Makeup that Stays Put: Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner tipsOur look always used to include liquid eyeliner.  But too many long days at the office (where we were left feeling like our eye makeup had gotten “crunchy”) have now made liquid eyeliner an occasional beauty product, usually for days where we want to set our makeup at the beginning of the day and have it stay in exactly the same place until we take it off because there is no time to fuss with it.  Our favorite eyeliner that we’ve found so far is Bobbi Brown’s long-wearing gel eyeliner.  The gel is easy to apply with the brush, and easy to blend into the lashes; we also like the variety of colors it comes in (we actually like the black/plum).  And, unlike our daily kohl pencil, this product stays put — it will be in exactly the same place until you remove it with your eyemakeup remover.  (A brief warning: the product does tend to dry out, so be sure to keep the top on tight — our “trick” for extending the dried out product (which we’re hoping our eye doctor wouldn’t frown upon too much) is to put some eyemakeup remover lotion on our finger, then dip the applicator brush in the lotion, and then in the pot of ink gel.)   It’s $21 at Nordstrom (also available at Saks and Amazon).  Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner



  1. newassociate :

    i wear the espresso gel eyeliner every work day. one pot lasted about 10 months. as i think i’ve mentioned before, i wore no makeup until i started working. take that as a testament to how easy this product is to use.

    i learned a trick for keeping it from drying out from one of the bobbi brown artists: to minimize the time the jar is open, sweep some product on an “eyeliner brush” (the slant tip kind), and then close the lid right away. the slant-tipped brush acts as kind of a palette to pull color from. then use a liquid eyeliner brush (i use paula’s choice, less pricey than bobbi’s) to pick up product from the slant-tipped brush and apply.

    it takes a minute or two to set, so i usually brush my teeth in between putting the eyeliner on and curling my lashes, lest half of the eyeliner i just applied ends up on the curler. once set, it really, truly, doesn’t move. it’s a wonderful product.

  2. divaliscious11 :

    A trick to getting the jar to have an airtight seal – rub a little Vaseline on the sides of the jar before capping (where the cap closes).

  3. smilemonkey :

    A tip for keeping the content from drying out is to put the jar upside down on a flat surface while you’re drawing your eyeline. I have also been using this for many many years now, and it continues to be my favorite.

  4. Related question: what eye makeup remover do y’all recommend? I prefer waterproof mascara (I tend to have smudgy eyes without it … I’m a glasses/contacts wearer, so I suppose that’s why), but I have a very hard time removing it without rubbing a lot. And frankly, I’d prefer to not have crepe-y eye skin for as long as possible! Thanks :)

    • I love Clinique Lash Power Mascara Long-Wear Formula. You remove it with warm water, and it just flakes off so not too much rubbing.

    • Anonymous :

      i like Clinque’s eye-make up remover (the one in the light purple bottle, with separate oil layer that you have to shake). it’s gentle but effective–one or two swipes with a cotton ball seems to get the job done for me.

    • I have the same issue. I recently switched to waterproof mascara, and while at Sephora, I asked a sales associate for her recommendation on the best eye makeup remover. She pointed me to the oil-based Lancome product (blue bottle), and she said that remove waterproof mascara, you really need the oil-based products.

      Honestly, I was not impressed. It definitely did not remove all the mascara. It was still on my eyes two or three days afterward!

      Last time I was in Rite Aid, I picked up the Neutrogena oil free product that works substantially better. I’ll be interested to hear if anyone else has a better recommendation!

      • I use castor oil to take of my eye makeup, then wash my face to get rid of the oiliness. Castor oil is great for keeping lashes lush, I’ve actually noticed a tiny bit of growth too.

        • The Almay eye makeup remover works wonderfully on waterproof mascara. It comes in a little plastic jar and is in pad form. Do not get the “oil free” version. Sometimes hard to find, so stock up when you see it!

          • I enthusiastically second the recommendation for the Almay pads for waterproof makeup (they might also have an oil-free for non-waterproof makeup, but as anon says, that’s not the stuff). They work like a charm and are a good value.

