Coffee Break: Emily High-Heel Platform Mary Jane

emily mary jane high heelsWe always forget about Johnston & Murphy for women’s shoes, but they consistently have some really cute heels.  Today, we’re liking these “cognac” platform Mary Janes — we like the tiered look to the leather, as well as the color.  The price isn’t bad, either — was $228, now $89 — but if you buy two pairs of shoes you get the second pair 50% off.  EMILY HIGH-HEEL PLATFORM MARY JANE


  1. I love!
    I think mary janes often have a tendency to look either dowdy or juvenile or both (sorry — that’s just my opinion! I know tastes differ). . . but these are gorgeous & very sophisticated! I totally want a pair!!

  2. I have always hated mary janes and platforms, but I love, love, love these!

  3. I have these in “nude” (really a blush color) patent and although they tore up my feet quite a bit when I first put them on, they’re not too bad now.

  4. Just wanted to mention that the post on traveling for work is featured in the Workforce Smartbrief! That’s how I originally found Corporette.

    But more importantly, those shoes are beeyooteeful!

  5. Wow, these are really cute. Too bad I a.) have absolutely no money for clothes right now, and b.) rarely wear heels this high.

  6. Beautiful! Even with the platform I couldn’t pull off that tall of a heel without destroying my feet, but I would enthusiastically admire them on someone else.

    Somewhat related, Naturalizer is having a clearance sale – I ordered two pairs of shoes both marked down over 60%.

  7. I have a similar pair (sans tiering) from Bandolino in Cognac Leather:

  8. Elle Woods :

    Love love love! I am a huge fan of Mary Janes generally – the strap usually means (for me at least) that even high heels don’t hurt as much as there is more support so I infinitely prefer them to regular courts which I find generally won’t stay on my feet (even with the sticky heel stuff).

  9. Is the picture not showing up for anyone else? I’m using Firefox on a PC.

    • I don’t see it either, and am using Internet Explorer on a PC. Maybe the firewall is blocking it?

    • It’s not showing in Firefox on my Mac, but Safari worked. Sorry that’s not really any help for the PC users…

  10. how are J&M shoes generally? I see one commenter said they tear up her feet . . . is this the general consensus?

  11. I didn’t know that Johnston & Murphy even made women’s shoes… but they make excellent long-lasting leather products (wallets, briefcases, etc.) – not trendy, but very classic. Will have to check these out :-)

  12. I have a pair of heavenly J&M nude pumps, which I wear everyday to work. They are this very supple leather (not patent, I don’t know about that), which gave me blisters on day 1-2, but ever since have fit me like a glove. I’m getting them resoled next week because I wear them all the time (nude goes with everything!)

    • I think a lot of my most comfortable shoes were “break in” pairs, i.e., I had to suffer thru some blisters but then the leather just molded to my feet like a glove.
      Not to advocate suffering in shoes that hurt, but sometimes leather needs a little time to conform.

  13. Love! Heels of this height or higher are my thing and it’s difficult to find ones that are office-appropriate, so these are perfect for me.

  14. 1st Year Associate :

    I have a work question and would love input from all the more experienced (or perhaps just less dopey) ladies here! What do you all recommend junior associates do when they run out of work? This has happened to me a couple of times, where I’ve been plenty busy and then things just kind of dry up – is it appropriate to go to partners you work with regularly and ask if they have anything they need done? I’ve been doing this (as well as asking more senior associates, which feels less weird) and wonder if I’m mostly making myself a nuisance of myself. Nobody has seem particularly put off but I worry.

    • Anonymous :

      I think you have to do what you’re doing. It shows that you are eager to keep your docket full and contribute.

    • I’m very junior but I think that is EXACTLY what you ought to be doing ALL the time. Go to partners you work with and any partners you would LIKE to work with, and especially to partners who look like good mentors.

    • Agreed that you should continue letting people know that you are available to help out on projects. Especially make sure to let your group head and mentor know that you are looking. Depending on your group, you could also volunteer to do nonbillable things like client alerts, help on articles, etc. It will help you learn the area and show that you are engaged even though they aren’t producing the work for you that they should.

    • I think you’re doing the right thing — When I was an entry level accountant in a CPA firm that’s how I got into some really interesting projects that really helped me develop relationships within the firm as well as develop a reputation as a ‘self-starter’

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      Great question. Just be careful about asking too many people. I had that backfire where I went from nothing to swamped in one day! My recent pet peeve is when you have a few things to work on but could certainly take on more, and someone walks in and says “are you busy?” It is the worst because you say yes and they walk away, you say no and they think you are just messing around and not useful. I have finally figured out to say “I have work to do but room for more if you are looking for help.”

