Happy New Year! Ten More Good Sales

sales175 punyI’m just looking quickly, but there seem to be a lot of other especially good sales going on today. The noteworthy ones:

  • 6pm.com – Thousands of shoes, clothing and accessories for only $20.14.  Also, up to 70% off Anne Klein, Naturalizer, and more.
  • Boden – Prices are now up to 70% off.
  • Cole Haan – Enjoy an additional 40% off select sale items (lots of $350ish pumps down below $50 with code NEWYEAR). Final sale only.
  • Dillards – New Year’s Day sale, extra 50% off clearance.  See my picks here.
  • Express – End of season sale, up to 70% off.
  • Intermix – Take an extra 50% off sale, for a total savings of up to 75%.
  • The Limited – Semi-Annual Sale, up to 70% off original ticket prices.
  • Loft – Extra 60% off sale styles.
  • Nordstrom – Up to 50% off.
  • Zappos – Post Holiday clearance.

Other stores are mostly the same as their after-Christmas sales — see our earlier roundup.  Readers, have you gotten any crazy deals these past few days?  If you’re shopping today (online or IRL), which stores are you hitting first?


  1. Yay! Happy new year to the hive!!! I am back in my own apartement and own bed and no duck dynasty dudes followed me back tho this guy Clem “claimed” me like a chattel in SC! FOOEY!

    Sam was nice last nite and kissed me b/c he wanted to be the first one to kiss me as a partner. He wanted more but I said I must maintain my new status. Dad wants to prep me for my first MONTHELY partnership meeting. I will listen to him b/c he got me here. Yay!

    They are bringinging in the new chair and my new associate tomorrow. He is sitting by Frank and the toilet. I will not get a new office until we move in March. Dad got me a window ! They are giving the new kid my old chair. It is old and smelly but the Manageing partner does NOT want to spend to much on this guy in case he turns out to be a doofus!

    I wish the entire HIVE a fintastic 2014!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

  2. I finally got my boyfriend out of my apartment and it is such a mess. Are there any cleaning ladies in NYC willing to come in today or tomorrow? I can’t begin to clean up and will pay $200 for a 1 BR apt if she does the laundry too. Help!

    • wolverine :

      I have a great cleaning lady. Post an email address and I will email you her info

  3. Alright, I’m missing all my r3tt3 girlfriends.

    What’s the craziest thing that a loved one did at a holiday gathering this year? (Last night counts.)

    My husband and I weren’t feeling too well, but needed to rally, so we took some allergy meds before going over to my in-laws’ house on Christmas around 11am. Turns out the meds were “PM” and made us drowsy. We fell asleep while the entire family was opening presents. I am so embarassed! At least we woke up from our naps before Christmas dinner.

    • Anonymous :

      My FIL kept rushing through opening things that were intended for both him and his wife, even as she begged him to slow down so she could join in and see the stuff. (She was also balancing providing food and taking care of her elderly mom, while he was helping with neither.) When he was about to tear open my present I actually grabbed it out of his hands to stop him. It didn’t come easily, either. So I guess I am reporting myself here, but I’d do it again.

    • I got ditched by my family (about 20 people) at the beginning of my cousin’s reception. There was no alcohol, and the only food until dinner were Goldfish crackers and Chex mix, so they went nearby for some food to tide them over. I went to the bathroom for about 5 or 10 min and when i came back everyone (that I knew) had left.

      • Oh, how sad! One year my parents promised me and my siblings and our partners a trip to NYC and to see Broadway shows, and then they all went without me, even though I was visiting that week from the west coast.

        • It’s one of those things that will be funny in retrospect (and has reached that point already), but it came after a week of this introvert not having any time in my own space and I was kind of fried. The first time I’ve ever left a wedding reception before the dancing. And it wasn’t a case of anyone doing anything mean – just a serious of events and a couple misunderstandings.

    • mine was pretty mellow and pleasant, but my favorite part was when my sister & BIL (who live at my parents’ house) announced they needed ‘alone time’ and went off to stay in a hotel for 2 of the 4 days I was in town (from across the country). not just to sleep but completely gone for 2 days.

    • Miss Behaved :

      I win. I win.