        • Delta Sierra :

          Leetle bit of baby oil.

      • I second the Neutrogena remover – one swipe and the liquid eyeliner comes off. Never tried it with the gel eyeliner though…..

      • I use MAC Cleanse Off Oil. You put 2-3 pumps in your hand and massage all over your face and eyes for about a minute. Then you rinse off (the oil emulsifies so it rinses clean). If you’re acne prone you can follow with another cleanser. This is the only product I have found to take up all my makeup easily and without rubbing the eye area.

    • My dermatologist recommends just plain lotion (whatever kind of face lotion you use) even for waterproof makeup – works like a charm. Slather on and tissue off or use a cotton ball. I find that it works very well and your around-the-eye skin couldn’t be happier. Plus if you leave a little on, it doesn’t get irritated.

      • I’ve always used Oil of Olay for this … but maybe the formula I use is too light. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! I’ll definitely try some/all of them :)

    • I’ve heard great things about Clinique’s “Take the Day off” – it is like a cream and people who use it say it takes off waterproof eye makeup no problem.

      • I find the trick to getting waterproof mascara off is in how you do it.
        This also helps you avoid rubbing your eyes & increasing wrinkles later. I use sensitive eyes formulation, Almay creamy remover (tried Lancome & Cllinique before but both leave an oily feeling I prefer to avoid). Put some on a cotton pad, and then just press gently to your eye & hold for 10 secs or so. Then you wipe off as usual. Pressing the pad, though, gives the remover a chance to really disolve the mascara so you don’t need to rub hard, and nothing remains when you’re done.

    • Even better – switch to tubes! I always, always had the smudging on the lower lids and waterproof mascara always looked too thick (though I’m sure it has advanced by now) and was too hard to get off.

      Try the Blinc Kiss Me mascara – you can get it at Sephora and I think at It absolutely stays on, no smudging, and comes off really easily when you wet your fingers and apply a little pressure.

    • Best remover for me (and cheap, too) is Ponds Cold Cream – get it from the drug/grocery store, and it takes off any waterproof mascara I have ever used without any hard rubbing.

  5. I’ve used this product for a few years. A trick I learned from at the Bobbi Brown counter–if the gel dries out, use the end of the brush handle to stir/mix the gel up in the pot, and it will go back to its creamy state.

  6. I’m a believer, too.

  7. Wouldn’t adding the make up remover weaken the products durability?

  8. I just bought this at duty-free in London and LOVE it already. Highly recommended.

  9. Haven’t tried this one. I really like the Laura Mercier liquid liner. You wet a flat brush to use it – it is in a dried state otherwise – so no problems with it drying out. The flat brush application is great, you can really get it right at the lash line so that it defines well but looks pretty natural.

    • Agree, jcb! LOVE the Laura Mercier liner – stays put all day and looks great! Never tried the Bobbi Brown gel, so not sure how it compares.

    • I use a flatbrush with the BB gel. I have better control with a flat brush.

      • Have either of you had issues with your flat brush bristles separating? so that they are basically in two lines rather than one? Mine has been driving me batty. I bought it at the Laura Mercier counter with the eyeliner, so it was not cheap, but also maybe not the best place to buy brushes. Maybe it is just getting old and needs to be replaced.

        • Haven’t had that happen (yet?)- when I am done putting it on, I rinse the brush and squeeze the bristles flat with a tissue. Have had mine for about 18 months.

  10. I love Bobbi Brown anything!

  11. I’ve being using this for about 2 years now and I love it! I will always stick with mac eyeshadows though!

  12. Huh. I am feeling left out here, since I give almost no thought to my makeup at all. My standard routine is eyeliner and lip stick, perhaps with some bronzer at the cheeks. FWIW, I am 28 years old.

