Introducing the Corporette Guide to Comfortable Heels

comfortable heelsI’ve been thinking for a while about expanding the site to include shopping guides on those dead-simple basics that every woman needs and buys (and has definite opinions about) but, to be honest, aren’t that much fun to blog about. (A navy Theory suit? A pair of black heels? Yawn.) (Pictured: Stuart Weitzman – Madison (Black Soft Patent).)

One of our top posts last year was one on comfortable heels, so I thought I’d start there — I’d like to introduce the Corporette Guide to Comfortable Heels! Please check it out and add comments — which brands are your favorite? which particular shoes do you buy over and over again? Please comment on the page itself — and please keep any off-topic comments/threadjacks to this current page. (Warning: I will delete any off-topic discussions from the shopping guide.)

(This is part of the new Corporette “Shop” section on the top menu, which I began building late last year — it includes a round-up of sample sale sites, as well as “The Mall,” which is really just a list of stores that I have affiliate relationships with; I eventually hope to grow that section with more guides (such as a guide to basic suits) as well as perhaps some Corporette merchandise like T-shirts and mugs. (Believe it or not, people who are not my mother have asked for such things!))


  1. Merchandise!! Oh, Kat, you should totally have Corporette card holders or wallets!

    Or start your own line of those elusive work-appropriate, no-iron, non-gapping button down shirts…

    • Someone should make a line of custom made suits for women.
      I saw ads for a company called my suit ny dot com & you basically make a suit exactly how you want, pick out yoru fabric, and then they fit it to your measurements, and revise as many times as needed, in a NYC showroom or by mail. All for about $500 (more if special fabric). Of course, men only. I would seriously LOVE to have a service like this, and yet, alas. . . .

      • There is one for women. My brother gave my mom a gift certificate to a site like that two Christmases ago. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name.

      • Chris in LA :

        I just did a Google search for “custom suits for women” and came up with a lot of hits. I bet a similar search for womens or ladies shirts or blouses would return the same.

        This tailor maintains an interesting site:

        • Thanks, there are a lot, but they seem to be either super expensive (plenty bespoke tailors on the Upper East Side, too) or aren’t what I am looking for — i.e., a bit kitchy, cutesy, etc.
          The my suit option seems like a classic suit at a great price. Maybe if they do well, they’ll expand to ladies wear ;)

      • There’s a place that does this in Brooklyn, called Dangerous Mathematicians. Don’t know if they have a web service, though.

      • Hi AIMS, we do custom suits for women! (We’re based in NYC.) But it’s especially essential for women that in-person fittings are done (the rest of the process can be done online). If you’re interested in finding out more send us an email at [email protected] or visit our website

  2. I’d add Joan & David, which has a nice selection of 2″ heels.

    • Hooray! Shoes real people can really wear–far better than the 4″ monsters in the pic :)

  3. Spectacular idea! I learned about Tsubos from you on an earlier post and can’t live without them for business meetings and other career-appropriate attire events. TY!

  4. The thought specific posts without all the completely off topic thread jacks sounds wonderful. Sometimes I just want to find information about the clothes and having to weed through everything else is a negative time suck.

  5. Great idea! Other possible subjects: pencil skirts, cardigans, blue and black suits, work appropriate dresses, handbags, business casual days or conferences…

  6. Anonymous :

    foundation garments (especially no-line undergarments) would be fabulous.

  7. I agree. I would like to have a CREDIT card that let’s me shop anywhere, and get’s points for travel. Right now, I have different cards for Bloomingdale, Macy, and Saks, and CANNOT keep all of the bills straight.

    Alan says he is going to put me on a BUDGET, but I say FOOEY to him, b/c I am making as much as he is, and my job is not riskey.

    Does any other corporette have this problem with their men trying to be bossy? I do NOT like it.

    • Just DUMP Alan for the bald bad BREATH partner. FOOEY to bossy men!

    • Another Sarah :

      You know, if you MARREY him, he’s just going to be even more BOSSY…

    • Poor little Ellen, tell ALAN to stick his BUDGET up his FOOEY. Sure it’s riskey, but you’ll be able to buy every so many more corsets.

    • “get’s” was my favorite in this post. Oh Ellen, YOU are too good FOR Alan!

    • This is the same Ellen that got kicked off of the ABA’s website for “her” ridiculous posts. How can someone have so much useless time on “her” hands and still feel that this is the most entertaining way to spend it?

  8. I find Farylrobin makes fairly comfortable heels. They tend to have chunkier heels, which helps. I met Faryl at a trunk show and she said her heels have to pass three requirements:
    1) do they look good?
    2) is the price reasonable?
    3) if you were on the worst date of your life, could you walk (or run) home in them?

    • Divaliscious11 :

      Agreed on Faryl Robin- very comfy, when you can find a cute pair.

      Weitzman can be hit or miss on comfort as well.

      Most comfy shoes I own are Jimmy Choo w/2″ heel. They weren’t cheap, but I wear them spring, summer, fall and can wear all day at work and through evening networking event!

