Coffee Break: Naturalizer Lennox Pump

Naturalizer Lennox Pump | CorporetteWe’ve featured Naturalizer’s Lennox heel on here a few times before, and these shiny taupe ones are best sellers at Zappos, with 629 positive reviews — not bad for an affordable heel ($79). Amazon has lucky sizes (in off-season colors) marked as low as $27, though — fyi! Naturalizer Lennox Pump



  1. Time to relax :

    TJ: Styling help needed please! I bought two of the Lands End fit and flare ponte dresses in a floral print during a big sale. I am regretting my purchase now. The dresses fit great, but the floral print and the fit and flare shape read very “bridal shower” to me, when I intended them to be work-day dresses. Any tips to make these read business casual? Will include links in a comment.

    • Time to relax :

      In blue indigo floral

  2. Time to relax :

    In navy floral

    • Senior Attorney :

      I kind of like how they’ve styled this one with the short scarf around the neck. And a blazer on top, of course. I just got this one from Nordstrom and I love it (although beware, it runs really small): . It comes in a lot of fun colors that should work with either of those dresses (although I agree the first one is pretty ladies-who-lunch-y.)

    • Baconpancakes :

      A big, statement-y necklace in gold should work, with nude-for-you shoes and a red bag, and navy blazer, as mentioned by Senior Attorney. Or go bright with a pink blazer and bright shoes, either pink or orange or green, with a pop of that other color in an accessory. Strong, powerful pieces will balance out the feminine softness of the dress and print.

      And Baublebar has 30% off necklaces today!

    • I got the same dress…and I don’t get the bridal shower vibe from either. I think if you don’t wear it with pearls, you’ll be fine?

      Personally, I wore it on a Friday with cowboy boots – so there is always that option.

    • For a business casual office, I think the florals are quite appropriate with a solid blazer for structure. Dark navy, black, or even off-white or cream would all work. Definitely heels, as polished as you can comfortably wear them. Today’s Naturalizer pumps in black, navy, nude, or another color found in the print would work. I think the key is a polished jacket and shoe and muted jewelry (no bib necklaces), perhaps a nice solid color silk scarf.

    • I have this very one, and it’s one of my favorite dresses. VERY flattering on my shape. My office is super casual so it’s no problem, just add cardigan and a necklace or scarf to fill in the gigantic V neck space.

      Wearing a floral print took a little getting used to, as I am not generally super girly, but I don’t think it’s inherently bridal showery.

  3. How much, if at all, does work factor into your family planning decisions? I work at a big law firm (not NYC) and had a baby last year. I am ready to have a second! I get a generous maternity leave, so it seems like a lot to ask of my firm to pay me for all of that time within a few years. Then again, I can get all of the kids born by the time I am up for partner, which would be good, and it seems like in the firm’s interest (as I start becoming more profitable). Any thoughts?

    • Anne Shirley :

      It’s not a lot to ask to get the benefits promised to you by your employer. Most people have their kids within a few years of each other. I wouldn’t view that as a factor at all.

    • WestCoast Lawyer :

      My usual advice would be to do what works for you, and not worry about being “fair” to your firm (since big law is not known for worrying about being “fair” to its associates).

      Having said that, if making partner is really important to you (and you think you currently have a good shot at it and you are within a few years of making partner) you may want to wait (this also assumes you got pregnant relatively easy the first time and aren’t anticipating any potential fertility issues that might weigh in favor of starting earlier). A lot of firms seem to assume that once a woman starts having children she’s no longer interested in partnership. In my firm, it was widely assumed that once a woman had the second child she’ d be out the door within 12 months after returning from maternity leave, so you’ll have to work that much harder to convince them otherwise.

      Additionally, if you have the standard 6-month big law leave, the second leave will likely put you back a year for partnership progression purposes. I can also say that my experience is that 2 kids is so much more exhausting than 1. I went in house before having my second, but even though my work life is much more reasonable now and my husband is a great help, I still feel very stretched (I’m really hanging onto the email from the Perkins Coie partner who swears it’s going to get easier in a few years)! I can’t imagine working the hours required to make partner with two at home, although I’ve known some who have managed to do it so it’s obviously possible.

      Whatever you decide, let me say congratulations for hanging in there and going for it! There are not nearly enough women law firm partners (particularly those with children) so I’m pulling for you.