    • Do what you are doing. As a senior associate, I’m going to almost always try to find SOMETHING for a junior associate who is looking for work (provided I like the quality of work). This is true even when I have to stretch to find something. And it’s a lot easier to explain low hours if you can say, I took these steps to try to locate work. The alternative is having to explain why you sat in your office with nothing to do. Also, this might be a good time to look at non-billable “accountable time” projects you could be doing – getting involved with charitable organizations and committees, getting involved with bar associations, getting involved with non-billable projects in your firm, etc.

  15. Ask for work. Go to your regular partners first, then go to the more senior associates. Better yet, learn how to anticipate when you might be running out of things. Let your partners know what you have on your plate and whether they have any upcoming projects that you can be a part of. If it starts getting slow, ask your partners whether you should look outside your practice group for work. Being a young (biglaw) attorney is all about the billables. You shouldn’t feel awkward about it.

  16. Seeking interview fashion advice:

    I have a callback this week at a biglaw firm in LA. I’m trying to figure out what to wear. I’m in the middle of moving and studying for the bar, so a lot of my clothing is packed and I would prefer not to go out and buy a top.

    I’m thinking of wearing a black suit with a rich green button-up shirt from Banana (3/4-sleeve). My question is, Is the green too rich? It’s Crayola jungle greenish. I love it, and I think it’s a good color on me, but perhaps it stands out too much. (It’s kind of the color here, but…richer; can’t think of a more precise adjective:

    I’d appreciate opinions. In case it’s relevant, my alternatives are white (button-up or sweater, but we’re going out for lunch and I’m afraid I’ll spill, plus I believe commenters here think white shirt + black suit = 2L at OCI) or goldish (Banana tops, but one is a bit low-cut and the other is a t-shirt with a fancy neckline).

    Or I can wear a black shirt with a gray suit, I guess.

    • I love pairing a green shirt with a black suit. I see nothing wrong with it.

    • I think that’s totally appropriate. I also think that lawyers in LA are a bit more fashion forward so I wouldn’t worry about being too out there, as long as you are within limits (and this shirt is within those limits).

  17. Just reporting in. I got the Nordstrom cardi from the juniors’ section that was featured here last week and I love it. It’s a nice, soft sweater material, nice color, has a jacket-y vibe without being too structured, and is just the right weight to be warm in the frigid office and not too hot walking outside to pick up lunch. I am not a petite like the original commenter, but I ordered one size up from what I usually wear, and it fits fine. And, fairly cheap. Just ordered it in another color.

    • Legally Brunette :

      Good to know, thanks! That cardigan looks really cute.

    • Oh yay, I ordered 2 and they should arrive later this week.

    • Good to hear. I ordered two, and I’m crossing my fingers that they are wonderful on me, too!

    • Thanks for the info. Hope this question makes sense, but how are the arms? My upper arms are disproportionately large for my body, so sometimes cardigans with narrowly cut sleeves can be uncomfortable or look funny. Is there some room in the sleeves? Thanks!

      • They are roomy, definitely not narrowly cut, and I think the sweater material may stretch out a bit while you wear it (noticed that last night – my one complaint).

        Also, should have mentioned – I usually am not a “tucker”, but had to tuck in my tee yesterday with it bc, while jacket-y, the unstructured front along with an untucked tee looked too sloppy, even over a pencil skirt and heels. Be prepared to tuck and/or belt.

  18. Love this but wish it were in wine or burgundy. Nothing in my closet matches this honey brown (which is not cognac, IMHO).

  19. Absolutely love these. Of course, I would choose black if they had it.

  20. A lot of you want to project an older look. I think these are cute shoes, but they scream young chickie to me. If you are young, these shoes would just reinforce it, IMO.

    • I disagree. Actually, a 50-something partner at my work is wearing very similar shoes today and my 60-something mother has a pretty similar pair, as well.

  21. Any advice for negotiating salary? I got a job offer which is a great fit for me, personally and professionally, but for no increase in salary at all with a small signing bonus. I’m not desperate to leave my current position, but I think I would be happier at the new job. However, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to seek at least a 5% pay increase. Any tips?

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