Black Friday Sale Alert

TONS of great sales this holiday season, ladies — what are you buying? For workwear, these are the sales of note… my favorites are the Nordstrom sale (extra 20% off!) and some great deals at Zappos, surprisingly… see the full roundup, after the jump!

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  1. Kat, this is SO nice of you to scout these sales out for us! I am back in the City, and am goeing to Lord and Taylor this morning b/c of their sale!

    Yesterday, I ate so much turkey that I got the turkey trots, which is REAL! FOOEY! But I am over it now, and am now planning on goeing out once I am emptied out. I need to do 15,000 step’s today, but I do NOT have to bill for a change! YAY!!!

  2. Never too many shoes... :

    Kate Spade is also having a massive sale of up to 75% off and free shipping.

    • You have to go to surprise dot katespade dot com rather than just katespade dot com to find it, FYI

      Or at least you did last night

  3. Cole Haan has 50% off certain categories! I just bought a pair of black heeled ankle booties I’d drooled over last month (and might’ve found them from here? They’re the Hayes Strap Bootie).

  4. Gifting Up :

    I know we do not advocate gifting up, but my assistant WILL give me a gift. Saying “you don’t have to give me anything – seriously,” is not an option. All the assistants give small gifts despite us as a group saying we appreciate the thought but really don’t want them giving gifts to the partners. My assistant wants to know what I want. Last year I said fun office supplies which was great but I still have a pile of fun post it notes and pens. I hate to say it, but I don’t really want the cheap lotions and hand soaps and candles that seem to be the standard. How do I respond to her request?

    • I think it’s pretty common for assistants to give a small gift at Christmas if they work primarily with one partner. I share an assistant with 4 other lawyers so she doesn’t gift to us but my dad’s legal assistant always got him something. Generally a bottle of wine or box of chocolates. Nothing extravagant. Are there any particular snacks you like? or chocolates/candy? If you ask for gifting type food, you can always regift if you aren’t interested. Or share it at the office.

    • 10 buck Starbucks gift card?

    • What about wine or something else consumable? I am an associate, and my legal assistant, secretary, and I all go in on a gift for the partner we all work for (it is the legal assistant’s idea, not mine or the partner’s). The partner seems least uncomfortable when we give her a bottle of sparkling wine or fancy chocolates.

      • Senior Attorney :

        If the best case scenario is “least uncomfortable,” why don’t you just tell the others that it’s long past time you started obeying the “don’t gift up” rule. Seriously. Just say no. The partner will love you for it.

  5. So, who else is in the office today?

    • me :(

    • moi…but may be dressed the most casual I will be all year…like crop leggings, sneaks, and a hoodie causal. But also the only one in the office and getting a ton done!

    • I may be one of 10 people in the entire building today and not happy about it. Wearing a maxi dress and since no one is working today the cafe is closed and the air is off (It’s hot in LA).
      Hoping to leave early so i can reunite with my out-of-town friends

    • Me, but I’m Canadian, and it’s just a regular Friday. :)

      • :) Well, Happy Thanksgiving to you a month late. We’re just a little behind the times down here!

      • pretty empty at my Canadian office – a lot of people have taken the day or a half day to finish Christmas shopping. I suspect whoever’s here are mostly shopping online.

    • I’m working but maybe doing a little more surfing (and shopping…) than normal.

  6. Why does Nordstrom do this every time they have a sale? Trying to check out but “our site hit a snag.” This happened during the last sale, too. It’s not worth the time.

    • When I tried to buy boots a few days ago it kept mixing my cart up with others.
      No I do not need a mens shirt, thanks

    • I’ve been trying to buy something on Gap and it keeps giving me “technical difficulties.”

  7. Not Linus :

    If anyone in the office today has time for some shopping help, I am looking for a really soft and warm wrap that folds up very small so I can throw it in my under the seat carry on for plane rides to use as a blanket and then wear in our over air conditioned offices once I reach my destination. A cashmere splurge may be in order but inexpensive is good too. I have one now that takes up a lot of space and I am beginning to realize looks a bit like I brought a blankie to meetings…

    • Get a baby blanket from ETSY. A new one will last, even if someone accidentally barfs on it.

      • I agree! Rosa has a nice blanket she wraps herself in when she is sitting in the den, and it is Sooooo soft! I asked her where she got it and she said ETSY, so I guess they have soft fluffy stuff! If you go there, I am sure you will be happy. YAY!!!!!

        I was in Nordstrom’s today with Rosa and the kids in White Plains! What madness! Peeople all over the place, and lots of nice shoes and handbags for us. Thanks to Kat for picking out all of the sales. I decided to go to L&T during the week instead! YAY!!!!

    • Doesn't Belong Here :

      I love the tissue weight wool/cashmere scarf from Nordstrom; I use it as more of a wrap. I always take one on a plane and often to work. I find them very warm and not so “tissue weight”.

    • Oh so anon :

      I have a fluffy, fleecy throw at my desk. My office is frigid year-round. I literally bring a blankie to meetings – no shame!

    • S in Chicago :

      If splurging–Nordstrom Collection cashmere wrap. It’s part of the extra 20 percent of sale. You won’t regret it.

  8. SimpliSafe is running discounts today (if anyone is still checking). $200 off the Beacon package brings it to around $300 — good deal!

  9. Favorite turkey soup recipe? I made a really nice stock from the carcass. Feeling like something more interesting than onions, carrots, celery and noodles.