      • Anonymous :

        I actually think if she wants to make partner that she should not wait. I completely agree with your assessment on the assumptions of women leaving after baby #2, and I think having the baby sooner in her career gives her more time when she comes back to prove that she is still very much in the game.

      • Anon Partner :

        My vote for sooner is that with two, they can often do the same activity if they are closer in age and are in the same school / care situation much of the time. Schedule complexity = hard, so for people that have kids 4+ years apart, you’re often doing multiple schedules for children vs one “children’s schedule”.

        Won’t be fun when paying for college, but mine are 20 months / 1 year apart in school and have activities and friends in common at this point.

        • +1 Mine are <22 months apart and it is good to have them doing the same activities/same phase at once.

        • Meg Murry :

          On the other hand, mine are 4.5 years apart and that meant the oldest could fend for himself somewhat when the baby was born (use the bathroom & get dressed by himself, get his own string cheese & cup of water for a snack, etc), and now that they are a little older I can trust the oldest to play and entertain the younger one a little bit if I am not in eyesight/earshot. We don’t do tons of activities, but it isn’t too hard to juggle them now, especially since the daycare & elementary school are only 1 block apart.
          If you want another now, go ahead, but a wide spacing gap has its advantages too, just for a counterpoint.

          • spring work travel :

            I don’t disagree. For me, getting married later dictated close spacing if we were going to have > 1. Baby 1 @ 38, baby 2 19 months later (then it took 15 months to get my period back).

    • Diana Barry :

      Contrary to WestCoast, I would not suggest waiting. If you want to have another now, go for it! I wanted my kids about 2 yrs apart if we could, and if work had a problem with it, tough. :)

    • I would start trying now. You don’t know how long it will take you to get pregnant. Secondary infertility is a reality for many women.

    • Anonymous :

      A law firm partner might be able to weigh in here, but you may also want to consider that having a child while you are an associate means you are an employee entitled to leave. As a partner (and an owner of the firm), I think it would affect your compensation (at least, that was the case at my old firm, where it was an “eat what you kill” compensation model. Your firm may be different.

      • Agree – at my firm, it is more difficult to take leave (from a compensation point of view) as a partner than as an associate. Double check whether there is a timing aspect to a second mat leave – my firm used to have a policy that you could not take full leave twice within two years (which is no longer the case, thank goodness). As reference, I had three kids in four and a half years, and nobody’s voiced a complaint…(big law, not NYC).

    • AnonLawMom :

      Another vote for not waiting (unless you want to for other reasons). I think many people assume everyone wants two or more kids if they already have one (this is of course not a fair assumption for many) but if you have your second you can declare “I’m done!” and then have some time before you are up for partner where you can reassure everyone that you truly are only going to have 2 kids and they don’t have to worry about any more maternity leave issues with you.

  4. Just FYI – the Lennox Pump has been my go-to work shoe for a while, and I had gone through 2-3 pairs in both this color and shiny black. I was basically able to run laps around the office in them! But the cut has changed and the toes are now much too narrow. Even ordering them in a 8.5W instead of an 8.5 they are completely unbearable. I even tried going up to a 9W to see if that helped, but it doesn’t. I just returned them in the mail today. If you have wider toes, they will probably pinch.

    • Anonylicious :

      I’m wearing these in black (6.5W), and I noticed the narrow toe-box, too. They were unwearable until I stretched them out. (Spray the inside with diluted rubbing alcohol, then wear them. Works for leather shoes.) Now they’re not terrible, but I wouldn’t wear them on a day I had to do much walking.

  5. Christina :

    Thanks for the notice here! I just nabbed a black leather pair in 6.5W, which is practically impossible to find on sale, for $25! I’ll keep you all updated in how the width works out, though I just purchased a pair of Naturalizer sandals in 6.5W, and they could not be a more perfect fit!

    PS. The sandals are here
    I bought them in Taupe/Tan

    • Anonylicious :

      We’re shoe twins! I bought the same color in the same size off Amazon last month and I’m wearing them today. Like I said above, though, I had to stretch the toes before they were wearable. I hate to think how narrow the regular width must be. (I’m usually borderline on needing wide or not.)

      • Re: Shoe twin – you’re right! The shoes run remarkably narrow – and the pair I got had buckled leather all over the insole, to boot. They were very uncomfortable, so sadly I am returning them to Amazon. Strange how it’s the same size, but it runs so very narrow!