    Am I missing something? I used to be a performer, and wore tons of makeup on stage. So I associate makeup with stage performance, rather than corporate professionalism. Perhaps that is why I get really mystified/turned off by professional women who cake on layers of stuff…even when it is done very well, anyone can tell you are wearing makeup; you aren’t fooling anyone! I’ve had makeovers done at various counters before, and even when the ladies used natural colors I feel like a hideous looking clown. Yet nobody would accuse me of looking “unpolished” at work – to the contrary, I am often complimented on my “look”.

    I suppose Shakespeare did say “all the world’s a stage”:)

    • I for one would appreciate a lesson in how to apply eyeliner for work. I never really wore makeup until I started working. What I wear to go out seems like too much for work but I see other people at work wearing it and looking fab. Any tips/tricks/techniques for professional-looking application? My work eye makeup is currently just mascara with a little bit of light shadow (I’m generally more concerned about the circles under my eyes than the lids above them :))

      • Me too. And any recommendations for eye makeup for sensitive eyes? I currently do not wear any eye makeup to work, because I feel like I am not very good at applying it, and it is always driving me bonkers by the end of a long day anyway.

        • Another for the chorus! I only recently started wearing eye makeup, and I am 40! My wardrobe consultant lady suggested eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow to make me look more polished. I was already wearing undereye concealer, light foundation, blush and a light lip shine. I must say people are noticing. I never wore eye makeup before and also have this little black thing (I got it at target, Sonia Kashuk) and this little brush. Sometimes I get it wrong and have to remove it and start over. But I am getting better. And as long as I dont get it under my eyelid it doesnt bug my eyes. I cant put it on the top lid, which is kind of wrinkly and doesnt take the black well. Not sure how other old people wear eyeliner on top??

          • I use a soft pencil or gel liner, and draw it in at the lash line. That’s it. Unless your coloring is dark, black might be too harsh. I stick to greys or browns, sometimes plums. Sometimes I go crazy wetlining loose minerals, but for the most part it’s just a simple line right at the lashes.

          • Hey, 40 isn’t old! I am getting pretty close to that myself!

          • NOLA Darling :

            As I’ve gotten older, I try to keep my makeup softer (no harsh lines or colors), and am swearing by Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow for eyeliner

          • When I make up my eyes more than usual, I get compliments on my clothing and hair, even though they haven’t changed. People are funny that way – they know you look prettier, but can’t figure out why. :)

      • Everything I know about applying makeup I’ve actually learned from “What Not To Wear.” No, really. Carmindy’s approach is very minimalist, which I find both practical and professional. As far as eye makeup goes, here’s what I’ve garnered:

        1) For a more subtle daytime look, grab a dark shadow (I usually go chocolate brown — MAC makes really good dark pigments) and a flat brush. Dab the flat brush into the dark shadow and focus on working the shadow into the lash line as opposed to on top of it. Work in short strokes and layers. If you’re not getting it dark enough, try a slightly damp brush. I tend to focus on the outer half of the top lash line and the outer third of the bottom lash line, but that’s what flatters my eye shape the most. If you use this technique, do it *after* you’ve applied shadow to the lid (I usually go for a neutral taupe — Stilla has pretty fabulous neutrals that don’t crease). Cream shadows are also really quick and wear well. This is probably the least irritating for sensitive eyes/contact wearers.

        1.5) For more definition (which I need because I have blonde lashes), use a dark pencil and again smudge it into the lash line. You can be less “perfect” here because you’re going to apply the the liner BEFORE you’ve done the lid shadow. That order softens the line a bit and then you can go back in with a little dark shadow and your flat brush to fix it up where you need to. I really love the Rimmel Exaggerate waterproof liner for this technique — it’s somewhere between a kohl and a gel and it’s super soft (plus, no sharpening required). After liner and lid shadow, grab your crease brush, get a little bit of dark shadow and lightly sweep it from the outer corner of your crease to the middle of the crease, following the contour of your socket. Blend well. I usually blend a little bit of that shadow from the outer corner of the lid to the middle of the lid itself, but, again, it’s all about knowing your eye shape. If you want to do the lower lash line, use the shadow + flat brush technique — it’s much softer and you’re less likely to get the cat’s eye effect. I never line the inner rims of my eyes, though. It looks too unnatural and is an infection waiting to happen.

