involving my head that resulted in the need for not only an MRI and CT scan but a procedure where they run a needle between your leg and groin that releases dye. Was then made to check into the hospital. I had been out on a date the night before and was staying over for the first time. So I was still wearing a fancy thong. Had to get a friend (thank God it wasn’t left to my mom) to go to my condo and get normal undies for me (which was at the bottom of a drawer with a TON of fancy things on top because, you know, new relationship and had just cashed in a bunch of VS gift cards from returns that were sitting around). She was like, don’t you believe in just normal cotton?? Seriously had a good 24+ hours where I wanted to absolutely crawl into the floor between everyone at the hospital and her.

    • I don’t EM’s or SiC’s stories are embarrassing. I have an anecdote that I think is hilarious. I had to get a pelvic MRI and the technician asked if I needed to use the bathroom. I didn’t need to urgently pee so I said no. They started the MRI and then the technician said, you need to use the bathroom. So they stopped, let me get up, pee, and get back in the machine. I didn’t realize that my bladder was blocking views!

    • anonymous :

      I don’t get why this needs to be embarrassing. It’s happened to me before, and being asked to take off my sweatshirt while going through security and having to tell TSA that sorry I’m not wearing a shirt happens on the regular. No big deal. And I say this as an intensely private person.

      • Anonymous :

        So what happens then?

        • Anonymous :

          You go through in the sweatshirt.

          • anonymous :


          • Anonymous :

            Then why ask people to take off the sweatshirt in the first place? Anyone who’s actually up to no good can just lie and say “Oh sorry I have nothing on underneath.” Honestly, I think this depends on your race. If you’re not white I bet there’s a good chance they take you in a back room and make you undress in front of a female TSA agent.

          • anonymous :

            I’m the OP of the TSA sweatshirt post. I’m very, very not white. People frequently assume I’m Muslim.

          • Anonymous :

            This happened to me once and the TSA lady did a rather rude pat-down without even asking me if I would rather take my sweatshirt off instead. I had a shirt on underneath and would have preferred to take the sweatshirt off instead of the pat-down.

      • Anonymous :

        I have this sometimes with my artificial hip joints. Like, TSA babe, I told you have internal metal. Now you can pat me down.

    • Totally get the awkwardness, but I’m sure it didn’t even register on to the nurse.

    • This is not embarrassing! Most workout leggings have a sewn-in piece that allows you to wear them without any underwear–that’s the actual design and intended purpose. I can’t imagine working out with underwear on, especially cotton–that’s like the entire point of the wicking fabric.

      Seriously don’t sweat it! :)

      • This would be a disaster for me. I deal with some sweat in that area that shows through, even while wearing underwear and even in expensive sweat-wicking leggings. The thought of what it would look like if I didn’t have that additional layer underneath for absorption….

        • Anonymous :

          I never wear underwear to workout and I also have crotch sweat. Sometimes it shows. To me it’a NBd. You’re working out. Everyone is sweaty. I am a human being with normal bodily functions and I refuse to be embarrased by them.

          • Maudie Atkinson :

            This. +1

            I too never wear underwear to work out, even though I–like all healthy adults–sweat. “I am a human being with normal bodily functions and I refuse to be embarrassed by them.”

        • Then you do you!

    • I experienced post c-section hemorrhaging and passed out on my bathroom floor. My husband called 911 and I was carried out of my house with no pants or underwear. I stood up briefly outside while being put on the stretcher, so I showed up at the hospital in just a nursing tank with gravel all over my feet and blood smudged all over my lower half. It was…something.

      • Anonymous :

        That is a billion times different. You had a medical emergency, you didn’t make a choice to show up at a routine doctor’s appointment without underwear. Doctors see naked people all the time, and obviously lots of people are brought in in various states of undress because of emergencies. Doesn’t mean they don’t still giggle at situations like OP’s.

        • Oh yes, totally different, but still carries all of the same awkwardness of missing half clothing after the emergency part of the scenario resolved.