  6. Heads up for tall ladies about Talbot’s – I ordered several dresses from there recently and they were too short for me (5’11”). Talbot’s doesn’t have tall sizes but I’ve always found their hemlines to be very long and it seems like that may be changing. They weren’t indecently short or anything and I think the dresses would work on most women, but they were shorter than other dresses I have from there and I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing them to work.

    • I’m only 5’9″ and had to return several dresses to Talbots over the last few months for the same reason. Not sure what they are up to with the shorter lengths.

  7. anti-depressants :

    After a long time of people urging me to give them a try, I’m now on an anti-depressant. Today is my fifth day of Zoloft and I have been sooooo TIRED the last couple days. Seriously, I’m sleeping more hours than I’m awake, and even when I’m awake it’s just barely. I wonder if it’s lowering my blood pressure, because I get “head rush” very easily and had to sit out part of yoga class because of the noises and nearly blacking out. At first I thought these things might be due to my period, which was heavier than usual this month, but that’s been over for a couple of days.

    I’m sure if I read through the list of possible side effects I’d find these things on there, because that list is ridiculously long and includes everything imaginable. Reading through it would likely just convince me that this and 18 other things are all because of the meds, and would scare me out of them, so I’d rather just hear from people who’ve used it. I expected the adjustment period to be one of the med gradually taking effect, and me slowly getting energy and control again. This tiredness is not what I expected.

    If you or someone you know well has used Zoloft or other anti-depressants, could you please fill me in on the period of adjusting to them, and how to tell if this one might eventually work or if I should stop it now? My next appt with the psychiatrist is 10 days from now, after I’ve been on it for 2 weeks. If I’m going to be this tired every day, I don’t know if I can make it.

    • Anon in NYC :

      I don’t have experience with anti-depressants, but I have been on medication that made me extremely tired. The issue for me was too high of a dosage. I’d call your doctor and explain your concerns.

      • Anonymous :

        I had these same symptoms with a different antidepressant and it was indeed too high of a dosage. I ended up having to cut the pills in the initial bottle in half and my doctor called in the lower dosage for the next month (heh, I actually preferred cutting them and saving the copay every other month, but rules and such, my doctor insisted on following them).

    • Anne Shirley :

      Just call your doctor. Other random people’s experiences are meaningless. If you have questions about the side effects you need to speak to your doctor. Not corpor[ ].

      • Supportive and non-judgmental as ever!

        • anti-depressants :

          Haha! Thanks Becky!
          It’s a PITA to get through to the doc, so I figured that before I tried I’d check to see if other people had experienced this, and if it went away in a few days. I’ll wait and get a few more responses before deciding, but so far it looks like I might look up standard starting dose and compare it to what I’ve got before calling in.

          • You really need a doctor who you can reach with routine questions.

          • anti-depressants :

            tesyaa–I have an appt with a psychiatrist in June. I made that appointment in April, I think. Last week things just got to be too much so I went to the ER. They gave me a few Xanax and an appt with a different psych a couple days later. His office was an experience! Really showed me what low-income/uninsured people have to go through to get help. 20 min talking to an assistant who is getting her PhD, then the MD came in, consulted with her briefly, and wrote the script. So for now, “my” doc has way too many patients, too little time, but I am in the process of “switching”, as you suggest.

          • Anonymous :

            I’m the Anonymous @ 3:21 above. I don’t know if I would rely too much on “standard” starting dose you find online. My doc started me on 10mg of Lexapro, which is a very standard if not low starting dose, and it was still too much for me.

          • anti-depressants :

            The dose I’m on is indeed the one that the internets seem to think is ‘standard’. Like you, I may have a lower threshhold for this kind of med. Thanks for bringing up the idea of dosage.

        • Anne Shirley :

          Oh get a grip!!!! The best thing you can do if you have problems or concerns about a prescription medication is call the prescribing physician! It IS supportive to encourage people to take care of themselves by using the best resources available.

          • Anne Shirley :

            And to be clear, my reply was directed at Becky not the OP.

          • Sorry, try another tone-check of your post— all condescension and no “encouragement.” You don’t think you could adjust your tone— or *gasp* — just not comment, given the particularly vulnerable nature of the questioner? Your comment advanced nothing (assuming, reasonably, that the OP is not a total idiot and was well aware of the option of phoning the MD) other than to possibly make someone feel silly for reaching out for some support.