        2) The brightener sticks are a lifesaver. I think Benefit has a pink-y one that doesn’t have too much sparkle in it. If you dab a little bit of that under your eyes (to combat darkness), near the tear duct, and under the arch of your eyebrow (blend well, of course), it’s a quick way to brighten up your face in the morning. I also have a white eye pencil from Ulta, I think, and if I don’t want to line my lower lashes, I run that across the bottom and it opens up the eye nicely.

        3) One coat of mascara (no clumps) and you should be good to go. If the look’s a stronger eye than you normally go for, skip the bold lip and stick with something more neutral/glossy. If you don’t have a whole lot of concealing to do on your face in the morning, your whole routine shouldn’t take more than five minutes once you get your skills down.

    • You’re not – my routine is moisturiser+sunscreen and lippie. If I have time, a swipe of blush. That said, my colouring is dark and I can get away with this…

      • Alright, I’m closer to 50 than 40. I didn’t wear a lot of make-up until I was in my 40s, I prefer a natural look. I can’t wear a heavy/dark or thick eyeliner – too much for the office. I’ve recently started wearing mascara (brown never black) on a regular basis, and I’ll either wear a quad eyeshadow set (no eyeliner), or a rosy/taupe shadow with a light pencil (grey, plum,or brown) eyeliner on top only. On my face – moisturizer, undereye concealer, and foundation.

  13. Love BB long wear eye gel – it stays put and does not come off until you say so. Glad you’re reviewing this product.

  14. I have never used gel eyeliner but judging by the comments about its long wear, I might want to try. I am always frustrated (and surprised) by how quickly my eyeliner smudges off (I use Mac and am generally happy with most of their products) Any comments, tips, tricks, etc., to help a newbie? Does the gel come with a brush or do you have to get one? What is the difference in brushes some of you mentioned? Is the gel waterproof? Thanks, in advance! :)

    Oh, and what mascara do you all use? I sometimes find that when I wear my mascara for more than 15 hours it gets crumbly and crunchy, like C mentioned. Do any of you have a mascara that lasts well over the 15 hour period?

    • If you’re using MAC mascara – I have never had good luck with it. It smears, smudges, and ends up under my eyes in no time. I love everything else MAC but not their mascara.

      I use either Lancome Hypnose or Cargo TexasLash, but I don’t know about after 15 hours – mine’s usually taken off around the 12-hour mark. I don’t have much problem with smudges with either product. I also have some Loreal Telescopic mascara that doesn’t give me any problems with smudging, but I don’t use that as much.

      One tip – you can try lightly dusting a small amount of powder (preferably loose) over your eyelashes before using mascara, to get it to set. And using an eyelash curler helps me look like I have more lashes without using a ton of mascara.

      • I have tried every mascara . . . and honestly, my all time favorite is either the clinique thickening or the loreal volume something (gray tube . . . makes your lashes super lush) (i hedged b/c loreal used to be better, and now that I am getting older I think clinique irritates my eyes less if i mess up and get some outside the lashes).

        These tend to not look dry no matter when you take them off (awful, i know, but I sometimes don’t take them off till next morning).

        But if you’re having this problem, consider if maybe you’re applying too much (when I do this, my mascara tends to flake off and get dry looking), and if not, consider a conditioning mascara. I think almay makes one, and some other more “natural” oriented companies do — the impact is a little less dramatic but your lashes stay really soft & touchable, which will definitely help with the crusty look at the end of the day.

        • I have been using the BB gel for years. My eyelids are extremely oily and this produect DOES come off-I’m thinking I must have especially oily lids given that I don’t see anyone else having this problem. Any suggestions anyone? I put powder on my lids instead of eyeshadow, but it’s still a problem.

