How to Style a Sweater as a Layering Piece

how to style a cardigan as a layering pieceI recently saw some interesting photos at Banana Republic of sweaters styled as a layering piece, and since it IS that season where you may or may not need a sweater or cardigan, depending on temperature, wind, humidity, office AC, etc., I thought it might make an interesting discussion. If you’re not actively wearing the sweater, how do you style it? Do you wrap it around your shoulders or your waist, or do you just carry it in a bag? This can be very office-specific as well as location-specific, but here are the basic questions: Are there ways to style a cardigan that are “classic,” or does the sweater-as-accessories-look read a certain way to you, like preppy, casual, or (ahem) dated? Do you prefer to just throw a cardigan in your bag for your commute if you’re not wearing it? (In the past, we’ve talked more generally about cardigans in our guide to stylish cardigans for the office, and we’ve also discussed ways to button cardigans.)

For my $.02, I think both looks above are way too casual for a conservative office. If I needed to shed a layer before returning to my office I’d be far more likely to throw both arms of the cardigan over my shoulders, like below. But while I see a lot of this look in real life (enough that I’d call it classic!), I see hardly any images in the styled annals of Pinterest and style blogs, which makes me wonder if people see it as outdated. (Refinery 29 has their “cool girl” take on how to style sweaters that includes a very sloppy version of the below looks…)

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10 Tips to Save Money on Subscription Services

Save Money on Subscription ServicesWe recently rounded up several good ways to cut the cord and say goodbye to your cable company forever, and today we thought we’d take a deeper dive by sharing 10 tips to save money on subscription services of all sorts — both the ones you already have and the ones you might be considering cutting.ways to save money on subscription services Readers, we’d love to hear from you — how often do you reassess subscription services? What are your best tips for ways to save money on subscription services? 

First, take stock of the current situation. Take a moment to write down all your current subscriptions, from your gym to Hulu to Hello Fresh — including the ones (like, say, Netflix) that you know you won’t be canceling, and the ones you’ve been meaning to get rid of and keep forgetting about. Check your last month or so of credit card transactions to catch any that you might be forgetting. (Don’t forget to check your Paypal account, and scrutinize charges from regular credit card line items like Amazon and iTunes to make sure you’re not unwittingly subscribing to services.)  Are there yearly subscriptions or paid memberships you’re forgetting about? What is your monthly total for the subscriptions you’ve signed up for, and are there any you’re not even using, or barely using?

If you find yourself unpleasantly surprised (or even shocked) by your list, you can tackle the problem by using these 10 tips to save money on subscription services, now and in the future:

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Should You Tell Your Colleagues About Your ASD?

If you’re doing well in your job, but your supervisor and coworkers don’t know that you have autism, should you tell your colleagues about your ASD? Should you tell them when you interview, when you start work, or only if you need specific accommodations and/or if problems arise? We recently heard from an autistic lawyer who is trying to make that decision:

Reader M asks:

I’ve been recently diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. It’s not a huge surprise, an assessment was begun when I was a child and discontinued because my parents were concerned about me being labeled. Now, before my diagnosis I skipped three grades, entered law school young enough that I was the youngest woman there for all three years, did incredibly well at my bar exam, and have been successfully employed. Should I go public with my diagnosis? What could go wrong?

This is a really interesting question. We haven’t talked about autism before, but we recently discussed how to manage ADHD in the workplace (incidentally, up to 50% of people with autism show signs of ADHD), and we’ve also shared advice on disclosing other personal/medical information at work, such as how to announce your pregnancy at work, as well as tips for handling frequent doctors’ appointments and making time for therapy.

Note to readers: Some people on the autism spectrum prefer being referred to as “a person with autism,” while others identify themselves as “an autistic person.” (This is framed as person-first vs. identity-first language.) We don’t know what Reader M prefers, so we’re using both.

For readers who don’t know a lot about autism, here are a few facts to frame the conversation about ASD and the office:

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How to Handle Imposter Syndrome

how to handle imposter syndromeHere’s something we haven’t discussed recently: how to handle imposter syndrome. If you’re not familiar with imposter syndrome, it’s that lovely feeling that you’re successful because you’re tricking everyone about your intelligence or insights, that you’re the recipient of incredible luck to have come this far, and that any day now someone will figure you out and have you booted out of the office or classroom. *Cough.* Not to be too specific or anything. Imposter syndrome has been on my mind lately because I read this great anecdote in Forbes about a lobster at a court party:

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How Often Do You Declutter Your Wardrobe?

how often do you declutter your wardrobeHere’s a fun question for today: how often do you declutter your wardrobe? Do you have a “one in, one out” policy? How do you deal if you have a bunch of clothes that will totally fit if you just lose 5 or 10 pounds (and yet you never seem to lose those 5 or 10 pounds)? Another blogger I follow just mentioned that she bought something, didn’t like it, and thrifted it after a few months and I thought, WHOA.wardrobe decluttering - how often to get rid of your clothing clutter This lady is serious about thrifting. So I thought it might be an interesting discussion about turnover rates for clothes — how quickly do you assess what’s not working and try to sell, thrift, or donate?

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How to Hack (And Optimize) Your Sleep

how to hack and optimize your sleepWhat are your best tips for hacking and optimizing your sleep, ladies? We’ve talked about different types of insomnia and using sleep cycles wisely, with lots of advice on sleep detractors like anxiety loops as well as some sleep tools like weighted blankets — but I don’t think we’ve ever had a general discussion on how to hack and optimize your sleep. (Oh, and we’ve got a TON of sleep advice for working moms — for both the sleep-deprived kids and sleep-deprived parents — over at CorporetteMoms.)

The Big Fish: The Big Things That Help You Optimize Your Sleep

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