          • anonymama :

            Well, your first response was maybe a little bit brusque (perhaps more Mrs. Rachel Lynde than Anne Shirley?) but certainly not rudely so.

            I do think a lot of people have a tendency to hesitate before contacting their doctor, or going to see their doctor, to their own detriment, and sometimes need a little more of a push in that direction to overcome that reluctance. If you’re already sort of thinking, “ugh, if I call the doctor, I’ll have to wait on hold, and it’ll take forever for them to get back to me, and I’ll see them in 2 weeks anyway,” etc., someone saying “maybe you should call your doctor” along with a list of other suggestions is not going to resonate quite so well as someone saying “You really need to call your doctor, ASAP.”

            Also, Becky, for someone advising on the importance of tone yours was pretty snarky/sarcastic. Although I understand you feeling defensive of the clearly vulnerable first poster, it doesn’t do anything for the overall tone of the commenting (and actually really brings it down) when people respond to something of questionable tone with even more of the same.

        • I think Anne Shirley’s advice is 100% correct. The OP asked about the adjustment period while on Zoloft, how to tell if it might work for her, and whether she should stop taking Zoloft now. These are questions that should be answered by her doctor. She should not rely on other people’s experiences to make her decision, especially when it comes to questions about dosage.

          • anti-depressants :

            Not sure where you got that I was asking people here to decide if I should stop taking the meds. I would not crowdsource a decision like that, ever! What I said was that I’m looking for advice on how I can make a decision, not for people to tell me what to do. And of course any such decision would be made in consultation with the doc. I didn’t realize people on this board would need me to spell that out.

            People often talk in generalities about how it’s “tricky” to find the right med, or about how “rough” it can be to get started on one, but rarely explain in plain language exactly what that experience is. That info is what I’m looking for, so I can get a feel as to whether what I’m going through is in line with the norm or not.

          • Anne Shirley :

            This sentence: “how to tell if this one might eventually work or if I should stop it now?” Is how I got the idea that you might be deciding to stop taking your medication based on anonymous internet advice. I’m really glad to learn that’s not the case, but I don’t think it required a huge leap to be concerned.

          • anti-depressants :

            Oh, you meant the bit preceded by the words “how I can decide”? And really, I did not realize that people on here would assume calling the prescribing doc would not be automatic in questioning any prescription. But I spelled it out for you at 3:59.

          • I’m anon at 3:43 — I also got the idea that you were asking people to decide if you should stop taking Zoloft because you asked people to weigh in on “if [you] should stop it now?” It was not clear to me that you were going to make a decision in consultation with a doctor, because you then said that “it’s a PITA to get through” to the doctor. Look, you posted a question in a public forum – take the advice that helps you and ignore the advice that does not. But I don’t think that our concern/our responses were completely off-base based on what you wrote. I do wish you the best of luck and hope you find the right medication for you.

    • First of all, good for you for exploring treatment options for your symptoms. I know that can be a tough decision. Second, I had this experience when starting an anti-depressant. I don’t think it’s atypical. It did get better after an adjustment period. You’re going to see your doctor soon (even if it doesn’t feel like it); in the meantime, you might have to make some adjustments like less activity and more sleep. If you’re really feeling scared or “off,” call the doctor and make sure it’s not a dosing problem or perhaps a medication interaction. Also, not reading the side effects won’t make them go away (just like reading about them won’t produce them)— better to educate yourself, I think.
      Also— do NOT stop taking the meds or reducing your dose without talking to the doctor!

    • Anonylicious :

      It usually takes a couple of weeks or more to adjust to the medication and start seeing results. And then sometimes it turns out you have to try a few anti-depressants before you find one that works, because brain chemistry is such a finicky thing. But if you get on a med that works, it’s totally worth the trouble. I’d keep a record of what effects you’re feeling to go over at your appointment. Good luck with your treatment, and I hope it starts working soon.

      • anti-depressants :

        Thanks for the idea of writing down how it’s going–sounds like a good idea!

    • anti-depressants :

      I tried to copy the list of side effects here to show how ridiculously long and therefore unhelpful it is, but it seems to have gotten caught in the spam filter. Here’s a link

      I hope to hear from more people about their adjustments to SSRIs.

