Weekly Round-up

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– We were kind of disgusted with this article: “The Brokenhearted Babes of Wall Street.”  Yick.  [NY mag]

– Awesome! Women in law — including the lawyers — make $.78 to every $1 a man makes.  This reminds us of that funny old Laurie Anderson song (video embedded below — fast forward to around 2:05 if Laurie isn’t your cup of tea but you still want to figure out what the heck we’re talking about.)  [Above the Law]

– Sad news: Charles Whitebread, which was one of the few bright spots in an otherwise boring summer of watching videotaped BarBri lectures, has passed away.  More info at AtL.

– Meetings got you down?  Try this video game.  Yes, it’s dark and violent, but some days you really do feel like you’d rather kill yourself rather than attend another meeting.  [Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself)]

– Finally: on a lighter side of things, New York Magazine features 130 different kinds of eyeglasses, if you’re on the hunt for a new stylish pair.  [NY Mag]

Poll Results: Day to Night Transitions

desk to dinner styleAbout a week ago we asked you how you handled the much-talked-about day-to-night transition — do you change outfits entirely?  change elements of your outfit to make it less business and more fun? Pictured.

The poll is still open, but here’s how it’s looking thus far:

  • 33% of you maintain elements of the same outfit, but change to denim or a more dressy skirt if you’re going out on the town
  • 30% of you wear totally different clothes than what you wore to work
  • 21% of you scoff at the idea of being able to get out of the office to enjoy a night out on the town. (Our unsolicited advice: C’mon, guys, you can do it! Youth is fleeting — and you can sleep when you’re dead.)
  • 14% of you wear the exact outfit that you purchased thinking it would be a good day-to-night transition.

Since the majority of you wear elements of the same outfit, we couldn’t resist recommending this top and these shoes — wear the Velvet Leaf Dylan Blouse Cut Out Sleeves in Royal Blue (available at Revolve Clothing for $105) with a regular black suit with a pencil skirt and pumps, and before you leave the outfit, ditch the jacket and change into more trendy shoes such as these Nine West – Dasolina (Dark Purple Suede) (available from Zappos for $99).

going out top

Poll: How short is too short for a skirt?

2017 Update: We still stand by this advice on how short is too short for a skirt at the office — but you may also want to check out our more recent discussion on when is a dress too short for work (including what’s a modern length, and if the perfect skirt length is different for tall or short people).

How short is too short for a skirt at the office? Can you wear shorter skirts if you wear dark tights? Does it matter if you wear heels or flats with your dark tights? Conversation was sparked by yesterday’s workwear report, and we thought it might be a good idea to try and get a consensus on this:  how short of a skirt can a professional woman get away with?  See our uber-fancy diagram, and vote below.

Kat’s $.02 — D would probably be my limit, but only with dark tights… I heard a rule long ago that the higher your skirt the lower your heel should be; I’ve always found success with that.

2017 Update: The vote is closed! The official question to readers: when does a skirt become too short for the workplace? The answers:

  • 31% of readers said the skirt length shown at C is fine — just above the knee.
  • 18% of readers said the skirt length shown at D — about one hand above the knee
  • 12% of readers said the skirt length shown at D is fine, but ONLY if you’re wearing dark tights
  • 6% of readers thought the skirt length shown at F was fine (fingertip length!)
  • 4% of readers thought any skirt length for work was fine
  • 4% of readers thought the skirt length shown at E was appropriate for work — about one hand longer than fingertip length
  • 5% of readers thought the skirt length shown at B was fine — mid-knee
  • 4% of readers thought the skirt length shown at
  • 3% of readers thought the skirt length shown at E was fine, but only with dark tights
  • 2% of readers thought the skirt length shown at F was ok, but only with tights
  • 1% of readers thought the skirt length shown at A was the only acceptable answer (phew!)

[Read more…]

5 Things to Look for in a Nail Salon… Near Your Office

How to Find a Nail Salon Near the Office | CorporetteIt’s something every working woman needs from time to time:  a manicure.  Your primary salon should not be one near your office.  But sometimes, you just have to grab a manicure during the working day.  (True story: A lot of these tips come from an offhand conversation I had with a senior female partner at my law firm!) Here are the unofficial rules for looking for a nail salon near your office…

2017 update: you may also want to also check out our post about the best work-appropriate nail polish colors.

1.  Look for a nail salon where you won’t be visible from the sidewalk. Sure, you’re entitled to a lunch hour — everyone understands that! — but it’s an entirely different thing for your boss (or worse, a subordinate you’ve just dumped a load of work onto) to realize you’re spending your free time primping and pampering.  Look for a nail salon where the stations are set far away from the streetfront windows, or else aim for one on the second floor. [Read more…]

Splurge Monday’s TPS Report: Dior’s Zoya Knit Sweater Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. We begin the week in splurge mode, with our most expensive suggestions, and wind our way to Friday, where a less expensive item of clothing might be just what you need to make it to the weekend.

Gorgeous, gorgeous dress of the day: a wool sweater dress from Dior. In addition to a streamlined fit and a sophisticated shape, we love the little details of this — the tiny dot pattern of the dress, the way the hem peeks out from beneath the skirt, the folded detailing at the cuffs and of the waist (close-up picture below), and the inverted pleat at the front of the skirt. It looks beautifully luxurious and simple at the same time. Available at eLUXURY for $1,715. Dior Zoya Knit Sweater Dress

Weekly Roundup

Liking these posts? Follow Corporette on Twitter — this is the edited version of what we’re reading! (We also Tweet if we hear about a good sale.)
– Forbes advises what to look for in good cashmere.  We agree wholeheartedly with their tip to not buy online — there’s a huge difference in quality.  We’ve had some very itchy cashmere sweaters (Ann Taylor, we’re looking at you) versus some incredibly soft cashmere.  The best brand we’ve ever owned for a cashmere sweater is Autumn Cashmere.

– JibberJobber has some advice for women — on how to dress for FAILURE.  Our favorite tip? Wear six-inch heels. [JibberJobber]

– TIME magazine talks about the sacrifices Michelle Obama made, including leaving her corporate law firm job.  [TIME]

– On the other side of the spectrum, Sarah Palin’s sartorial choices are causing a buying frenzy of Naughty Monkey shoes and square rimless glasses. [WSJ]

– Hooray for gender equality, right?  Interesting side effect: the personality differences between women and men are becoming more pronounced.  [Jezebel]

– The Motley Fool has some retirement-planning advice for women.  [The Motley Fool]

– Yale Law Women name their Top 10 Family-Friendly firms.  [The AmLaw Daily]