        • Metallica :

          I am a physician and we have seen so much wacky stuff that what happened to OP (or for that matter, Walnut) wouldn’t even make me blink. OP, if it makes you feel better, the radiology staff is way more likely to remember the people coming in with non-biological objects inside various body cavities (and if anyone reading this immediately thought “you mean the p3lvic body cavity?”, you’d be right.)

        • You’re clearly not a physician if you think OP’s scenario would even be noticed, let alone laughed at.

          • Metallica :

            Anon 5:56–might want to read what I said a little more closely. I said they wouldn’t even remember it (as in, not a big deal, or even a deal at all.) And after four years of med school, a residency and two fellowships I’m STILL not considered a physician, then I have some hefty loans that beg to differ…

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      I gotcha. This will totally out me to anyone that knew me back then too. In college, I had to find a chiropractor. I went to a fairly conservative Catholic college for undergrad. I had just started wearing thongs when I would wear tight black pants so I’d have no VPL. I wasn’t really comfortable in them yet and rare them so rarely I didn’t think much of it. I went to the campus recommended chiropractor (that was located off campus). I got super weird vibes as soon as I walked in. His office was attached to his house and he was a total Jesus freak. I don’t mean religious. I went to religious school. I mean Jesus obsessed. There were pictures of Jesus and rosaries and statues all over this place. He was a fairly old man. I was in pain so I figured what the heck, I’ll get through one appointment and then I can find a new place.

      He hands me an opened back gown to put on and he wants me to walk a straight line so he can check my spine alignment. (Something my chiro back home had never done.) So he leaves the room, I put it on, he comes back in and just as I start doing my walk I remember that I am wearing a thong. My butt cheeks are totally hanging out. There are Jesus pictures staring at me everywhere. The old man didn’t make a single comment about it and continued the appointment professionally while I was sweating bullets.

      I decided to go back for one more appointment. I show up and there is a sign on the door that he is closed and to call a number for more info. I call and I get his son. The old man had a heart attack after my appointment and died. My sexy butt cheeks killed him. (I’m sure that’s not why he had the heart attack but OMG.)

      • Blonde Lawyer :

        OH and I also realized in retrospect that I probably could have kept my pants on for the spine alignment check. He hadn’t specified but it would make a lot more sense that he just wanted to see my bare back while I walked. Not my butt and legs.

      • Anonymous :

        Thanks this is hilarious- made my afternoon!

      • Never too many shoes... :

        Oh my…I have no doubt that was traumatizing for you but I cannot. stop. laughing.

      • Senior Attorney :

        HAHAHA!! That made me shout with laughter at my desk!!

    • Not even close :

      I submit, for your consideration, my most embarrassing underwear story. I also submit that yours pales in comparison.

      Last December, I was attending a hearing resolving some lingering discovery issues in a case slated for trial the following month. We only expected the hearing to last a couple hours, so in my work tote–in addition to files and work things–I packed a change of clothes. I never wear underwear when I wear hose or tights, and so that change of clothes included underwear, a lacy th0ng to be precise.

      Hearing lasted 3 times longer than we expected. I kept having to dig into my bag to retrieve files, document flags, pens, a protein bar, plus repeatedly retrieved hard candies to keep myself alert. I got back home after the hearing, and my pants are in my bag, all my files are there, but my underwear is nowhere to be found. My underwear came out of my bag, under counsel table, when I was rifling through my bag at the hearing. I left my [email protected] under counsel table.

      Naturally, I was the only woman, so there wasn’t really any guessing to whom they belong. AND I went back the next month and tried a case in the same courtroom with the same lawyers in front of the same judge.

  5. No, don’t wear a jumpsuit to the office.

    • I think this idea *could* work with one of those sleek jumpsuits that sort of look like pants and a top. But this is clearly not that. And, also, either way, this seems like a giant pain to go to the bathroom in and I don’t know who wants to deal with that at work.