      Over the weekend, my uncle came to visit. He brought his ex-girlfriend and her 22-year-old son. They arrived at about 1:30 on Saturday and proceeded straight to the liquor cabinet before exchanging greetings or gifts. We’d never even met the son before (and would prefer not to ever again!). Apparently, none of them even drinks beer or wine. They’d each had 3 or 4 drinks by about 3:30. I suggested we go get a drink at the bar at the nice hotel nearby. It was my mother’s idea, actually, and I made her come with us.

      I drove and the son immediately climbed into the front seat, without offering it to anyone else. At the restaurant they all ordered expensive drinks and an appetizer. When it came time to pay up, they said they didn’t have any money so I had to pick up the tab.

      They all 3 stayed the night. Next morning, they didn’t get up until 10. My uncle eschewed coffee, in favor of more mixed drinks. The other 2, thankfully, abstained. By the time they left at noon, my uncle had had 4 drinks and they’d drunk us out of house and home.

      Incidentally, we received a call the next day. My uncle was looking for my brother’s phone number. He wanted to bring his ex and go stay there. I texted my brother to warn him and they ignored his calls. They have a 2-year-old child.

      Also, my mother has been describing the 22-year-old son as looking like a “feral hobbit,” but I told her that most hobbits – with the exception of Gollum – are sweet and merry and suggested that troll or dwarf would be more suitable.

      Happy New Year! The holidays are over…

      • hellskitchen :

        You win, for sure. What the h*** is your uncle doing hanging out with his ex?

        • Wondering the same thing. Some people have no sense.

          It’s not that uncommon an affliction. If any of you were reading some days ago, someone posted about how her future MIL invited her son’s ex girlfriend (who cheated on him!) to the family Christmas gathering and was all p!ssy that son and new gf didn’t want to go. That poor OP got slammed, and yet, I kept thinking, what the bloody heck is wrong with that future MIL that she’d invite someone who cheated on her kid to the family gathering?

      • What a terrible experience. I love the part about you giving your brother the heads up.

    • an0n for this :

      My mom continued her tradition of gifts that she barely put any effort into. I do not know why I continue to put so much effort into her gifts e.g. special jewellery, which she outright asks for but then NEVER wears, because clearly she does not care.

      I even suggested that we all donate to charity instead of doing gifts because I’m so tired of this yearly farce, but she said gifts are a very important part of the holiday to her!

      Thank god the holidays are over and I’m back home among my beloved palm trees and sunshine *pours glass of Pinot*.

      Some examples:
      – last year she got my DH a fluorescent neon yellow and orange vest like construction workers wear “for biking” (we are both avid cyclists and have a ton of reflective, high-end gear – no need for reflective vests, trust me).
      – she got me a clock with pictures of different breeds of cat every hour, and each hour the clock would “meow” the same meow as that breed of cat. I have not had a cat since 2005.
      – she also got me a “wine purse”, which is a hard-cased wine carrier. It was shiny snakeskin on the outside. I cannot even convey in words how tacky this thing is. There wasn’t even any wine in it! :-)
      – she got my DH a fanny pack to carry wine in for when we go hiking (DH is sooo not the fanny pack type).
      – my brother received a tool for breaking the window in his car if he ever finds himself under water in a car (he doesn’t own a car and doesn’t have a drivers license) and also the world’s tiniest beer mug.
      – My sister received a giant fake gold & diamond pendant necklace of her first initial. GIANT. Think “flava flav” clock giant. She’s 20 and studying to be a scientist (so not the Nicki Minaj type).

    • I spent Christmas with friends and it was AWESOME! The food was great and the company even better. The funniest part of the evening was when we decided to try naming our friends’ baby (due in March). Since the husband likes to brew his own beer, we decided that beer names would suit. They’re having a boy so my favorite was Porter. Luckily, my friends are good sports!

    • Sydney Bristow :

      Mine isn’t a loved one ata gathering, but my biological mother who I have not voluntarily spoken to in the past 10 years (with the exception of 2 major family events where it was unavoidable) emailed my dad to ask for my address so she could send me a Christmas present. Nevermind the fact that I had to change my email address and phone number 10 years ago to escape her and every member of my family is under strict orders not to give her any of my contact info. I have no idea why she continues to insist on buying me gifts. My sisters don’t even bother to pass them along to me at this point.

  4. Food PSA. Harry & David has a bunch of sale items right now, including royal riviera pears! Good post-holiday gift, or treat yo’self.

  5. Anonymous :

    You Need a Budget is on sale for $15 today on Steam – Mint is not working, so for $15, I’m giving YNAB a whirl.

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