    • Blinc Kiss Me mascara – I mentioned it above. Lasts until you take it off, never smudges.

  15. On the topic of makeup counters, can anyone tell me if the salespeople at Sephora are knowledgeable? I’m mid 30s and have always worn drugstore brand makeup. I’m thinking it’s time to get a better skincare and makeup routine and need serious help because I have no idea where to begin. I don’t want to ask the advice of someone who is trained just to sell a particular product.

    • Anonymous :

      some are better than others, but i’ve worked with some very good ones. i think your best bet might be to schedule an appointment and explain what you’re looking for. the beauty of sephora (pun sort of intended), is that the employees (should) know all the lines and be able to recommend what will work well for you.

      if i recall correctly, there’s no fee or obligation to buy and they can give you samples of products, etc.

    • NO! My experience with them is they recommend the most or second-most expensive product in the category when you ask for something as a newbie. They can help you learn how to apply things, but that’s about all.

      I had a terrible experience recently where I was sold on a one-ounce tube of concealer for ~$35-40 that I urgently needed for a wedding the next day. The sales person helped me pick the appropriate shade with the testers (I’m very fair skinned) and then handed me a new box to buy. When I went to apply it the next day, it turns out the box she handed me was a completely different shade (brown!).

      That’s just one of three bad stories I have about the salespeople at Sephora. (All at a location in downtown NYC.)

    • Makeup at Sephora isn’t necessarily better quality than drugstore makeup, it’s just trendier and more expensive. The sales people at Sephora will try to sell you on what’s most expensive (because they’ve got quotas) and whatever the corporation is trying to push.
      If you really want to learn about makeup application, YouTube is the way to go. EnKore is a good one, so is Michelle Phan.

    • Ugh, no – – I don’t find the salespeople at my local Sephora(s) to be particularly knowledgeable and wouldn’t ask them for advice regarding products. Nor would I permit anyone in Sephora stores to put make-up on me because the stores don’t seem particularly clean and I usually observe lots of people, not just the sales staff, handling the tester products. Try Barney’s or Neiman Marcus if you have no idea where to begin. Sephora is strictly for dashing in and picking up what I already know I need.

    • thank you for the advice!

  16. I’m also a big fan of urban decay primer- I think it really helps shadow and liner stay put. They now have a fun shimmery version of their awesome primer called “love potion.” You can also use any concealer as a base to help makeup stay where it belongs!

    • I always use the Urban Decay primer before the BB gel eyeliner and never have to think about my eye shadow or liner again. If I don’t let the primer dry all the way, however, the liner leaves a mark on my upper lid.

      Regarding mascara, Kiss Me mascara by Blinc is my favorite. Everything else gives me raccoon eyes.

      • I was reading through this thread hoping someone would mention the Urban Decay Primer. It is seriously the only product that has kept eyeshadow and eyeliner in place on my lids (which tend to get extremely oily). I tried it on a whim after several other primers didn’t work for me.

        Here’s the rest of my makeup regime (keep in mind I am a manager at an engineering company and spend most of my time at meetings or in a computer lab):
        Eyeshadow: A natural palet of MAC shadows (bought it years ago at a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale)
        Eyeliner: CoverGirl Perfect Blend Eyeshadow (Cheap but effective)
        Lashes: Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara and Shu Uemura Eyelash curler (both awesome and both from Sephora)
        Foundation: Lancome TEINT IDOLE ULTRA OR Bare Minerals (depending on how much coverage is needed)
        Lips: Loreal Infallible Lip Gloss (as recommended by Corporette!)

        BTW- Great reqs on the makeup removers. I’m always looking for a good one that isn’t greasy.

  17. I’ve never been able to wear eyeliner — it always comes off onto my upper lids, leaving a lovely black arch mirroring my eyelash line on my eyelids. Every variety I’ve tried has the same problem. Has anyone had this, and found a way to prevent it?