    • Rainbow Hair :

      A woman I work with wears a black and white patterned jumpsuit to work with a yellow blazer. It’s a lot of look, but she’s tall and super cool and she pulls it off no problem. Also, though, we are not a conservative office, clothing-wise.

    • I wear one all the time, TBH.

      • Maudie Atkinson :

        Same. I have a navy blue one made of suiting material that I wear with a blazer on top often.

  6. Anonymous :

    Posted at the end of the last thread re whether there are med students/residents at GW ob gyn and whether you can say no. FWIW – I never say no to students in internal medicine etc even if I want to. Here though — I’ve never had a pelvic before (ridiculous I know), am nervous and embarrassed enough to do the exam and have to tell the dr it’s my first and while I feel like I can pick an MD with a good bedside manner etc, I don’t know if I can handle a random med student/resident thrown at me. Is it ok to say no in this case or would I be making a production that’ll cause them to roll their eyes. (I tend to go to academic health systems and would prefer to take an appt at GW or Georgetown rather than a private practice where I’d be picking randomly just based on insurance coverage.)

    • Anonymous :

      You can always say no! And they will be fine about it. As a general rule you should say yes so people learn but you have a specific reason to say no and an absolute right to do so.

    • Of course you can say no! My bigger issue with more academic institutions is that sometimes they ask to have a student/resident observe and that feels silly to say no to but also not something I want to deal with in that situation. I would have less of a problem with someone who is doing an exam being a resident than someone just standing there with a notepad.

    • I posted on the last thread before I saw this, but I’m a big believer in saying no if you’re uncomfortable. I had a bad experience where a medical student handed me a box of tissues in the middle of an ultrasound in a high-risk pregnancy – apparently she thought I was crying, which I wasn’t, but I thought she knew something I didn’t and had a complete panic attack. Ever since then, I say no when I’m uncomfortable and refuse to feel guilty about it.

      It’s your body, and if you don’t want some stranger watching your appointment, you should decline. Plenty of people don’t care and are fine with being observed. If they roll their eyes, who cares.

    • workingmomz :

      And even if they roll their eyes, who cares? You won’t be the first or last to say no!

    • I’m a patient at Georgetown’s obgyn practice, and I’ve never had a student, or even the option of a student, FWIW.

    • You can always say no. You can also ask them to stand in a particular place, like near your shoulders or behind a curtain.

      Just to be clear, a resident may be the only physician seeing you in the office – when you get primary care, including OBGYN, at a teaching hospital your MD can be either a resident or an attending, though the attending will always review the plan of care behind the scenes. Based off your phrasing, you seem to be confident that your doctor is an attending. It is also somewhat unlikely that in a clinical setting you’d have more than one member of the team in the room – that’s much more common in the in-patient settings! So moral of the story: it’s unlikely to arise, but it’s fine to say no!

      • Anonymous :

        Not accurate. At GW the appointments are definitely made with attendings during their office hours in a regular dr office setting; some attendings have students with them certain days, some don’t. And I’ve had primary care appointments in Philadelphia with 3 people in the room – in a regular dr office setting with a dr who is a clinical prof at a local med school. So don’t make assumptions – if you get there and they say Dr Smith’s med student will be in – say something! Even if they don’t mention it – ask and say you really want to just see dr Smith. I’m usually totally fine with students but in this instance I totally get why you’re not and I think any dr with a decent bedside manner will get it too.

      • anon at 4:13 :

        I stand corrected. My experience is with the teaching hospitals in Boston, guess that’s not the case at GW!

    • Last time I went to the gyn the nurse was called into another patient’s room to hold her hand during her annual. Seriously, no one likes those exams and you should ask for what makes you comfortable.

      • Rainbow Hair :

        Aw that makes me think of the feminist health clinic I used to go to in Chicago, where they asked if I’d like a doula to hold my hand while they put in my IUD. (Yes, I did want that.)

    • teaching hospitals :

      Of course you can and should do what you’re comfortable with, but if no one was willing to have a med student or resident in a teaching hospital examine them, no doctors would ever get trained. Teaching hospitals are really important.

