Office Must: T-Shirt Bras (Sponsored Post from Freshpair)

Freshpair.indexedThis post is written by Kat Griffin, but brought to you by Corporette sponsor, Freshpair.

A long time ago, I used to wear all sorts of bras to work. Lacy bras! Bras with seams! I even had a few beautiful demi-cup bras that I got on a trip to Paris that really did not “contain me,” so to speak, for the office. I don’t remember if t-shirt bras got popular in the meantime or if I just discovered them, but since that discovery I really cannot wear anything else to the office. It actively bugs me if I’m wearing a blouse or a simple jersey top and I can see the lace through the top, or the seams of the bra — it just seems to be distracting, which is the number one office no-no. Every woman is particular, of course, as to which bra will be comfortable — but I thought I’d round up some of the bestselling bras that I’ve heard great things about or could vouch for myself. You can see Freshpair’s entire selection of t-shirt bras here, or check out our round-up after the jump… Please chime in with your own favorites in comments!

value in style microfiber wireless braI’ve heard great things about this bra as being very durable, even though it’s inexpensive. Alas, it only comes in sizes A and B, in beige and white. It’s $14.99 at Freshpair. Value-In-Style Microfiber Wireless Bra
spanx bra-llelujah front closure bra“I am obsessed with this bra,” a friend told me a while ago — she wears her Spanx Bra-Lelujah under everything. It’s available in black, mocha and beige in sizes 32A-38DD at for $62.00 at Freshpair. Bra-Llelujah Full Coverage Front Closure Bra
dream tisha underwire braI have this bra myself — it’s one of my favorites! Very comfortable, and the “molded cup” prevents headlights without adding more to my already ample bosom. This one’s available in sizes 32C-44G for $69 at Freshpair. Dream Tisha Underwire Bra

Readers, which t-shirt bras are your favorite?


  1. Anonymous :

    Warners “This is not a bra” – no lines, full coverage without being dumpy and terribly comfortable.

  2. I like the Soma t-shirt bra. I can’t remember the name, but it’s the one they say is their #1 selling style.

    • PeacockTulips :

      I l-o-v-e Soma. Their bras are great, and so is their underwear. I love that they have pretty things, but it never feels juvenile or skanky as some VS stuff can.

    • Here’s the Soma bra I was speaking of – the Allura

      but that photo is unrealistic. It does not give you half-moon boobs above the top of the cup if it is sized correctly.

      It is really a great bra, holds up well after washing – I use a lingerie bag in the washer, and hang to dry – and I get no headlight action, which is kind of amazing given my anatomy (TMI, I know.)

      I have plenty of Wacoal and some fairly expensive french bras I can’t remember the name of, but once I found the Soma bra, I find myself wearing one every day because it’s so comfortable.

      Price wise, it’s a good deal as-is, but you can almost always find a Soma coupon code through googling.

  3. I have the Dream Tisha and I love it. It keeps my 36F’s in check.

    • I love my Dream Tisha as well.

    • lawyerette :

      Ditto!! Though it really doesn’t totally prevent headlights, but it’s much better than anything else. My husband, however, calls it my “armor bra”

      • I think “armor bra” is accurate. It is a great, supportive bra for the daytime, but I would change into a different one for a date with my fiance. :)

        • lawyerette :

          LOL – he actually hates lace, but those are really pretty! (As an aside – it can be so hard to find sexy undergarments that aren’t lacy! Apparently lace=sexy and my hubby just does not think so! :)

    • Anonymous :

      The straps are just so wide set on all Le Mystere bras. They slide off my rather small shoulders. Drives me nuts because otherwise they are great bras.

      For less broad-shouldered girls, I much prefer Chantelle t-shirt bras. Fantasie makes great bras, too.

      • lawyerette :

        They have a set of bras that don’t have wide straps. I can’t remember the name but check out their line, there are ones with thinner straps. The straps also get bigger the bigger cup you have.

  4. What ends up happening to me, is that VS makes a perfect bra. And I love it to bits and then they stop carrying it :(
    My mom and sister love the Bra-llelujah by Spanx, but it offer a lot of oopmh.

    aaaand ps: The name “fresh pair” sicks me out.

  5. Being a 36G I’ve given up on a T-shirt bra. If they exist, they’re very expensive and not in any store I can try them on before buying. I’m willing to spend money on a bra, but I prefer to try it on beforehand. As a result all of my bras are lace bras that are very supportive, but do allow a lot of show through. :/ Might be willing to try the Tisha bra out though.

    • FWIW, Zappos sells Le Mystere, including the Dream Tisha. They have free shipping both ways, so you could order it and return it at no cost if it does not work for you. The other brand that I found in seamless styles that work for me is Wacoal, which Nordstrom sells (free shipping over $200).

      • thanks AE. I had no idea Zappos sold bras. I have 5 Wacoal bras, of which 2 look and feel great and a third that fits well but isn’t the most flattering. The other 2 are too big around the band. I guess they’re sizing isn’t consistent.

      • lawyerette :

        Second this suggestion. Once you’ve found your right size in the Tisha, look at Ebay and order more there. I usually can find them (yes, even in your size I’ve seen them) at $30-40 with tags on.

