Cocktail Break: Islay Whiskey Set

Yes…. I’m running a bit late today. So instead of a Coffee Break let’s have a cocktail break (or, hey, a discussion about cocktails in the office, at least) — does anyone subscribe to the “office bar cart” that was so popular in, say, Mad Men-era offices? I’ve known women who keep a bottle of whiskey in their desk to have the occasional nip while working late at the office — but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone with a full fledged decanter or set of crystal glasses, at least not on display. Still: if you are looking for one, either for work or at home, Crate & Barrel always has some of the more affordable decanters and sets — this $199 one (including a decanter, two tumblers, a “serving jug and walnut wood accessories” is lovely. Islay Whiskey Set

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  1. Is everyone gone, or this not working?

  2. Sloan Sabbith :

    Office…bar cart? Ha. Hahaha.

    • Senior Attorney :

      Right? Trying to imagine any universe in which that would be okay.

      Although I’m sure Harvey Weinstein has (had) one…

  3. Hey Guys? :

    I have a globe bar I bought forever ago. Okay drunk. Okay yeah, from skymall drunk on a plane. It came and I have it now and I’ve always wanted to put it in my office. Most of my colleagues have a bottle of liquor hidden somewhere in their office because they are gifts and we never take them home. I’ve not seen anyone actually drink from them. I’ve tapped into mine only once for a weekend long trial prep situation.

    I really want to roll that globe bar in one day though. It’s been 8 years or something so it’s probably not going to happen.

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