    • Metallica :

      I responded to your morning post but here is the tl;dr version—you can always say no, because you are a healthcare consumer. Don’t worry about it!

    • Anon for this :

      Absolutely. I would do absolutely the same for my first exam and the doc will understand completely.

      I’m a doctor and I say no to med students in my Derm and Gyn visits. I’m mostly saying it because … no guys… and I decided to just keep it to no students/residents was easiest.

      After going through med school, and meeting some really disgusting creepy guys who go into Ob/Gyn and hearing some stories……, I try to get all women Docs whenever possible for my docs. At least for the ones I can choose…

    • Coming into this very late,but after a traumatic experience at my reproductive endocrinologist where a med student mistakenly told me “um, I can’t see a heartbeat so I think you might have miscarried?” – I don’t let students do any portion of my exams any more. I hadn’t miscarried, he just didn’t know what he was doing, but we had been trying for two years when I got pregnant, so – yeah. One of the nurses read him the riot act in the hallway after it was determined that everything was fine so I felt a little better.

      You can always, always, always say no. It’s your body and your privacy rights involved.

  7. Lana Del Raygun :

    I usually hate jumpsuits but I think this looks great. It definitely wouldn’t fly in my office, but my super-stylish fantasy alter-ego wears this with light-gray pumps and a bright jade necklace.

  8. Mineallmine :

    Ok, can anyone explain to me why jumpsuits are worth the hassle of having to completely undress overtime you need to pee? Also, they’re hard to fit because there are so many more fit points (as in all of them) as compared to tops or bottoms or dresses. They’re supposed to be so fashionable, but I’ve literally never seen any woman wearing them outside of a pair of overalls or work coveralls.

    • Cornellian. :

      At least your top and bottom half of the suit will dryclean/age/fade equally??

    • Mrs. Jones :

      Just looking at jumpsuits and the like makes me have to pee.

    • Anonymous :

      I’ve seen people wearing black jumpsuits to cocktail events – they can make you look long and lean and elegant. As a tall woman though, not my game.

      • Rainbow Hair :

        Man, some women look SO GOOD in jumpsuits. I pee far too frequently to make it worthwhile.

    • Anonymous :

      I’m tall , and I wore a lovely flattering black jumpsuit on my birthday last summer, and I peed myself. True story. A few drinks + jumpsuit = inability to get to the bathroom in time, apparently. Don’t be me. Don’t wear a jumpsuit.

      • Senior Attorney :

        I don’t think I’ve ever laughed out loud twice in one thread before. Nicely done!

  9. Baconpancakes :

    In case anyone is still looking for a casual holiday outfit, I tried on the beautiful BR velvet top last week (, and while it felt nice and luxurious, and was lined, it was tight in the shoulders and hips and baggy in the waist, even sizing up. Went into ON to return a sweater, and grabbed this instead:

    It’s stretchy, comfy, and looks much better on than in the photo. My coworker also in a velvet top for our holiday party complimented me on it, and lamented that her Madewell top looked and felt terrible and she liked my top much better. Going out to dinner with friends that night, I got another couple compliments on it. I just wore it with black trousers and black wedge heels, and a pearl layered necklace. Strong recommend.

  10. workingmomz :

    I can’t imagine wearing this to the office. Like at all.

  11. I am Going to a meeting with a client that smokes a Lot . what to wear that Will not be ruined?

    • I doubt anything will be ruined by smoke; it’ll just need a good cleaning. My first choice would be clothes that can be washed immediately. My second choice would be clothes that are already 1-2 wears away from needing dry cleaning (steamed and lint-rolled so they look nice, of course).

  12. Cookie Swap :

    What is your favorite non traditional holiday cookie recipe?

    • These are two of my favorites, both from Allrecipes:

  13. If you have AT&T, change your password. A friend and I both got hacked yesterday. Someone ordered phones under our names and had them sent to different addresses. (Instead of sending it to me, Susie in Boston, it got sent to Susie in Nashville — I have a common name, my friend does not). I haven’t seen anything about this in the news, so hopefully it’s not a big deal and it’s just a fluke that it happened to both of us yesterday.