  9. A guide to high heels? How about a guide to every day shoes, shoes people could & would wear to work & on a regular basis? Honestly!

    • But I do wear heels to work every day – anything from two inch to four inch heels, depending on my outfit and how much I’ll be on my feet. My thanks to Kat for the guide.

    • Uh, yeah. I wear heels (almost) every day to work. It’s a rare day that I wear flats to work.

    • I wear high heels every day at work and I’m 5 months pregnant with twins. Honestly!

  10. Cole Haan Nike heels – very comfortable and beautiful shoes, can wear them all day with no pain!

  11. I like Naturalizer. Their heels have thicker cross sections but they’re not too chunky.

  12. Amalfi make very comfortable shoes but don’t have many heels this season. They’re also very expensive unless bought on clearance.

    Stuart Weitzman is also very good but are also very expensive and run a half-size large.

  13. Threadjack–

    Someone just sent an email to me that should have gone to someone else. They forwarded an email I sent them, with commentary that I’m certain they did not want me to see. I’m in a position to confer a benefit onto this person, but after reading the email I am a little annoyed by them and no longer want to help them out. At the same time, I recognize that this email was not intended for my eyes, so maybe I’m being too hard on them.

    My question is, do I say anything? They haven’t sent a follow-up email apology or acknowledging the mistake, so I’m assuming they didn’t realize it yet. If you were in a situation where you sent a sensitive email that was critical of someone you want help from, would you want that person to acknowledge it, or pretend it didn’t happen?

    • oops, meant to put this on a different topic…though replies are still welcome.

    • Sadly, I’d probably bust them on it by sending back the e-mail with a “Was this intended for me?” comment. If you can take the high road and ignore it, I applaud you.

      I once said something very nice and then something not so nice about a colleague while in a public restroom. Next thing I knew, said colleague walked out of a stall. All I could do was apologize and explain my comment. I learned a very valuable lesson that day and will never, ever repeat that mistake. Perhaps you’ll be teaching your e-mailer an important lesson too.

    • Two cents :

      This happened to me a few years ago, and I did not take the high road. I wrote an email to someone whose opinion I had highly valued, and she decided to forward on the note to her husband with a derogatory note about me. Unfortunately for both of us, she forwarded the email to me, not her husband. I was so hurt and mortified. I wrote her a note that said something like, “I’m assuming you did not intend to send this to me. Thanks for your time.” I could have just not responded but I felt that her note was so out of place that I had to say something.

    • Anonymous :

      I don’t think it’s “not taking the high road” to respond with a simple message asking if the email was intended for you. The person should be alerted to her mistake. If you’re a big enough person not to refuse to help her despite this, good for you.

  14. Ow.
    I was in a similar situation recently. I decided to give them 48 hours to work out what happened and then I sent a fairly neutral reply along the lines of “Thank you for your email. I just wanted to check if you meant to send this to me?”

    After working many years ago with someone who was always randomly forwarding emails on to the wrong addresses, I decided that it was best to only send emails that you would be happy to get forwarded on to either your boss or the person you are talking about.

    But to answer your question – I would be quite mortified and would then consider if the contents were justifiably critical or not. If they were justifiably critical then I would probably be OK with the person letting me know and I’d discuss it further. If not, I would probably just want to go away and hide and pretend it never happened!

    It will be interesting to hear what happens!

    PS I am a long time lurker and very new poster from the UK :-)

  15. I like most of the ones mentioned here and also Vigotti shoes(available on Zappos). I have a couple pairs of 2-3 in. heels from them that are very comfy. I tend to use them on trial days when I know I’ll be standing in court for hours on end. Those and my Cole Haans are my go-to court shoes.

  16. anotheranon :

    Aerosoles. They’re plain, but if you’re looking for everyday (admittedly low) heels that are so comfortable they feel like cushiony flats, these are awesome.

    They’re only $30 right now too! [eep, i wonder if this means they’re discontinuing them… :( ]

  17. Makeup Junkie :

    I really like Sofft shoes. I have to size up in them, but I can wear them all day. I actually wore a pair to go dancing and they stayed comfy. I like Born too, but I haven’t tried their heels, just their flats.

  18. operaghost :

    I’ve found that Black House White Market actually has surprisingly comfy heels. I wish the people that worked there weren’t insane or I would shop there more often!

  19. 1. Ferragamo (closed toe/peep toe pumps)
    2. cole haan (wedge heels – forget their name)

    I love stuart weitzman flats but never tried their ‘work shoes’.

  20. Ladies, greetings.
    Sure all of you know that the middle east is at the edge of chaos and jobs are getting a little harder, even for corporettes. So, I thought i’d drop in again and say hi.
    And may I recommend flats. Heels destroy the most complex piece of muscular and skeletal art, the foot.
    Meanwhile, please ponder:

  21. I found some very comfortable Ecco 3″ black heels recently.

    • I second the Ecco recommendation. I don’t have any experience with their heels, but I have a pair of the patent leather flats and am amazed at how much they dress up an outfit, despite being comfortable flats.

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