Hoseanna Winner!

Our Hoseanna giveaway ended yesterday — out of 128 comments, the winning commenter was #124 (chosen via Random.org).  I’ve contacted the winner already by email.

To everyone who didn’t win… the founders of Hoseanna have something for you anyway!  Enter promotion code “CORP10” at checkout for $10.00 off. Shipping is free over $30.  The promotion is valid until November 15.  Enjoy!

As a reminder, Hoseanna is a new service that lets women put “busy” on auto-ship, and get things like hosiery, toiletries, and other intimate supplies shipped to you automatically.  You can check out my review of Hoseanna’s new site if you want more info, or just click on over to Hoseanna and start shopping!

Disclosure: Please note that Corporette charges advertisers a fee to promote and administer giveaways.


  1. karenpadi :

    Yeah! Great discount.

    Tangential observation: does it seem like last week’s discussion of sexual harassment was prescient considering Herman Cain’s recent troubles?

    I read the articles and everyone’s comments from that thread keep wandering through my mind.

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