A Quick Look at the Nordstrom Summer Sale

nordstrom summer sale 2017There are a lot of sales going on right now, including the big summer sale that just started at Nordstrom. I took a quick look — there’s a lot to love! Deep discounts on dresses, shoes, lingerie, blazers, and others — lots to be had under $100, but if you’re a fan of pricier brands like Hugo BossEquipment, Theory, Ted Baker, DvF, Milly, and even designer brands like Max Mara, there’s a lot of great discounts in there, as well. Some of my particular picks for work…

Dresses for Work

As a reader commented, a lot of the things that are in the sale is leftover stuff from the Anniversary Sale. This year’s sale was VERY big on dresses, so I had a look there first… and there are a TON of great dresses for the office.


Shoes for Work

Lots of nice shoes for work — all of these have a fair amount of sizes (and most have multiple color options too)…

Other Things for Work

Blazers, pants, and blouses, oh my! Lots of great classic pieces.


  1. Putting anniversary sale items on even deeper discount so soon after the sale and then refusing to allow price adjustments after 14 days really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    I’m a lifelong loyal Nordstom customer but this is not cool.

  2. Can anyone recommend black leather heels that do not click/clack on the floor? Or anything I can do to the heels to quiet them?


  3. I Love Nordstrom’s Kat! I was there over the weekend and bought over $500 of clotheing with Rosa! I can’t wait to start wearing my new clotheing at work! YAY!!!

  4. Kat / powers that be, you know the “threadjacks of interest” links are all broken, right? How am I supposed to procrastinate now? : )

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