      • Anon in NYC :

        A lot of medications have a long list of side effects. I shared my experience above as one possible explanation for extreme tiredness, but I really do think that you should speak to your doctor or someone on his/her staff about this before making any decisions to reduce/stop the antidepressants.

      • If it helps, I’m on Zoloft and had no side effects when starting. In fact, I didn’t really notice it at all, except when I realized I’d gone a whole week without weeping uncontrollably or spinning out of control. It would really concern me if I had the side effects you describe.

        I’m also, for the record, apparently the only person on earth who had almost no reaction to starting birth control, so I’m not sure I’m a good example.

      • Honestly, that seems like a well organized, easy to read list. I wouldn’t call that ridiculously long at all – particularly because the longest list is the list of things that have NOT been noted as side effects (and is on the click through link, which you didn’t even need to find your symptom).

        It also notes, within the first page, that sleepiness and tiredness are less series side effects, but that you should still call your doctor.

    • Anon for this :

      Yup, get in touch with your doctor. My first weeks on antidepressants felt like a constant comedown from less legitimate drugs and it was horrible.

    • anti-depressants :

      Please ignore the suggestion by another poster that I’m not planning to call the doc. I am, but before I do so was hoping to get a feel for what sorts of responses other people have had.

      • I am on a tiny dose of Zoloft, and even for that my doctor recommended that I take it at night, since it does tend to make you drowsy. If you’ve not tried that yet, that’s a good first step while waiting to get in with your doctor.

      • Sample size of one :

        I’m glad you’re sticking with this question and trying to get helpful answers! In my personal experience, Zoloft made me a zombie and I wasn’t able to stay on it long enough to see if it would help with my depression/anxiety; Paxil made me a twitchy, hyper mess, and I had to stop that trial as well – both were at very low starting doses. Years later, I tried Cymbalta, which, while effective, also flattened my emotions to a startling degree – I didn’t feel bad, but I also couldn’t feel anything else; Cymbalta was very, very difficult to get off, even tapering down from the lowest dose. In the end, Wellbutrin works the best *for me*, with no noticeable side effects.

        I hope you stick with this and find something that does work well for you, whether Zoloft or something else. As others have commented, it’s sometimes a matter of trial and error to see what you can tolerate and what’s effective. If you’re not able to reach your prescribing physician, you might try calling your pharmacist with specific questions about medication side effects and interactions.

        • anti-depressants :

          Thanks! I’ve heard before that it’s a “matter of trial and error” but never really knew what that meant, in practical terms, so having you spell out your responses to various meds is helpful. It is starting to sound like what I’m experiencing is beyond the normal start-up, so I’ll have to call and see if he recommends reducing the dose or wants me to start something else. I think I’ll give it another day or two first, mostly because I want him to be convinced that it’s been long enough to know.

      • anon Zolofter :

        I am on 25 mg of sertraline (the Zoloft generic). The first two weeks were horrible and I wondered if I had made the right decision. I had so many bad side effects, everything from shaky, numb palms to waking up in the middle of the night.

        And then, after two weeks, it really was as if I came out of a fog and I saw the world for the first time as it really was. I’m not trying to be overly dramatic here. This is really how it was for me. To say that it changed my life is an understatement. One of my biggest regrets is waiting to go on antidepressants as long as I did.

        I’ve been on it for over a year, and after the initial side effects from the first two weeks, I haven’t experienced any. I feel like myself. I hope you have a similarly good experience. Of course, consult your doctor if you’re concerned, but for me, at least, it was well worth waiting out some of the rough side effects.

        • This sounds like my sister’s experience with another SSRI (Celexa) – she described two weeks of absolute awfulness (sleepless, night sweats, unpredictable mood). Her doctor adjusted the dosage a couple of times. It ended up working well for her; it was worse before it was better though. I’m glad it worked out well for you, anon zolofter. For the OP I second the previous poster’s suggestion of noting down what you’re experiencing and when, it will really help the doctor to decide what you might need.

    • I was on Zoloft for a number of years in my late teens. It did the job of bringing me out of a severe depression that included a lot of self-harm and being hospitalized for suicidal tendencies. Any side effects I experienced were worth it at that time. When I graduated from professional school and was jobless and depressed, they tried to put me back on it again. I don’t really remember the symptoms I experienced back in my teens, but when I began taking it again in my mid-twenties, I was lethargic, sleepy (12+ hours/day), and simply didn’t give a s*** about anything. I also felt a little nauseated and dizzy. I decided I had enough of the symptoms and started weaning myself off Zoloft without consulting my doctor, because I’d had ample experience with anti-depressants before. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS. I “weaned” very poorly, and experienced a lot of what I (and the internet) calls “head-zaps”, where you sporadically feel lightening bolt feelings in your head. Scary.