    • Anonymous :

      i have this problem too…i’ve found that a thinner line with a waterproof/smudgeproof liner stays put better, esp. when paired with an eyelid primer or powder that absorbs oil on the eyelids.

      • yup, as I get older my brows droop and I get that annoying half-moon at the top of my lid too. is a miracle product for me – I dab it on the eyeliner, close my eye and wait for it to dry and then repeat on the other side. I’ve had one bottle for maybe 2 years now, and I use it a regular basis, so for $4 it was well-worth it!

  18. MMS, I haven’t had much luck with the sales associates at Sephora. I’ve found that the best way to find products is to check for reviews online ( is a great place to start). Also, if you go on sephora’s website, you can read reviews of products there.

  19. Any recommendations for a good undereye concealer? I have terrible dark circles no matter how much sleep I get.

    • I like this one from Stila. A bit expensive, but a little goes a very long way.

    • Whatever good undereye concealer you get should be really creamy to look natural. Also a shade lighter than your foundation is usually best. When I need to use it, I find it’s helpful to mix mine with a bit of moisturizer to get it to blend extra well, too. Other than that, consider whether you have wrinkles as well to address (if yes, get something specific to older eyes b/c you need something that won’t settle in each line underneath).

      On a related aside — I would also recommend this new cream I just got at origins. I forget what its called but it’s in an orange jar, has caffeine & ginseng, and has light reflecting mica particles. Its really made a difference for me! It’s about $30 and lasts about 3 months so I would say that it’s well worth it. If you’re not sure, and assuming you have an origins near you, ask them to make you a sample. It made a huge difference for me in about a week (the mica makes your eyes look better right away by reflecting light, but the effect becomes better over time), just thought I’d recommend . . . :)

  20. This is probably a pipe dream, but is there any kind of eyeliner that is appliable by people with unsteady hands who therefore have trouble with the perfectly straight, thin line?

    • newassociate :

      think line_s_, not just one line. lots of little lines, and then you draw an overlapping line over any spots where the little lines aren’t touching each other. i also brace my wrist against my cheek to help steady it.

    • Liz (Europe) :

      Did you try powders yet? They don’t give a fine line but I find powder easier to apply than pencils/liquids.

    • Delta Sierra :

      v – thank you! Me, too. I have rotten up-close vision, also, which doesn’t help. I have an 8 inch diameter x8 magnifying mirror set on a chest-height bookcase, so I can brace my elbow as I flail away. So relieved a few months ago to read that mascara on lower lashes isn’t considered necessary. Make-up used to be fun, but this far-sightedness is making it a teeth-clencher.

    • I have the same problem and usually have to try a few times. I try to use marker/gel-type eyeliner because I find it’s at least easier to put on without skipping like I tend to do with a regular pencil.

    • You could try the flat brush with liquid liner. The flat brush makes it really easy to apply in a straight line. Go to the Laura Mercier counter and ask the sales person to show you how to use it.

  21. Liz (Europe) :

    I like kohl, I’ve got no problems with it staying put. Incidentally, it’s also the least allergenic of all. I do have to say though that there’s kohl and then there’s kohl. The “harder” it feels, the least fat is used in its production and the better it stays put – but also, the harder it is to apply right. Nothing is as hard as putting on liquid eyeliner though, IMHO.

  22. Full and Soft! :

    I swear by Maybelline Full and Soft mascara. It comes in waterproof, though I prefer use the regular, and my lashes are never clumpy or fake-looking. The brush is big and plump, but separates my lashes so that they look natural, and feathery. Origin’s used to make a “little lash builder” which is great for keeping mascara from moving around, and, well, it builds up your lashes if they are sparse-looking.

    As far as liquid liners go – M-A-C makes a “penultimate” liquid eyeliner *pen* that has helped me learn to use liquid eyeliner. I have really liked it.