    Of course, AT&T handled it horribly and I was on hold with their fraud dept for nearly two hours last night before hanging up. Once I got the email with the tracking number I called Fedex, and they saved the day and intercepted the package. It all happens very quickly– the phone shipped within a couple of hours of being ordered and the person who ordered it had it overnighted– so you have to act quickly, which is nearly impossible a week and a half before xmas.

    • Thanks. I just logged in to try to change mine, and you can’t use any special characters. Um, it’s almost 2018. What is with that archaic requirement?

    • Anonymous :

      did you get an email from AT&T about the order? I can’t image finding out so fast otherwise

      • Yes, it was an order confirmation email and I was like “uhhh… I didn’t order anything?” which is what led me to look into it in the first place.

  14. Anonymous :

    To revisit the holiday tipping question – how should I get a tip to a super that’s never around? I’ve worked at multiple entry level positions in jobs where tips are a significant portion of take home pay, so I don’t want to be thoughtless….. but the man is never around and, if truth be told, expresses a strong reluctance if not downright annoyance at being contacted any time we have get in touch with him about an issue/request. Is it simply not worth the effort to figure out how to tip someone who very clearly doesn’t want to do his job? FWIW, I do not live in a luxury building in NYC – but rather a crappy “starter” apartment that 20-somethings live in due to our family’s financial circumstances.

    • I take it he doesn’t live on-site? When I lived in a similar building, my super lived there, so I just slid an envelope under his door with a note and $50 in it. Otherwise, I would send an envelope with his name on it c/o the landlord.

      • No, he doesn’t (even though the apartment listing touted a “live-in super”). That’s a great idea, but unfortunately, I don’t quite trust the landlord to make sure it gets to him (not out of greediness, but general lack of organization / overall dysfunctional office).

    • Anonymous :

      Don’t tip him. I understand it’s part of their comp expectation, but if they’re providing subpar service, that should not be rewarded. It is still optional on your part.

  15. No, he doesn’t (even though the landlord advertised that he did). You suggested a great idea, but unfortunately I doubt the envelope would make it to him (not because of greediness in the management office, but because of overall dysfunction and lack of organization).

  16. All of a sudden every time I click on a post on this site I get HUGE bottom popup that cannot be blocked or closed. It is incredibly annoying! To the point that i will not come back until this is fixed. Way more intrusive than anything I have ever seen here. Is anyone else experiencing this? My browser is Chrome Version 62.0.3202.94.

    • Less Annoyed :

      I just installed Adblock Plus and it seems to be doing the trick. It just blocked EIGHT popups generated when I opened this post. That’s insane!

      • I usually read this site on mobile. I ended up downloading an entire ad blocked browser just for this and one other out of control ad experience.

    • Senior Attorney :

      Yes. It’s the worst!

    • Anonymous :

      I get it too, but there is an x in a blue circle on the top right of the box that will make it go away

    • Anonymous :

      Yes, there was a thread a day or two ago about it. It’s incredibly annoying.

      • Yup as usual Kat hasn’t bothered to weigh in.

      • The pop ups are really annoying on my handheld, and since there’s been no response about them I’m pulling this site off my daily read.

  17. Vicarious RTR Shopping Help Needed! :

    I have a black tie work function in January to attend and am struggling to find a dress on Rent The Runway. It’s a work party, so it can be a little more fun/not super conservative, but not WHOA.

    Budget is $100 or less, I have gold shoes and jewelry (earrings, cuff) that I’m planning to wear, so would prefer a color that would coordinate with that and not something like gold sequins. I’m late 20s and have an athletic/slightly hourglass figure, on the busty side.

    I’m overwhelmed by options on RTR and feel like everything is either matronly or way too sexy. Help plz!

    Will also repost in the morning :)

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