      I am a small person, and my doc started me on 25 mgs in my 20’s. My mother, also a small lady, is on anti-depressants and has been for a while. She takes only 5 mg and it works for her. I can’t tell you what dosage is right for you, but I DO recommend that you call your doctor and explain. You may find that the symptoms go away with time, or you may find that a smaller dosage helps.

      In my experience, too large of a dosage for your body can lead to worse symptoms, where a smaller dosage could give you the same benefits and fewer symptoms.

      TL;DR- Brain chemistry is serious business. It is NOT DYI (not saying this is what you’re doing). Even a few milligrams of medication can be very powerful. Call your doctor ASAP to discuss your symptoms and options (trying a new med, or decreasing your dosage). It will be worth it. Good luck to you.

      • anti-depressants :

        Thanks! This is very helpful, exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping for from this group!

        • Anonymous :

          Her feedback was also call the doctor ASAP, but you’re going to wait a day or two. Depression lies. It tells you to find any excuse possible to avoid getting rid of it. Call. The. doctor.

    • Drugs Anon :

      I’ve been on Lexapro for years, but when I first started, I got tired during the day. I started taking it at night, and it’s helped quite a bit with daytime sleepiness.

    • Senior Attorney :

      I was on Cymbalta and also Pristique for a while some years ago. Went off them because, among other reasons, all I wanted to do was sleep. Even after I’d been on them (both the same) for months, I’d sleep through my alarm clock on week days and sleep the day away on weekends, even if I took the pill at night. Hate, hate, hated it. That and the well-known “sexual side effects” were enough to make me decide anti-depressants were not for me.

      • Senior Attorney :

        That said, I completely agree with the advice to call the prescribing physician ASAP.

        • Also consider talking to the pharmacist in the mean time, particularly if you have questions about the side affects.

    • anon for this :

      my doc recommended right from the beginning that i take zoloft right before bed for that very reason. works perfect. i tried at one point to do it during the day and was way too tired. so maybe try bedtime.

      • Sydney Bristow :

        I’ve been on a variety of different anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications before and each one was different. Different ones had fewer sleepy side effects based on what time of the day I took them. Talking all this through with the doc who will be managing your care going forward should help, although I’d definitely talk to someone else if it will be a long time before you can see your new psychiatrist.

    • Antidepressant :

      So I called the pharmacist who said that somnalesence is one of the side effects & I should call the doc. I did, and through his receptionist passing messages back & forth was told to cut the tabs in half. I’ll try that, starting tomorrow.
      Interesting to hear a couple people say they way too tired on it (or the generic, which is what I’m actually taking) The doc claims to be mystified by me being so tired, says in 30 yrs of practice he’s never heard of it having that effect. Clearly, I know what’s happening in my own skin, but it still helps to see that there are indeed others who’ve experienced the same thing.

      • I had that sleepiness effect when I started Zoloft lo these many years ago. It eased. Those first couple weeks while your brain adjusts are rough, but I still remember the day it kicked in for real. I think it was day 10. It felt like somebody had finally turned the gravity down to normal. I could move, I had energy, I felt a buoyancy I had not felt in years. My advice is take it at night and stick with it for two full weeks before you make any changes.

    • I took Zoloft for 7 years. The immediate side-effects:

      1. alcohol had an immediate effect. I had to go to the bathroom almost constantly after one glass of wine. I also became fairly tipsy on just one glass. This happened a few times before I just gave up booze for a few months. It eventually settled down.

      2. LACTOSE INTOLERANCE. This was completely unexpected –and I didn’t know this could be a side-effect until 3-4 years later. It lasted a full year! I was very upset and convinced I wouldn’t be able to eat dairy again.

      Long-term side-effect: I slept about 9.5 hours a night regularly, instead of 8.

      Stick with it –it really helped me.

  8. Sleep and lounge wear :

    I have a shopping challenge for you. I am looking for things to wear around the house and to sleep that are a little more s * x y than the thermal shirts I normally wear. Nothing too exciting. Just a little umphf! Any suggestions would be much appreciated. TIA!