    • Why not try Austrian dumplings instead of noodles? Small change but if you do not usually make dumplings, this can already change things up.

      • Thanks! I just came back and saw this – will try next time. I ended up making turkey and wild rice soup with dill and mushrooms, with a little bit ot turmeric. It’s a recipe from the 150 Best American recipes book by Fran mccullough and Molly Stevens, but is adapted from a recipe published by Kathie Jenkins in the Atlanta journal-constitution. Can’t find it online.

        Yesterday we had curry turkey salad from the joy of cooking and that was a big hit.

        I guess I get sick of all the rich sage/celery/carrot/onion flavors from thanksgiving day and am looking to change it up a little.

        So far so good.

        Nigella Lawson’s bang bang turkey salad looks good too.

        Happy cooking everyone!

    • Late, but we always do a spicy turkey peanut soup. Here’s a general approximation:

  10. S in Chicago :

    If splurging–Nordstrom Collection cashmere wrap. It’s part of the extra 20 percent of sale. You won’t regret it.

  11. Any ideas on how to get my boyfriend to propose to me? We been dating six months and I think I’m ready for marriage. He may not be but I can’t really wait around that long, as I’m 37 years old.

    • Silent treatment :

      Ooh, I was there. I guess a positive, non-pressury conversation is best, but I don’t know how best to achieve that. It’s weird, because it’s obviously a serious matter, but a casual, sort of pragmatic tone seems good here. What has he said about the future/marriage?

    • Senior Attorney :

      On the very off-chance this post is on the level, you don’t get him to propose to you. If you want to marry him, then you propose to him.

    • Anonymous :

      If you have a roommate named Will, you can invite over a friend named Mary and try to get your boyfriend to say the magic words when discussing the seating chart, like Grace did on Will & Grace. That’s probably the best way to do it.

    • Have an honest discussion on where each of you are on your wedding timeline. If he says he’s not ready, believe him. Either decide you’re willing to wait for him to be ready or break up and move on.

  12. Silent treatment :

    A good friend has gone silent on me. We’d probably text once a week, sometimes more, but we’d all exchange messages in a group text every 3 or 4 days, and about a month ago all texts stopped, from her and the group. Yesterday morning I texted her a happy thanksgiving and also “haven’t heard from you in a few weeks, hop you’re not unhappy with me about anything?” She’s been on LinkedIn so I know luckily she’s not totally MIA – she’s at least generally ok. On holidays there are usually a flurry of messages on the group text (5 of us, including this friend.) I can’t imagine they weren’t sent this time – likely I just wasn’t included.
    She hasn’t responded to my text asking if everything’s ok. And what started off as bewilderment is now turning into anger. I don’t know what I did. Whatever it is, it cannot be meriting this kind of sudden cut-off, with no explanation, and then silent treatment even when asked. How do you ignore something like that? It really hurts, and I can’t imagine doing this to anyone.

    How would you wise ladies deal with this?

    • I would send a group chat to your friend wishing them nice holidays and asking one open question and see how that goes. If none of them responds, you know where you are. And paralel to this, I would send a text to said friend.
      Assuming good intentions, your friend may be dealing with some difficult privat matter and is not yet ready to connect. Be patient. In case she does not get back in touch with you, well, you have lost a friend. A very immature one, as she cannot communicate and resolve potential issue she had with you. It will hurt for a while, but you will move on.
      I lost a few “friends” during the past few years (I moved to a different country) – and it hurt every single time it happened. But you know what? After a few months, I haven’t noticed their absence and I gained some new friends along the way, who have proved to be a better match.
      This experience is a learning opportunity – a chance to evaluate what values are you looking for in your friends and find the right match for you.

    • I’m so sorry. That happened to me and I never found out what the problem was. It was very frustrating because we were close friends.

      Interestingly, years later I have heard she has come out as gay. When we were friends she was a bit homophobic while I was and am the more accepting friend. It’s weird that she wouldn’t want to be friends with me because of that (if that is what it was) – maybe because of things she said to me that she regrets?

      I will likely never know why but i have made peace with it. Things like this are usually more about the other person than you.

    • Anonymous :

      This happened to me. I didn’t get invited to her wedding and she still has never told me what made her mad. We see each other at social events with our friend group and she acts friendly and I am not rude, but I sure as hell avoid her when possible. I don’t care about the wedding. I care that someone who talks about her feelings and how good at them she is (eyeroll) and who is a counselor didn’t have the balls to be an adult and talk to be about whatever it was I did. Or didn’t do. Who knows. Shrug. I don’t need friends like that!

    • Senior Attorney :

      I would call her on the phone and have an actual conversation.

  13. Liberty Tabletop has 15% off all flatware this weekend, which is apparently their best deal of the year. When I bought my set it was the pattern of the month and it was 11% off. This sale is not just better by 4% but better because you can choose any pattern.

    No affiliation, just a satisfied owner of the “Pearl” pattern.

  14. Those who have a Theory Outlet near them, they’re having a 60-80% off sale through Monday. Went in last night and got one of their nice suit sets for less than $300.

  15. Good morning ladies! Any recommendations for a burgundy rolling leather briefcase around $1,000? Or brand recommendations?

    Thanks in advance!

  16. I have some blocked pore zits on my forehead. And some on my cheeks. And a cyst thingie ON MY D*MN NECK.

    I’m in my 40s.


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