    • Totally agree with the Maybelline Full and Soft recommendation! Use it everyday, always looks nice…

  23. MMS – I know you said you don’t want to stick with just one brand, but if you are just moving out of drugstore territory and want advice on more than just make-up, I would go to the Clinique counter – they have tons of face care stuff at reasonable prices and will analyse what it is you need. Sephora and online searches can get a little overwhelming…

    Mascara – Dior Show is supposed to be the best, although I haven’t tried it myself yet cause it is just so dang expensive. I have had the best luck with Lancome and agree that MAC mascara is the worst!

    Eyeliner – I personally don’t like the look of a harsh line so I stick to using MAC eyeshadows as liner – just apply them with a damp brush. Since I use primer it stays on as long as my eyeshadow does. :) The Bobbi Brown stuff is great too but mine dried out as I didn’t use it often enough.

    • Dior mascaras are amazing. I thought spending $28 on mascara was ridiculous, but the Dior mascara is seriously worth it.

      • I guess to each their own. I tried DiorShow and thought that my lashes still looked better with Voluminous from Loreal. I’d gladly pay 28$ for a mascara I liked, but I haven’t found DiorShow to be that mascara.

        I do have to admit that my top concern with a mascara is that it make my lashes really thick and lush looking (i am less concerned with length), so that may have something to do with my preferences.

    • I love my Diorshow mascara! It is expensive but I truly think it looks better and is worth the money. They carry it at Sephora if you want to try it out first.

      I like the Smashbox creme liner. You put it on with a brush like this Bobbi Brown stuff (which I want to try now) and it gives a really good line like liquid liner does but is easier to apply.

    • The Dior Show mascara made my eyes itch! I’d try it out before buying it. Of course I had already thrown on the receipt so I was stuck with a useless tube of $30 mascara. I even gave it to my mother (who doesn’t have sensitive skin like me) and it made her eyes itch too!

    • I agree with the recommendation to go to the Clinique counter. If you have a Norstrom in your area, make an appointment at any of the makeup counters for a makeover/consultation. There’s no real obligation to buy, and they’ll help you figure out the right colors for you. I went once when I was a poor student, and they used a whole bunch of products, and then said, “If you can only afford one of these, buy the ____.” But gave me tips for which ones I could buy in a drugstore.

  24. I just want to put in a word for the MAC gel liner. I used to use bobbi brown’s but the MAC colors are better and it goes on smoother. And, I haven’t had issues with it drying out.

  25. I like Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner if I want a really thin, sharp line. The staying power’s pretty good, but beware if you have oily lids.

    These days (in the interest of getting a few extra minutes of sleep) I’ve switched to Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on eye pencils. I’d say that they stay on even longer than the Bobbi Brown liners, with less smudging at the end of the day. Some of the colours are a little out there for work, but Underground, Bourbon, Stash and Rockstar are great neutrals.

  26. I recently went to an independent make-up artist and had him walk me through brows and lips–I am in my forties and really was clueless about make-up. There was no pressure to buy anything and the product recommendations were unbiased. It is worth the cost.

  27. To me, the best eyeliner is Chanel stylo yeux waterproof. Worth every penny. It does NOT come off or smudge all day long.

    I also swear by the Chanel eyeshadown base. Seriously, my makeup looks the same in the evenings as when I leave in the morning! It’s unbelievable. I use the color called “bright.”

  28. If you have oily lids, it DOES NOT STAY

  29. Agree with Rhonda, I purchased this eyeliner and it smudges like all the others (a bit less, but it still smudges and I still have to wipe away blotches, even after using powder under and over the liner). Can anyone recommend anything stronger than the Bobbi Brown liner which will stay put on greasy lids all day? Or a good primer which keeps make up on greasy lids? I’m at the office morning till late sometimes and don’t want to have to keep checking for blotches!


  30. Catherine Blackmore :

    I have just pruchased the Bobbi Brown Long-wear Gel Eyeliner set and on arriving home after a long flight have discovered that there is no instructions for use. Now I can work it out but would someone who has used it successfully please let me know if you use it on your lashes as well as under your eyes and what you have found to work the best. I would appreciate it very much.

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