    • Anne Shirley :

      Have you tried looking at the sleepware section on Nordstom? They have lots of cute things.

    • For hanging around the house, maybe leggings instead of sweatpants or flannels?

    • Famouscait :

      I am a devotee of comfortable AND s * x y. I get lots of what you’re looking for at Gap (their underwear/pajama/lounge section) and Nordstrom. The Midnight by Carole Hochman line Kat has recommended here has some good choices (just ignore the horribly cheesy name.) I also pick up random ensembles from TJ Maxx and Marshall’s whenever I browse there.

    • Regina Phalange :

      I like the “Josie” line by Natori (available at Nordstrom). The cotton chemises are very soft and comfortable and a little bit s * x y. Target occasionally has similar cotton slips/chemises but in my area that sell out fast and tend to never have my size. The lounge wear is warmer and is nice too, but not as s * x y.

  9. I am leading an Excel tips and tricks session for a large audience on Friday. I have found a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts (I’ll link to it below, it’s life changing) and planned to cover pivot tables, vlookups, and basic charting. Is there anything else you would include in a session like this? What are your favorite excel tips?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Here is the comprehensive list of shortcuts:

    • People don’t realize when they press save, whatever cell is selected will be where the spreadsheet opens up for the next user (If you press “save” with cell 41BB selected, the spreadsheet will open to cell 41BB). So, for large spreadsheets it is helpful to select A1 before pressing save.

    • Anonymous :

      I don’t know what the level of your audience will be so maybe this is too simple, but one of my pet peeves is receiving a spreadsheet that is not formatted for printing. Before sending a spreadsheet to anyone over e-mail, the sender should go into print preview and make sure that the numbers in a column aren’t being cutoff into the ###### in print view only; that there isn’t an orphan column or row; whether it could be changed to landscape or shrunk to fit to fit onto fewer pages and therefore be easier to review; whether shading, bold, colored backgrounds, etc. would help the reader scan the information more easily; among other basic visual presentation checks. I should be able to just hit “print” without looking at the preview.

      • oh please please please yes. To add to the list of printing-friendly requests: (1) putting the tab name in the header or footer, (2) checking that “print area” isn’t outdated — often little footnotes at the bottom of spreadsheets are outside the previously set area, and (3) if the information must go onto multiple pages, setting up the column and row titles to print on each page.

      • Anonymous :

        +1. I have spent a lot of time in Excel over the years, as a creator and reviewer of spreadsheets, and print formatting is just a classy thing to do.

      • +1,000,000 (don’t know how many times I’ve received a spreadsheet that was not shareable in its existing form and needed formatting like the print area adjusted or header rows repeated)

    • I don’t know shortcuts, but freezing panes so that you can scroll down or across and still see the name of the rows/columns. I have to look this up again every time I do it, especially if I’m freezing both top row and left column and it doesn’t want to let me do both.

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      I really want to attend a class on Excel. I’ve said this for awhile and felt like a huge geek. Now I know they exist AND you are teaching one. I bow to your greatness. I am an Excel beginner but marvel at its many functions.

      • I am like you. Another blonde lawyer, and I want to become VERY proficent at Exel, but really do NOT know how to even get started. Frank is our resident BLACKBELT, and he doe’s all the spreadheet’s for the firm. Even the manageing partner had Frank do the budget on a spreadsheet so we could see how much we were makeing and spendeing. Alan was goeing to teach me, but he NEVER did. FOOEY! Mabye Butch will teach me b/c he is an INVESTEMENT BANKER! He says I am VERY SMART!!!! YAY!!!!!

    • Meg Murry :

      Not sure if this is too basic, but before you get into VLookups, a quick overview of using the $ to change between relative & absolute references, so you can drag a VLookup down and have it still work properly. I had a colleague who knew vlookup and lots of much more advanced functions, but no one had ever taught her about $, so she would have to adjust each equation by hand to make it cover the correct cells. And toggling through the $ combos with F4 – major time saving.
      I also copied the keyboard shortcut list to a blank page & formatted it to fit on an 11×17 to hang on my corkboard – the yellow MSOffice background annoyed & distracted me – I just wanted my shortcuts with no extra decoration – that might be an appreciated handout.