    • I’m a 34G and would have agreed with you…. until I tried Lane Bryant bras. They are very well constructed (we need serious engineering), come in extended sizes, and are super affordable– I think 45 dollars for the tshirt bra I have several of. Plus side, once you know your size/style there, buy online for the seemingly-endless BOGO bra sale.

  6. The Spanx bra mentioned is great – I am a small chested person (think 32 A as generous) but most regular bras still create that “back fat” appearance or “bulge”. The Spanx bra takes all of that away and has a very smooth back. I have a few and they are the only ones I wear!

  7. dumb question :

    What is the definition of t-shirt bra? I was thinking something built into a t-shirt from the name, but the pictures don’t match up with my mental picture.

    • I always thought they were called that because they were “designed to be worn with” a T-shirt.

    • It’s a bra that is seamless and comes in flesh colors. It’s ideal for wearing under a t-shirt, because it won’t show through it.

      • I think it’s usually lightly padded to prevent “headlights” too.

  8. I had such trouble finding a T-shirt bra, because at 32F most of the best bras are lacy or have seams. And the Tisha bra that everyone else likes, I think makes a funny shape, that kind of points you out to the sides. But I LOVE the Freya Deco bras, and now I have four pairs of that style. And I also adore the Fantasie Smoothing line. For a smooth style but no padding/foam, I like the Wacoal Awareness bras.

  9. Current hands down fave: Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit.

    I am an odd 32C, meaning I fill out a European cut 32C cup but not the wire, I spread more like a 36 wire, but don’t have the volume to fill out those sized cups.

    So I hunt high and low for wire-free bras and found the CKUs. Happily, they fit me well and are not torture devices by the end of the day like underwire bras are on me.

    DKNY makes some lovely 32Cs that fit too but they are still at the store because of the lace and seams showing problem.

  10. I may be the only one, but I really, really hate Spanx bras. The “no bulge” back doesn’t leave lines, but it rides up on me so that the back strap sits across the middle of my shoulder blades. It constantly annoys me – I spend the entire day trying to tug it down. It doesn’t look bad, but it drives me NUTS!!!!

    • You should try going down a band size and up a cup size and see if that works better. Often the band riding up in back is a sign that the band is too loose on you. If you don’t have this problem in your other bras, I’d guess that Spanx might size their bras differently than other bra companies.

      • Thank you! I’ll have to give it another try. I wear all sorts of bra brands, and I’m basically always the same size and I have never had this problem, so I had absolutely no idea what was going on!

      • Kathryn Fenner :

        Absolutely agree– I got rid of my Spanx bras –my Wacoals and Mystere bras fit well, but the Spanx rode up and generally seemed too loose–stood away from my body a bit even….next time, I’ll try a band size down…and cup size up, btw….always do that!

  11. Housecounsel :

    Chantelle T-shirt bras always for my 32F situation. I’ve worn Le Mystere but they just don’t fit me as well. I wish Spanx made my size.

    • The Chantelle T-shirt bra changed my life. LOVE them. Ungodly expensive, but I want to wear them every day, and I like the “shape” of the cups, so well worth it. I’m a 34D.

  12. I love Gap Body’s t-shirt bras and other seamless bras. My upper body is pretty slight and I have small shoulders. The Gap Body bra straps stay on, and the bras provide nice shape without padding. The low price is just an extra plus!

  13. Carolyn C. :

    I don’t have a favorite – yet. Thanks for all the suggestions, ladies.

    Hopefully I will find something without a lot of padding. I only want to dim the headlights, not fake a boob job!

  14. I love my Dominique 3500. 32D, so I don’t need (or want) a lot of padding.

  15. Anonymous :

    I am a 34F and I absolutely love Fantasie’s T-Shirt bra–I buy several a year.’4510’_smoothing_molded_cup_underwire_t-shirt_bra:29677&cm_pla=underwear/lingerie:women:bra&cm_ven=Froogle&mr:referralID=NA&mr:trackingCode=71DB6068-1968-DF11-9DA0-002219319097

    • LittleLegal :

      I buy more of the 4510 every spring. They support my 30E’s without giving me porn star or granny boobs. I just wish the back band would last longer. Even with handwashing, I find that they don’t really last more than a year. As the band gets looser, it does unfortunate things to my backfat.

      That said, they are much cheaper than many other bras in my size.

  16. Cacique makes great ones in sizes 36C to 46DDD. They are comfy and super flattering.

  17. I prefer the Warners, too.

  18. i just found out (via finally getting sized) that i’ve been wearing the wrong bra size for awhile and that’s why none of my bras ever fit right. i really like VS the nakeds, particularly the demi, and gap’s lace trim demis are also nice. neither of these is particularly embellished, and i think they do a good job re no headlights or show-through on form-fitting tops. i’m sure it’s not news to anyone here, but i also have found that nordstrom rack (and similar stores) have great prices on pretty good styles (sizes is a whole ‘nother ball game!) of brands like Calvin Klein, DKNY, etc

  19. If you have bras that you love but realize they are too thin for the office, Dimrs are a great option:

  20. Raising the Bra :

    Thanks for all of the wonderful insight

  21. Its important for the bra to be cotton. If the inside of the bra is not cotton it may cause back heads and pimples due to the skin not breathing all day. Does anyone has good recommendations for cotton bras?

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