    • When I’ve taught Excel, there have always been people who want to know how to have values read from one sheet to another within the same Excel file. I use this regularly for my work, so I had to learn how to do it.

      Also, I use Excel a lot but a couple of my colleagues are better at making them look pretty with color and the different ways you can format.

    • I’m an accountant and use Excel all the time. Some of my favorite features are Filtering, Conditional Formatting, and Text to Columns (since my account codes are very long with several segments) and sometimes I need to filter or sort by a specific account segment. Oh, I also use the Control+Shift+1/! to format my numbers with a comma & 2 decimal places all the time.

      Off to look at the tips & tricks you posted to see if there’s anything else I can learn.

    • Seattle Freeze :

      If you have some extra time, you might look over this Ask A Manager thread:

    • Love all the tips so far! If appropiate I would also include conditionals (if, sumif,averageif) and simple arrays. Have fun!

    • Thanks everyone!

      For other excel geeks:
      I also found to be a very cool site with lots of excel tips.

      If you’re a heavy excel user, you should also look into ASAP Utilities- an excel add in which automates a bunch of cool excel things. It’s a lifesaver.

    • My magic excel tricks include IFERROR added to formulas to make spreadsheets cleaner and grouping in pivot tables.

    • Hope you see this in time! This is super, super basic…but just incase there is someone in your audience who needs to hear it, please explain that color is not a sortable value….I work with an extremely intelligent, highly educated woman who insists on preparing spreadsheets using colored text to illustrate the status of something. EG, address is in green text = this location has been inspected; red text, this address has not been inspected. Instead of making a column for status and using some kind of code that would make the list sortable by inspction status.

      • Seattle Freeze :

        Actually, you can sort by color in Excel!,_font_color,_or_ic

  10. I have these in black (wearing them now) and I’m on my 3rd pair! These are the best heels I’ve found and they’re cheap – I usually pay around $60 per pair. I’d recommend them to anyone!

  11. Anonymous :

    Job application help needed. If I am an associate working for a law firm, who has worked with many (even dozens) of partners on various cases. . . who do I list as my supervisor on a job application form? It is a form for a government job with security clearance. Do I choose one partner? The head of the practice group? An HR person? Who?

    • Being ignorant of law form structure but from within government, I would list whoever approves your leave or does your performance appraisals (ie. whomever you report ‘to’ in the most formal sense). And then whoever you pick – make sure you are consistent across all forms, lists of referees, etc. so as not to confuse the issue if they look to check your references or for your security. Save or photocopy any forms you submit to be able to cross reference.

    • I usually list the head of my practice group if asked for my supervisor. I do a significant amount of work for him, however, so he knows me well and would also be one of my references.

  12. Ooooo! Let’s have more boring and plain as can be tan peices today please!


    • Wildkitten :

      I mean – there’s only been two pieces. Time to Relax posted a bunch of flowery stuff in the first comments if you want to click some non-nude links.

    • I don’t know about you but the boring plain pieces in my wardrobe tend to get a lot of use. It’s only so often that you can repeat the bright memorable pieces. And guess you missed the link with 13 different color options because you were too busy trying to come up with the perfect snarky comment.

    • a passion for fashion :

      i liked the blouse this morning, but these shoes are fugly. for real.

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    To whomever was looking for a deep purple v-neck cardigan: my coworker today was wearing one from Nordstrom Rack. She bought it last fall. I hope that’s helpful for you!

    • Wildkitten :

      I can’t see how this information could be helpful to anyone.

      • Stormborn :

        This comment seems rude. Obviously its helpful if the person looking didn’t have a v neck cardigan, but did have a time machine. Or new where this poster worked and could rob said coworker.

        • Stormborn :

          I swear I do know how to spell knew.

        • Wildkitten :

          Good points. After I clicked “post comment” I was thinking it could be helpful if you had a time machine and knew which Nordstrom Rack to take it to.

          • Ebay is almost like a time machine… I once bought a dress on eBay because it was the same as one I had regretted returning to the Gap 5 years before. Unfortunately, it didn’t look any better 5 years later than it did originally (there was a reason I returned it in the first place), plus it was out of style.

  14. Y’all are really cranky today.

    • +1 – was just skimming over after being busy all day. It’s the internet, people – tone doesn’t always come through correctly. Would it kill you to not interpret what people type in the most negative way possible? If you are unsure of what someone is saying, just ask for clarification.

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